CHESSBASE 13 – PREMIUM Edition (Physical Disc)



If you are an ambitious chess player, if you want to continually improve your chess and train systematically, if you want to prepare for your next opponent – no matter whether for a club match, for an Open or for a Top Tournament…

If you are a coach or teach chess and want to find training material, if you like to play through the best and most recent games with the latest opening trends or if you want to enter and analyse your own games… In short: if you have any interest in chess whatsoever, then you just cannot do without the ChessBase program.

ChessBase is the Swiss Army knife for the chessplayer – there is a tool for every problem and an answer to every question!

Now, the new ChessBase 13 is being released – and it has fascinating new possibilities…

This and more is new in ChessBase 13

Chessbase 13 – PREMIUM Package comes with:

* ChessBase 13 Program
* Integrated CB online database with more than 7 Mio games
* Access to Player encyclopedia with over 30,000 pictures
* ChessBase Mega Database 2015 automatic update until 31 December 2015
* NEW: Endgameturbo 4 (4 DVDs)
* ChessBase CORR 2013
* 1 year Premium membership
* ChessBase Magazine subscription for one year (6 issues)

ChessBase 13 is even better now – a lot of functions are easier to use but most important: there are fantastic new possibilities to help you analyse and search for relevant games.

With ChessBase 13 and an analysis engine you have access to the world of Cloud Computing. Analyse critical positions with the help of the best computers one can find out here. Or use the Let’s Check function to retrieve previous analyses and evaluations.

Use ChessBase 13 and your analysis engine to create a dynamic analysis tree with several engines running at the same time

You need only one click to discover the previous games of the two players engaged in the current game to find out more about the history of a game.

Find the most relevant examples of the best players and of every endgame with “Similar endgames” and learn how to play endgames correctly.

Find an intelligent selection of games with certain pawn structures and manoeuvres with “Similar structure” or “Similar moves”. Thus you learn the right strategy from the best players or you can test when to play certain sacrifices.

And these are only a few of many improvements which make studying chess easier and more fun.

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