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Eljanov's Algorithm - Modern ChessEljanov’s Algorithm – Modern Chess

Eljanov's Algorithm - Modern Chess

Most of the players want to understand the decision-making process of top-level grandmasters. The vast majority of the learning resources present different elements of chess knowledge. When you play a practical game, however, you should be able to connect the points in order to make the optimal decision.

In this course, the former World number 5 GM Pavel Eljanov explains his thinking system.

In the introduction to this course, Eljanov says, “Before Covid times, it was hard to imagine that I will be doing this because sharing this knowledge might have a negative impact on my results. Quite obviously, knowing your thinking system, the opponents might exploit some of the inner secrets that I will provide here. Since my priorities have changed, I decided to share my algorithm with you. I hope that after watching the course, you will be able to bring some new elements to your decision-making algorithm.

Eljanov starts by presenting the learning sources he has used throughout his career. At this stage, he explains what exactly he has learned from renowned authors such as Kotov, Dvoretsky, and Nunn. It’s quite remarkable to follow how a top-level chess player was gradually building his knowledge base.

The course is highly interactive. On many occasions, in critical positions, you will be asked to pause the video and think on your own. Such kind of exercises is the perfect simulation since you have the opportunity to compare your thinking to top-level decision making.

About the Author

Eljanov's Algorithm - Modern Chess

Pavel Eljanov (born 10 May 1983) is a Ukrainian chess grandmaster. He has won two team gold medals and one individual silver medal at the Chess Olympiads.

He acted as a second for Boris Gelfand in the World Chess Championship 2007, Candidates Matches 2011 and World Chess Championship 2012, for Magnus Carlsen in the World Chess Championship 2013, and for Mariya Muzychuk in the Women’s World Chess Championship 2016.

Are you ready for some World-Class training?

What will I learn from the course?

The scheme below illustrates the main logic:

Decision-Making Algorithm

1. Evaluation of the position (before starting the calculation)

1a. Indirect near-game factors

1b. What am I playing for? What does my opponent want?

2. Determination of the candidate moves

2a “Scanning opportunities” (quick scan approach according to John Nunn)

2b Choosing a priority direction

3. Calculation of options

3a1. Comparison of options

3a2. Additional verification

3b. The final choice of move

Useful Methods When Making Decisions

1. “Goal-seeking” approach (Nunn)

2. Method of elimination (Dvoretsky)

3. DAUT (Nunn – Don’t Analyze Unnecessary Tactics)

4. Safety net (Nunn) or emergency exit (Dvoretsky)

5. LPDO (Nunn – Loose Pieces Drop Off)

6. Avoid impulsive decisions (Eljanov)

7. Don’t forget about quiet/intermediate/backward moves (Eljanov)

8. Valuation of far advanced pawns (Eljanov)

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  1. Video Lecture 1
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