The Danny Rensch Chess Tactics & Chess Endgames Conversion Kit

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The Danny Rensch Chess Tactics & Endgames Conversion Kit

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I’m sure you’ve heard of IM Danny Rensch… He is a world-famous chess coach and is also the man in charge of chess training materials at

Danny’s students often become dangerous players in short order – without the frustration and mind-numbing hard work that most players deal with…

These lessons from IM Danny Rensch focus heavily on two things

  1. Making you tactically superior – so that you can effortlessly achieve winning positions in your games.
  2. Endgame technique – so you can convert those winning positions with the polished technique of a pro.

About the Author:

Danny Rensch is an American International Master, event organizer, and commentator. He holds the Arizona State record for the youngest national master at the age of 14 years old. The National Master title is awarded by the US Chess Federation when a player’s rating surpasses 2200 on the USCF rating system.

Rensch obtained his final IM norm at Susan Polgar’s SPICE CUP tournament, by achieving a draw against then-Grandmaster candidate Ray Robson.

The Danny Rensch Chess Tactics & Endgames Conversion KitRensch is best known for his coverage of the GM Blitz Battles. His live shows at include “Man vs Machine,” “Call of the Wild,” and “Bullet Brawls.”

How do I benefit from this course?

The “Danny Rensch Chess Tactics & Endgames Conversion Kit” has been specially designed to help you improve two of the most important skills in the game: Chess Tactics, and Chess Endgames.

IM Danny Rensch reveals his “self-talk” method for uncovering strong tactical ideas that’ll quickly overwhelm 95% of your opponents rated under 1800.

Here’s part of what you’ll get with this course:

The Danny Rensch Chess Tactics & Endgames Conversion Kit

Tactical Patterns You Must Know

This is a five-part series that identifies and clearly explains the 12 most terrifying tactical themes used by chess elites.

The Principle of Two Weaknesses

This chapter reveals Smyslov’s deep planning method to dominate both sides of the board, create multiple weaknesses to attack, and how to cleanly dismantle even the toughest defenders!

Practical & Essential Chess Endgame Knowledge

This gives you an entire endgame strategy toolbox – from high-level pawn race theory to the secret rules of piece exchanges – everything you need to find moves like Be6+! and win endgame positions like a maestro!

5 Forks You Must Know

This lesson teaches you the most powerful forks in chess. You’ll discover not only what to look for, but also how to set up killer tactics – even several moves in advance!

Patterns Everyone Must Know

Mating Nets shares Danny’s method for spotting stunning checkmates, even in razor-sharp positions. Absorb this handful of key mating patterns today, and you’ll soon “wow” the crowds as you win your own games tomorrow!

Rook Endgames

Beginner to Master is a 9-part series where you’ll master this highly important type of endgame. You’ll learn to use the methods of Capablanca, Rubinstein, and Karpov to convert your own endings with ice-cold precision!

And these Elo-exploding lessons are only a portion of the 26 hours of high-quality training material specifically designed to make you a tactical and endgame monster!

Enjoy this course!

The Danny Rensch Chess Tactics & Endgames Conversion Kit

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