Essential Tactics – International Master Sopiko Guramishvili

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Tactics are hugely important in chess and often decide games at all levels. Knowledge of the most common and powerful motifs, therefore, is essential.

WGM Sopiko Guramishvili takes you on a journey through the tactical jungle, showing how simple tactics build up to more subtle and advanced combinations.

Being aware of these patterns will enable you to find similar ideas in your own games, bringing spectacular wins and helping you avoid painful losses.

Master these essential tactics and you will improve your ability to calculate and see further ahead in chess.


1. Introduction
2. Double Attack /Fork
3. Pin and Skewer – Part 1
4. Pin and Skewer – Part 2
5. Decoy – Part 1
6. Decoy – Part 2
7. Distraction – Part 1
8. Distraction – Part 2
9. Elimination
10. Overloading – Part 1
11. More Overloading
12. File Clearance
13. Diagonal Clearance
14. Rank Clearance
15. Intermediate Moves
16. Summary

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Running Time

2 hours 45 minutes



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