Converting an Advantage in Practical Endgames (Volume #1) – GM Gabor Papp

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Converting An Advantage In Practical Endgames (volume #1) - Gm Gabor Papp

If you are struggling with your endgame technique or converting your advantage into a full point, this course is exactly what you need to improve your chess.

To be able to win a winning position is not that simple as it sounds. How many times do we say “I had a winning position, but I blew it”? This video course will help you fight till the end and not relax too early.

GM Papp’s teaching skills are world class. His instructions are very easy to follow and all lessons are recorded in our signature style. GM Papp will be asking you to pause the video during the lessons and will challenge you to figure out what you would do in each position.

If you are seeking to improve your endgame, this is by far the best endgame course that is available. The course 7 hours long and includes 10 lessons.
GM Papp teaches everything you need to know about practical endgame play. Here is a list of all the lessons you will go over:

LESSON 1: Isolated Pawn – Part 1
LESSON 2: Isolated Pawn – Part 2
LESSON 3: Hanging Pawns
LESSON 4: Bishop Pair – Part 1
LESSON 5: Bishop Pair – Part 2
LESSON 6: Same Color Bishop
LESSON 7: Bishop Dominates Knight
LESSON 8: Good Knight vs Bad Bishop – Part 1
LESSON 9: Good Knight vs Bad Bishop – Part 2
LESSON 10: Opposite Color Bishop

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