Essential Endgame Knowledge – IM Danny Kopec

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How to Analyze a Chess Position - IM Danny KopecThe endgame is perhaps the most critical “knowledge-based” phase of a chess game.

That is because the knowledge that one has about specific endgames can have a most direct relationship to the outcome of a game. Furthermore, the fewer pieces there are on the board, the greater likelihood that each piece and pawn will play a critical role.

This video is based on the belief that there are a number of tangible pieces of knowledge that every chess player must have about certain endings.

Hence we have the three parts:

  • The “elementary” endings including: King-Queen-King, King-Rook-King, King-Bishop-Bishop-King, King-Bishop-Knight,King, and King-Pawn-King
  • King and Pawn Endings: Almost every ending can reduce to a King and Pawn ending.
  • Rook and Pawn Endings – it is estimated that as many as one in six games reduces to Rook Pawn Endings.
The physical version of “Essential Endgame Knowledge” is shipped directly from IM Dr. Danny Kopec and the artwork my differ from the artwork displayed.

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