The DNA of a Chess Champion (The Edouard Method)



Master Method Series #26

The Dna Of A Chess Champion (the Edouard Method)

World Youth Champion, French Champion – Super GM Romain Édouard appears to be a natural born winner.

But Romain puts his success down to the continuous development of a particular set of skills, some learnt by analyzing the very finest examples of grandmaster play and others honed on the battlefield of pro-level competitive chess.

Now Romain has created DNA of a Chess Champion, a 14 hour intensive training program that will teach you both the advanced chess techniques and psychological strength you need to dominate in chess competitions.

From dynamic attacking play and powerful positional mastery to excelling in the endgame and eliminating mistakes, DNA of a Chess Champion teaches you how to become a serial winner.


Part 1: Improve your dynamic ability

  Chapter 1: Attacking masterpieces

  1. Rotlewi-Rubinstein
  2. Topalov-Kramnik
  3. Topalov-Cori Tello
  4. Donchenko-Korobov
  5. Edouard-Ermenkov
  6. Topalov-Ponomariov
  7. Dominguez Perez-Adhiban
  8. Gashimov-Lalic
  9. So-Akobian
  10. Wei Yi-Bruzon Batista
  11. Negi-Vaibhav
  12. Topalov-Anand
  13. Kasparov-Topalov

  Chapter 2: Punishing bad development

  1. Alekhine-Euwe
  2. Shirov-Lapinski
  3. Fischer-Spassky
  4. Kasparov-Andersson
  5. Byrne-Fischer
  6. Hammer-Brunello
  7. Hammer-Blomqvist
  8. Rapport-Huschenbeth
  9. Bai-Liren
  10. Seyb-Graf
  11. Topalov-Kasparov
  12. Kuzubov-Harika
  13. Wojtaszek-Topalov
  14. Dubov-Moiseenko
  15. Edouard-Tkachiev
  16. Nakamura-Liren
  17. Mamedyarov-Giri

  Chapter 3: Dynamic sacrifices

  1. Kramnik-Fressinet
  2. Kramnik-Korchnoi
  3. Inarkiev-Liren
  4. Donchenko-Giri
  5. Le Borgne-Edouard
  6. Grischuk-Topalov
  7. Carlsen-Bu
  8. Giri-Caruana
  9. Fontaine-Vachier Lagrave
  10. Carlsen-Vachier Lagrave
  11. Malakhov-Wei Yi
  12. Carlsen-Grandelius
  13. Vlasov-Vitiugov
  14. Bekker Jensen-Edouard
  15. Ider-Hou Yifan

Part 2: Improve your positional skills

  Chapter 1: Positional masterpieces

  1. Vachier Lagrave-Yu
  2. Galkin-Anisimov
  3. Carlsen-Karjakin
  4. Leko-Adams
  5. Carlsen-Vachier Lagrave
  6. Kramnik-Illescas
  7. Carlsen-Pantsulaia
  8. Topalov-Karjakin
  9. Botvinnik-Sorokin

  Chapter 2: Positional sacrifices

  1. Carlsen-Anand
  2. Kramnik-Malanuik
  3. Vachier Lagrave-Liren
  4. Maze-Geenen
  5. Nikolic-Topalov
  6. Lautier-Topalov
  7. Topalov-Kamsky
  8. Topalov-Efimov
  9. Caruana-Nakamura

  Chapter 3: Breaking a fortress

  1. Brzozka-Bronstein
  2. Edouard-Gharamian
  3. Vachier Lagrave-Carlsen
  4. Nakamura-Giri
  5. Ipatov-Kramnik
  6. Vachier Lagrave-Laznicka
  7. Caruana-Giri
  8. Kramnik-van Wely
  9. Edouard-Michiels

Part 3: Improve your endgame skills

  Chapter 1: A few theoretical endings

  1. Edouard-Collas
  2. Edouard-Zude
  3. Daulyte-Jones
  4. Fressinet-Smeets

  Chapter 2: Endgame masterpieces

  1. Karpov-Kasparov
  2. Fischer-Taimanov
  3. Englisch-Steinitz
  4. Cohn-Rubinstein

  Chapter 3: The king in the endgame

  1. Carlsen-Kramnik
  2. Salem-Kramnik
  3. Topalov-Morozevich

Part 4: Improve your practical skills

  Chapter 1: The opening kitchen

  1. Topalov-Kramnik 2008
  2. Topalov Kramnik 2014

  Chapter 2: Why do we blunder?

  1. Marin-Edouard
  2. Zhu-Edouard
  3. Edouard-Apicella
  4. Edouard-Cvitan
  5. Hammer-Topalov

  Chapter 3: Fighting attitude

  1. Olszewski-Edouard
  2. Gustaffson-Pedersen

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2 reviews for The DNA of a Chess Champion (The Edouard Method)

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    nemabass (verified owner)

    This course is really good for players who want to play aggressively. This course does a great job at teaching players who want to be aggressive in their chess a good foundation to work off of. I learned how to open up a position, and why it is important to do so, and, like every good course does, covers endgame techniques. Being a good endgame player is a quick but tedious way to rapidly improve one’s rating. Another great portion of the course is how to attack a position in which an opponent has poor development; this is a very good way for lower rated players to improve their game because I can attest that many of us leave pieces hanging and one of the chapters in this course discusses how to take advantage of hanging pieces.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Manning (verified owner)

    I own a lot of the Master Method series that are available here at but I readily admit that no other course has “wowed” me as much as this one. I literally mean after watching some of these videos and the games, that I was like “WOW” that was an awesome game. This is all about tactics and attacking chess. Even the “positional” games are rich in tactics. I was amazed at how effortlessly Romain went through these very sharp games. He has a way of making the complex seem simple even through multiple variations. If you are looking to improve at tactics and attacking play in all stages of the game, this course is perfect for you!

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