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Overview Mega Bundle

Do you want to improve your chess strength significantly and start getting much better results in your tournaments?

The Mega Bundle features an impressive line-up of world-renowned chess coaches such as GM Bryan Smith, GM Alex Lenderman, GM Maxim Dlugy and more.

This 35+ hours Mega Bundle is a collection of some of the best premium video content from and it represents an invaluable guide to learning chess openings, attacking chess, and improve your thinking process.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Grand Master Secrets Practical Play”

Very instructional downloads” – Paul H. (United Kingdom) – Verified buyer – 21 May 2021

What’s included in this bundle?

Caro-Kann Reloaded – IM Alex Ostrovskiy (5 h)

A couple of years ago, IM Alex Ostrovskiy released his Caro-Kann Secrets… and it blew people’s minds, becoming one of the most popular courses.

Finally, there was a training that put this mysterious opening within the reach of the club player, revealing how to play for the win against every variation.

And now Alex is back with a complete overhaul, updating each line with the latest theory, new discoveries and attacking ideas…

Welcome to this new comprehensive Caro-Kann Defense course by IM Alex Ostrovskiy. The course contains 5 hours of video instruction as well as 134 pages of accompanying PGNs.

Grandmaster Decision Making with GM Alex Lenderman (2 h)

GM Alexandr Lenderman, a recognized player and coach from the US, is here to show you how to make the right decisions at the board by implementing the same process of thinking that grandmasters use during their games.

Lenderman teaches you not to assume that your opponent’s move is a mistake, until absolutely sure. GM Lenderman provides many illustrative examples demonstrating this important concept.

He shares his own personal thinking methods which help him precisely identify dangerous moments in his games and then resolve it in his favor!

Chess Opening Crash Course with GM Maxim Dlugy (2 h)

GM Maxim Dlugy has compiled his 20 years of opening theory experience into a single crash course. Mega BundleThis is NOT another “theoretical” chess opening course. This is pure practical advice teaching you the moves that win games.  Even if you hate opening theory, this course is so simple and easy-to-understand you’ll fall in love with it!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What are the most important principles that allow you to get a playable position every single time?
  • What is the #1 most common mistake that club players make in the opening?
  • What opening lines should you play, and which should you totally avoid?
  • How can you avoid the most common opening traps in d4-lines for both white and black?
  • What to do after the opening,
  • And much more!

Attacking Chess System with IM Alex Ostrovskiy and IM Arthur Shen (3 h)

Attacking chess is something that all players want to perfect. It makes a lot of sense because at the end of the day, delivering checkmate is the ultimate goal of the game.

Surprisingly, not many chess players spend time working on attacking skills. They work on solving tactics, studying openings and drilling endgames but not on how to attack your opponent to win games. It sounds contradictory, but it is very true for most club players.

This course includes a powerful toolkit on how to conduct strong and vicious attacks against opponents of any level. It brings you a universal system of attack that helped IM Alex Ostrovskiy and IM Arthur Shen beat many strong opponents.

Grandmaster Secrets – Practical Play with GM Alex Lenderman (4 h)

One of the major mistakes over 95% of club players make is working on different aspects of the game independently, and never utilizing them together.

Club players learn chess openings, middlegames, and endings separately, but never see those elements working hand-in-hand. Grandmasters, on the other hand, know how to employ all those together to create a masterful win.

Everything is interconnected and one stage serves as a continuation of the other – in full harmony.

That’s why you get that feeling of “effortlessness” after observing a GM game. Grandmasters have many “secrets” of practical (aka effective) play that they use for achieving those effortless wins. This course will fill those gaps for you, letting your games flow from move one right through until you checkmate your opponent.

