Double Fianchetto Domination (Lemos Deep Dive) – GM Damian Lemos






Since entering the computer age, chess openings theory has exploded, with razor sharp novelties and tricky ideas being routinely “cooked” and sprung upon the unwary club player.

How do you deal with this?
You surely can’t memorize everything.

In Double Fianchetto Domination, GM Damian Lemos offers a refreshing break from rote-memorization, with a unique ideas-based opening system, favored by the likes of Vladimir Kramnik, Lev Aronian and many other elite GMs.

This is your complete repertoire for white based on powerfully fianchettoing both bishops and then, regardless of how black responds, using GM Lemos’ reliable strategy for gaining an advantage and playing for a win.

Armed with this system, you have a reliable, non-theoretical opening that’s simple enough to learn in a weekend, yet powerful enough to crush grandmasters.


  • Chapter 1: Black plays an early …c5: Kramnik-Caruana
  • Chapter 2: Challenging Black’s …d5: Fressinet-Maze
  • Chapter 3: Dealing with …e5: Fressinet-Hjornevik
  • Chapter 4: Breaking up Black’s center: Kramnik-Ghasi
  • Chapter 5: Dominating without Queens: Gajewski-Frick
  • Chapter 6: Gaining space and controlling the board: Granda Zuniga-Giri
  • Chapter 7: Attacking on the Kingside: Polugaevsky-Planinec
  • Chapter 8: Sacrifices on Black’s King position: Damljanovic-Mukhametov
  • Chapter 9: The Kingside pawn storm: Artemiev-Krutko
  • Chapter 10: Domination of the d-file: Wei Yi-Wan Yunguo
  • Chapter 11: Attacking on the long diagonal: Le Quang Liem-Kasimdzhanov
  • Chapter 12: Passed pawns beat pieces: Malakhov-Hansen

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Running Time

9:30 hours




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