The Kopec Lectures – IM Danny Kopec

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The Kopec Lectures: ALL Chess Lectures by IM Danny Kopec

The Kopec Lectures - Im Danny Kopec
International Master Dr. Danny Kopec (Professor of Computer Science, Brooklyn College)

If you’re rated in the 1400-2000 range and are looking to get a lot stronger, there’s one man you should take advice from: IM Danny Kopec.

Very few strong players can communicate what they know in a way club players can benefit from – but IM Kopec was different.

See, IM Kopec was also Dr. Danny Kopec, a Ph.D. in Machine Intelligence and a pioneer in teaching computers how to play good chess. Yes, the same engines that are now way too strong for the world champion.

He was able to break down all the elements of strong chess play and teach both people and machines how to become great at them.

His fascination with decoding chess, combined with his magnetic personality and sense of humor, made him one of America’s best-loved coaches.

Now you can benefit from Danny’s coaching in this new release of 20 of his best lectures.

About the Author:

Danny Kopec was an American chess International Master, author, and computer science professor at Brooklyn College.

Kopec was Greater NY High School Champion at the age of 14 and reached master at the age of 17. Kopec won the Scottish Chess Championship in 1980 while pursuing his doctorate.

He lived in Canada for two years during the 1980s and competed there with success, including second-equal in the 1984 Canadian Chess Championship. Kopec achieved the FIDE International Master title in 1985 and had several top-three finishes (including second place ties) in the US Open.

He wrote numerous books on the subject of chess, produced eight chess instructional DVDs, and ran chess camps starting in 1994. Kopec also worked to promote his chess opening, the Kopec System (1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.Bd3!?).

With Ivan Bratko, he was the creator of the Bratko–Kopec Test, which was one of the de facto standard testing systems for chess-playing computer programs in the 1980s.

How is this course going to help me?

This bundle contains 10 Kopec lectures, chess lecture detailing how to win (or save) the endgames you’re most likely to meet in tournament practice. IM Kopec, like many others, believed endgame mastery was essential to serious chess improvement.

Not only does it help you win in the final phase, but it also teaches subtle aspects of strategy, piece harmony, and calculation – valuable in any situation.

The Kopec System

The Kopec Lectures - Im Danny Kopec
The Kopec System – Initial Position.

You also get his brilliant insights into many of the hidden practical secrets of chess as well as his fearsome anti-Sicilian, the Danny Kopec System – sure to surprise any 1…c5 players!

In the Kopec System, White plays Bd3 in the 3rd move, no matter what variation of the Sicilian black was planning to play (2… d6, 2… Nc6, 2… e6).

Eventually, White wants to play the move 4.c3, place the light-squared Bishop on c2 where it looks at the Kingside, and advance the d pawn to d4 in order to build up a very nice center.

This video is divided into five parts based on Black’s choice of pawn structure:

  1. Part 1. – Dragon setup with g6
  2. Part 2. – Russian setup with g6 e5
  3. Part 3. – Lopez setup with e5
  4. Part 4. – French setup with e6 d5
  5. Part 5. – Hybrid Structures

On top of this, IM Kopec reveals how we can apply the genius of Bobby Fischer and Mikhail Tal to our own chess with a fascinating break-down of some of their finest games.

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Running Time

7 hours 6 minutes



Type of Video

Production House

Chapter List

Chapter Outline:

  1. Bobby Fischer Illustration
  2. Examples of Brute Force
  3. Going Backwards in Order to Move Forward
  4. Magician from Riga
  5. Michael Rhode vs. Jay Whitehead
  6. Take a Look and Stop
  7. The Element of Surprise in Chess
  8. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  9. The Danny Kopec System I
  10. The Danny Kopec System II
  11. Endgame – Better King, Better Rook, Better Pawns
  12. Endgame – Bonner vs. Kopec
  13. Endgame – Defending Well in the Endings
  14. Endgame – Rook and Pawn Endgame
  15. Endgame – Rook and Pawn Endings – Part I
  16. Endgame – Rook and Pawn Endings – Part II
  17. Endgame – Rook and Pawn Endings – Rook Activity
  18. Endgame – The Adventures of Rook vs. Knight
  19. Endgame – The King and Pawn Endings
  20. Endgame – The Power of the Rook on the Seventh Rank