Complete Chess Opening Repertoire for Black – IM Arthur Shen (7 h) Mega Bundle

With this course, you get access to a complete, professional-grade opening repertoire for Black that you can employ against any opponent. This will certainly increase the number of victories you get in tournaments.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • In-depth examination of all most popular lines you’ll face playing against 1.e4 and 1.d4. You’ll be fully prepared to face the most popular chess openings starting with 1.e4 and 1.d4.
  • Two types of lines and variations to choose from depending on your style of play: sharp and aggressive, or solid and reliable.
  • A step-by-step guide on how to play your preferred opening lines and obtain an advantage right out of the opening. This could help you to turn the games in your favor, even before your opponents have a chance to do anything.
  • Detailed explanations of ideas, plans, maneuvers, pawn-structures and everything else to make sure you can play those lines in your own games and win.
  • Guide to refuting many of the tricky opening lines, sidelines and off-beat variations that are often seen at club level.

Deadly Opening Traps with GM Bryan Smith (2 h)

Chess opening traps are something that can make or break your game. Everyone hates playing a piece down by move 7 or having their King under attack by move 10.

At the same time, everyone loves learning new and cool opening traps that can instantly win a game in just a few moves.

If you are the kind of player who would like to avoid getting into trouble at the early stage of the game and at the same time want to learn how to punish your opponent for unsound opening decisions, this Deadly Opening Traps course is for you.

GM Bryan Smith does a superb job explaining the most important opening traps that a chess player of any level must know: from amateur to Grandmaster.

1.b3 Bash by IM Levy Rozman – Your Secret Weapon for the Opening (3 h) Mega Bundle
1.b3 bash secret weapon screen capture

This course gives you a complete repertoire based on 1.b3. You are going to get an advantage by surprising your opponents, playing positions that only you’re familiar with, and your opponents are not.

You will know the nuances. You will know exactly when on move 4 or 5 they will do something inaccurate. That’s really the key idea behind this system.

Most club players play the same openings over and over again: 1.e4, 1.d4, 1.c4, 1.Nf3… you name it. You probably know those pretty well, but so does your opponent.

There is nothing wrong with that approach…

Except that you always need to be up to date with all the lines and variations in the Slav, Nimzo, Sicilian, French, and the list goes on and on. This 1.b3 repertoire provides you with an alternative repertoire you can use when you need to mix things up!

The Secrets of The Caro-Kann Defense – IM Alex Ostrovskiy *Now Includes New Updated “Reloaded” Version! (11 h)

This is a Comprehensive Course on The Caro-Kann Defense. This course provides you with a complete repertoire against 1.e4. When we say a “complete repertoire,” we really mean it.

After working through the video lessons and going over the extra files you will have a complete defense against 1.e4 that will serve you a lifetime!

After studying this course, the Caro-Kann will become your #1 opening choice аs Black and you will have a solid, well-prepared repertoire giving your opponents a lot of trouble. IM Alex Ostrovskiy reveals all his opening preparation secrets and shares his surprise variations – absolutely nothing is being held back.

After working your way through all the courses in this Mega Bundle, you will be prepared to play against any opponents that are rated about 200 Elo points above you and obtain comfortable positions from the opening and outplay them in the middlegame.

catalan secretsCatalan Opening for Black – GM Robert Hungaski (2 h)

GM Robert Hungaski teaches you an opening system to fight and win as Black against the Catalan Opening. The order of moves Hungaski recommends arise after the moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 d5 4.g3. The plan for Black from now on will be to neutralize White’s light-squared Bishop by creating the d5-c6-b7 pawn barrier.

The Catalan is becoming increasingly popular at all levels of play… but how do you deal with as Black?

Grandmaster (and FIDE Senior Trainer) Robert Hungaski insists that Black should neutralize White’s Bg2 by supporting d5 with …c6.

But after Nbd2 and e2-e4-e5, Black has to either give up the center or spend most of their time unraveling their pieces.

Not anymore.

GM Hungaski has devised a ton of exceedingly clever move-orders that give Black:

  • Equal stake in the center,
  • Powerful piece placement,
  • Multiple White weaknesses to target.

And he reveals the entire system in his new video series Secrets of the Catalan.

Enjoy this awesome series!