The Killer Dutch with Grandmaster Simon Williams

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The Dutch Defense: The Ultimate Guide with GM Simon Williams

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The Classical Dutch Defense is a fantastic defense system against 1. d4 that is guaranteed to catch your opponent by surprise.

The main lines of the Dutch Defense include the Leningrad Dutch with an early kingside fianchetto, and the Dutch Stonewall Defense with a closed center and pawns on f5, e6, and d5.

However, in the Classical Dutch Defense, Black strives to rapidly challenge White for control of the center with moves like f5, e6, and later d6 and e5 – building a dynamic pawn wall that puts strong pressure on white.

Grandmaster Simon Williams is the world’s leading expert on the Classical Dutch Defense, and the British GM is certainly not shy about sharing his secrets in this premium 6 hour DVD.

He analyzes victories and defeats in the Classical Dutch so that the viewer understands the keys to success and how to avoid common positional and tactical pitfalls.

About the Author:

GM Simon Williams (aka GingerGM) is a popular English chess grandmaster, author, and commentator.

He obtained the Grandmaster title in 2008 by accomplishing the final norm at the Hastings International Chess Congress 2005/2006 and the 2500+ rating at Hastings 2007/2008.

In 2009, he organized the Big Slick International in Purley, London, which comprised an invitational GM tournament and FIDE Rated Open.

His Achievements:

-In 2003, he finished second at the British Chess Championship.
-In 2005, he won the British Blitz Championship.
-In 2009, Williams finished equal first at the Southend Chess Congress all-play-all tournament.
-He was the joint winner with Gawain Jones of the London Chess Classic FIDE Rated Open in December 2010, with a rating performance of 2690.

How is this going to help me?

The Killer Dutch With Gm Simon Williams

The “Killer Dutch” is an innovative chess DVD that mixes strong educational content with highly entertaining editing to keep the viewers on their heels.

You never know what to expect as the DVD switches from a traditional chess DVD format with GM Simon Williams explaining lines at the board with a computer, to exciting scenes from chess boxing matches, simultaneous displays, and ridiculous exhibition matches with human-sized pieces.

All joking aside, GM Williams’ expertise in the Classical Dutch Defense is unquestionable. He has published a best-selling book on the opening and does a fantastic job of incorporating this material and building on it with exciting new research.

Is this Course for me?

The Killer Dutch With Gm Simon Williams
If you are looking for an exciting defense against 1. d4 that will catch your opponents by surprise and give you an immediate edge in the opening, the ¨Killer Dutch¨ chess DVD is the solution!

  • The author explores the spectrum of exciting opportunities that Black will encounter when playing the Dutch Defense.
  • Follow Simon as he introduces the main ideas and theory behind The Classical Dutch.
  • Navigating through the DVD is made simple with easy-to-follow menus.
  • Simon conducts this tutorial in a 3x camera “Green Screen” virtual TV studio.
  • With a running time of over 6 hours, this innovative chess tutorial DVD is a serious value for money.

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6 hours 30 minutes

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Chapter List

The Killer Dutch DVD – Chapter Outline: 

  1. Part 1 DVD Introduction
  2. Model Game – Sowray-Pert
  3. Basic Strategic Ideas
  4. Part 2: The Main Line Classical
  5. Chapter 1: Ye Old Faithful 7…a5 – Introduction
  6. 7…a5 8 Re1: 1st Introductory Game: Gallagher – Williams
  7. 7…a5 8 b3: 2nd Introductory Game: Iskusnyh – Williams
  8. 7…a5 Theory A: 8 b3
  9. 7…a5 Theory B: 8 Re1
  10. 7…a5 Theory C: 8 Bg5
  11. 7…a5 Theory D: 8 Qc2
  12. 7…a5 A Typical Middlegame Structure
  13. Chapter 2: The Most Popular 7…Qe8
  14. 7…Qe8 8 Re1 1st Introductory Game: Van Wely-Minasian
  15. 7…Qe8 8 Qc2 2nd Introductory Game: Taimanov-Kortschnoi
  16. 7…Qe8 Theory A: 8 Qc2?!
  17. 7…Qe8 Theory B: 8 Re1 – The Old Main Line
  18. 7…Qe8 Theory C: 8 b3 – The New Main Line
  19. 7…Qe8 Theory D: 8 Bg5
  20. 7…Qe8 A Typical Middlegame Structure: Werle-Dgebuadze
  21. Chapter 3: The Modern 7…Ne4
  22. 7…Ne4 8 Bd2 1st Introductory Game: Sokolov-Williams
  23. 7…Ne4 8 Re1 2nd Introductory Game: Shirov-Williams
  24. 7…Ne4 Theory A: 8 Qc2
  25. 7…Ne4 Theory B: 8 Nxe4!
  26. 7…Ne4 Theory C: Other White Possibilities on move 8
  27. A Typical Middlegame Position
  28. Chapter 4: New, Fresh and Slightly Dubious 7…Nc6!? Introduction
  29. 7…Nc6!? Introductory Game: Potomak-Lukasiewicz
  30. 7…Nc6!? Theory A: 8 Move Side Lines
  31. 7…Nc6!? Theory B: 10 dxe6
  32. 7…Nc6!? Theory C: 10 Nxe6 The Critical Choice
  33. Chapter 5: White Fianchetto’s and Deviates at an Early Stage
  34. Introductory Game 1: Dumitrache-Williams
  35. Introductory Game 2: Roelvaag-Williams
  36. Theory A: An Early Nh3
  37. Theory B: White Avoids Playing c4
  38. Theory c: White Plays an Early b4 or b3
  39. Part 3 White Avoids Fianchettoing Introduction
  40. 1st Introductory Game: Agrest-Williams
  41. 2nd Introductory Game: The Rook Lift!
  42. Chapter 1
  43. Theory A: White Plays e3, Bd3, Nge2, and f3
  44. Theory B: White Plays e3, Bd3, and Nf3
  45. Chapter 2:
  46. Other Possibilities-Introduction
  47. White Plays Bg5 and e3
  48. Part 4: Aggressive Set Ups and Early Gambits-Introduction
  49. 1st Introductory Game: Kortschnoi-Kaenel
  50. 2nd Introductory Game: Tregubov-Malaniuk
  51. Staunton Gambit
  52. An Early h3 followed by g4!?
  53. Other Crazy Side Lines
  54. Part 5: 1 d4 f5-Early Deviations: 2 Nc3 and 2 Bg5-Introduction
  55. 1st Introductory Game: 2 Bg5: Kharitonov-Gajewski
  56. 2nd Introductory Game: 2 Nc3: Sakaev-Volokitin
  57. Theory A: 2 Bg5 h6 followed by …g5 and …Rh7
  58. Theory B: 2 Nc3
  59. Other Possibilities
  60. Part 6: Conclusion