Bojkov Boss Moves Vol 2: Chess Strategy for Immediate Improvement

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Chess Strategy for Immediate Improvement – GM Dejan Bojkov

Chess Strategy for Immediate Improvement - GM Dejan Bojkov

Bojkov Boss Moves Vol 2.

Get the skills needed to beat strong players with GM Dejan Bojkov’s 35-hour collection of his premium videos.

Whereas most chess courses teach general chess topics such as “how to attack”, Bulgarian GM Dejan Bojkov has focused on very specific chess skills, giving you the high-level techniques you definitely need in order to beat strong players.

With crystal clear insight, Dejan explains concepts such as when to exchange pieces in your favor, how to get the best out of each piece by understanding their hidden strength, and the potential of the heavy pieces!

And those are just 3 out of the many lessons containing game-winning chess strategy and technique.

About the Author:

Dejan Bojkov is a Bulgarian grandmaster, chess commentator, and chess author. He was able to accomplish his grandmaster title in 2008 and won the 48th Canadian Open Chess Championship in 2011.

Bojkov became the national chess champion of Bulgaria in 2009 and was a member of the Bulgarian team at the European championships in 2009.

In cooperation with Vladimir Georgiev, he wrote “A Course in Chess Tactics” which appeared as a Gambit publication in 2010.

How is this course going to help me?

If you want to learn chess strategy to achieve immediate chess improvement and add 200-300 Elo points to your rating before the end of the year, this bundle will be perfect for you.

Here are some of the lessons you’ll learn:

Chess Strategy for Immediate Improvement – GM Dejan Bojkov

The Rook Lift

Sicilian Attacks: The Rook Lift

GM Dejan Bojkov goes in-depth into one of the most powerful maneuvers in any attacking player’s arsenal: the rook lift in the Sicilian.

Learn how to use this devastating weapon to blast open your opponent’s position and end the game quickly afterward.

When to Exchange Pieces

This well prepared and well-articulated lesson is going to improve your technical skills and knowledge regarding the exchange of pieces… big time!

This video is broken down into specific aspects of the art of exchanging pieces and will help you make better decisions in your own critical moments at the board.

Positional Compensation: Active Pieces

Grandmaster Dejan Bojkov reviews a game played by Nana Dzagnidze. After sacrificing an exchange, her pieces gained superpowers and they never looked back!

This interesting demonstration provides proof that the Bishop pair can provide more than enough compensation against the Rook and Knight tandem. After a brilliant pawn move at a critical moment, Nana was able to beat Super-GM Vallejo-Pons in style.

The Active King in Bishop Endgames

Bishops are too fast for a King to catch them, but throw some pawns in their way… and the King will walk all over them!

GM Dejan Bojkov explains exactly how, first providing a couple of creative “Opposite Colored” Bishop examples, and ending with an amazing practical game designed to show the true power of a King and his passed pawns.

There’s a reason why the King has the best seat in the house, and the bishops are always by his side!

Dejan’s unique coaching style helps you make the ideas stick in your long-term memory by illustrating everything with real-world practical examples, including games by World Champions from Capablanca to Carlsen!

Enjoy this course!

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4 reviews for Bojkov Boss Moves Vol 2: Chess Strategy for Immediate Improvement

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Peter Ilyes (verified owner)

    Very educational course without unnecessary interruptions with challenges of own analyzes.

  2. Rated 3 out of 5

    Rodhi Rejab (verified owner)

    Dejan Bojkov explains in an easy way for you to understand. The videos are not too long, it is about 20-30 minutes. So you can watch it at anytime that is convenient for you.

    There are various topics for you to learn.

    Here are some of my notes from the course.

    Dejan Bojkov strategy lesson summaries

    1. When to exchange pieces
    – when you have a better pawn structure than your opponent
    – when your pieces are more active than your opponent or when your opponent pieces got trap.

    2. Couples in chess, rook and bishop
    – rook and bishop works a lot better than rook and knight.
    – But make sure the centre is not lock.

    3. Straining the opponent bishop
    – either trap your opponent by his pawn structure
    – or limit your opponent movement with your pawn structure.
    – one bad piece, will give your opponent a bad game and might even lose the game.
    – the straining can be done quite early in the game.

    4. Couples in chess, queen and knight
    – knight can change colour
    – bring the knight closer and closer to the king
    – improve your pieces position
    – threaten mate if you could, if not, take his pieces or pawn one by one. Exchange queen once your position is good or when your king is active.
    – take your time and make the enemy suffer.

    5. nominal-and-absolute-power-of-the-pieces-2
    – doesn’t matter what pieces your opponent has left unless it is activated.
    – if your pieces are attacking, then your pieces are more poweful
    – dont be afraid to sacrifice 1 or 2 pans to open path for your rook (or pieces) to attack (especially the enemy king).

    6. Claustrophobic Rook
    – rook need space
    – if not, it can be trap and become useless
    – pawn and knight are the best pieces to trap rook
    – in short, rook can be claustrophobic.

    7. Power of two bishops
    – you can create a fortress
    – when you have two bishops, move your pawns up to constrict the enemy movements. We can defend the pawn from far but becareful from over extending which then might create holes.
    – when the time is right, you may exchange the bishop pair to convert your advantage to another advantage (such as winning position of endgame)
    – 2 bishops can be stronger than a rook and a knight.
    – don’t be afraid to sacrifice a pawn to make the position open for your bishop

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rodhi Rejab (verified owner)

    Sorry, I meant to give the rating 5 star.

    Still not used to the review system.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sven Rettieck (verified owner)

    Dejan IS the boss. Entertaining, witty and informative. Even I learned a thing or two 🙂 Very good stuff!

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