Converting an Advantage in Practical Endgames (Volume #2) – GM Gabor Papp

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GM Papp will be asking questions during every lesson and a pause sign will pop up on the screen. You will need to pause the video, take some time and think. You will be advised how much time to spend in a given position.

I personally believe in this method of interactive teaching. It is very important to get into the habit of constantly asking yourself questions and giving yourself time to think. With this method, you will develop a true analytical process of thinking.

Volume 2 includes the most common endgames: Rook endgames and Queen endgames. You will learn all of the essentials such as Active King, Active Rook, Passed Pawns, Squeeze, and much more…

To be able to win a winning position is not as simple as it sounds. How many times do we say “I had a winning position, but I blew it”? This video course will help you fight till the end and not relax too early.

You will get all PGN and CBV files for this course. It will help you setup the position in any chess software and play over the game. You will also find it useful to show it to your students or friends!

GM Papp teaches everything you need to know about practical endgame play. Here is a list of all the lessons you will go over:

LESSON 1: The Active Rook – Part 1a
LESSON 2: The Active Rook – Part 1b
LESSON 3: The Active Rook – Part 2a
LESSON 4: The Active Rook – Part 2b
LESSON 5: Queen Endings – Part 1a
LESSON 6: Queen Endings – Part 1b
LESSON 7: Queen Endings – Part 2a
LESSON 8: Queen Endings – Part 2b
LESSON 9: Plan Making and Precise Play – Part 1
LESSON 10: Plan Making and Precise Play – Part 2

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