Conquer with the King’s Indian Defense – GM Leonid Kritz

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Empire Chess Volume 19

This chess DVD covers one of the most dynamic openings ever played – the King’s Indian Defense! The King’s Indian Defense is the perfect opening weapon against 1. d4 for players who naturally display a tactical and dynamic style.

This system is immensely popular at all levels because it gives black excellent winning chances against 1. d4. There are very few drawish lines in the King’s Indian Defense – the vast majority of the resulting middlegames are extremely double-edged and decisive results are overwhelmingly common.

However, playing the King’s Indian Defense requires a definite element of risk as black tries to develop a dangerous attack against white’s king while making certain strategic concessions (white gains greater space in the center and long-term attacking prospects on the queenside).

This may sound dangerous, but the King’s Indian Defense has been tested extensively at the highest levels of chess and continues to be employed by numerous Grandmasters in today’s game.

Famous advocates of the KID include Bobby Fischer, David Bronstein, Garry Kasparov, Hikaru Nakamura, Teimour Radjabov, Vassily Ivanchuk, etc.. – fully proving the reliability of this opening system.

GM Leonid KritzThis 3-hour chess DVD is presented by Grandmaster Leonid Kritz and focuses primarily on the strategic ideas in the main lines and most popular sidelines of the King’s Indian Defense.

GM Kritz has worked as a chess trainer for over a decade and his experience really shines through – he clearly explains the main strategies and presents his recommended lines for black so that viewers of beginner and intermediate levels will easily understand the key points in this complicated opening system.

¨Conquer with the King’s Indian Defense¨ will provide viewers a deep understanding of the underlying strategic principles in every mainline and sideline of the KID, guaranteed to vastly improve your results with black against 1. d4!


1. Introduction
2. Side Lines
3. Fianchetto Variation 3.g3
4. 3.Nc3-e4 Rare Lines
5. Averbakh Variation
6. Four Pawns Attack
7. Saemisch Variation
8. Main position 9.Nd2
9. Main position 9.b4
10. Main position 9.Ne1
11. Petrosian Variation

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