Dynamics of Strategy and How to Create a Plan – IM Andrew Martin

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Paul Azzurro
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Foxy DVD Series – Vol 86

Learn to make plans like the Grandmasters in your own games!

This DVD will help you the next time you are sitting across from your opponent and not sure what your next move is. You will gain confidence by learning about strategy and ideas to look for to create a plan. A plan may consist of a Pawn Minority attack, controlling the center or just improving your pieces. This newfound Knowledge will improve your play and generate more wins.


1. Intro Dynamic Strategy and Planing
2. Basic pawn skeleton
3. Doubled pawns 1 and 2
4. IQP Game
5. Protected passed pawn
6. Minority Attack game
7. Dynamics of strategy
8. Good and bad pieces
9. Pawn Chains rival attacks
10. Material advantage
11. No strategy without a safe King.

Originally Produced by Paul Azzurro | © ChessDVDs

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