English Opening: Complete Repertoire for White with IM David Fitzsimons

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Botvinnik, Petrosian, Karpov, Kasparov and Carlsen have ONE thing in common.

They all played the English Opening in World Chess Championship Matches – and they all had great success with it.

Even Bobby Fischer dumped ‘best-by-test’ 1.e4 and played the English Opening later in his career…

And it makes perfect sense.

Not only do you avoid a huge chunk of theory favorable for Black (Grunfeld, Nimzo, etc.), but also transpose into the best lines for White!

IM David Fitzsimons spent nearly 5 months preparing a complete repertoire with 1.c4!

In this truly colossal work, David researched thousands of games to make sure he only included the most up-to-date, top-scoring lines possible.

He tested and refined this repertoire through a series of games with different time controls and it exceeded all expectations!

About the author:

IM David Fitzsimons

IM David Fitzsimons is the first “homegrown” member of Elm Mount Chess club to achieve IM distinction and only the eighth Irish Chess Player to become an International Master. He obtained his IM norm in 2018. He is an active tournament player, chess coach, and author.

He became the first and only Irish player to win an international open event, the inaugural Summer Prague Open in 2014, and has won numerous tournaments and national and regional titles in classical chess, rapid, and blitz. He has played for Ireland in two Olympiads (2010 and 2018) and has been selected to represent Ireland again at the upcoming Moscow Olympiad.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Reverse Sicilian System – IM Fitzsimons goes for a little-known, direct hit recommended by GM Rakhmanov that allowed him to secure a draw against Magnus Carlsen. (Chapter 1)
  • Maroczy Bind Formula – This structure can be reached via many different move orders, and David provides you with a complete algorithm for getting the upper hand in the arising positions. (Chapter 7-8)
  • Mikenas Attack – This is IM Fitzsimons’ favorite attack, and it is very dangerous for Black. Even with Black’s perfect play, you have huge chances for an advantage. In many positions, it takes a Grandmaster to save the game. (Chapter 9-10)
  • KID Antidote – David offers 2 very promising “Delayed Benoni” setups, leading to either tactical or strategic rails depending on your preferences. In any case, White has very good chances for a serious edge. (Chapter 11-12)
  • Exchange Slav Sideline – Your opponent is going for Exchange Slav/Caro-Kann setups? Great! David analyzed all 936 games in the database and found a very strong, rare sideline leading to VERY tough positions for Black. (Chapter 15)

IM Fitzsimons wants you to have a truly complete opening preparation course. That’s why he also included some of the exclusive bonuses like…

  • PGN Vault – The course comes loaded with fully commented PGN files, that include way more suggestions, analysis, and novelties than it was possible to fit in this 12-hour course!
  • Comprehensive Video Summary – IM Fitzsimons recorded a video summary so you can quickly recap all the most important lines & ideas covered in the course in under 30-mins. Perfect for your pre-tournament warm-up!
  • Recommended Reading List – IM Fitzsimons has handpicked 8 top books on the English Opening for you that every aspiring Champion must read.

In short, you are getting a complete International Master level opening preparation with 1.c4 that comes with everything you’ll ever need to win!

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11 hours 30 mins

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Chapter List

Chapter 1. 1. c4 e5 2. Nf3 Sidelines
Chapter 2. 1. c4 e5 2. Nf3 e4 Mainline
Chapter 3. 1. c4 e5 – Four Knights 4. d4
Chapter 4. Symmetrical English – Kasparov Gambit & Other Lines
Chapter 5. Symmetrical English – 4…e6
Chapter 6. Symmetrical English – Four Knights Mainline
Chapter 7. Symmetrical English – Maroczy Bind (part I)
Chapter 8. Symmetrical English – Maroczy Bind (part II)
Chapter 9. Mikenas Attack – 3…c5 Sidelines
Chapter 10. Mikenas Attack – 3…d5 Mainline
Chapter 11. King’s Indian – 6….c5 & Sidelines
Chapter 12. King’s Indian – 6…e5 Mainline
Chapter 13. Grunfeld Defence – Sidelines
Chapter 14. Grunfeld Defence – Mainline
Chapter 15. Slav – Exchange Variation
Chapter 16. 1 c4 e6 – Tarrasch
Chapter 17. 1 c4 e6 – QGD Semi-Slav
Chapter 18. Dutch Defence
Chapter 19. Sidelines – 1…g6 & 1…b6
Chapter 20. Summary