Defensive Play – Counterattack Polgar style!


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digital_downloadGM Susan Polgar

The Polgar Method #09

The art of defensive chess will win you as many points as studying tactics or attacking, yet few people learn it.

However, all the World Champions have been excellent defenders and developing this ability will save you from many painful defeats. Even turn them into wins.

In Defensive Play, GM Susan Polgar analyzes instructive games involving successful defense to typical attacks. You’ll see Kingside pawns pushed forward, Rooks and Queens lining up along the h-file and other dangerous situations.

Susan reveals how to play defensive chess properly using a combination of counterplay, carefully calculated moves and ways to slow our opponent down. As you will see, even the scariest looking attacks can often be contained.

Many times, our opponents will sacrifice material giving us a winning advantage if we neutralize their threats.


  1. Positions Requiring Precise Calculation
  2. Combining Defense with Counter-Attack, Littlewood – Botvinnik
  3. Defending Kingside Attacks
  4. World Champion Level Defense, Anand – Carlsen
  5. Miraculous Endgame Defense

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Running Time

1 hour 27 minutes