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Empire Chess DVD Grandmaster MEGA BUNDLE

This is the largest collection of high-quality chess videos anywhere!

The iChess team started producing the Empire Chess DVD series in October 2012.

In little over a year, the Empire Chess video series became the most popular chess DVD series of the 21st century with 117 DVDs featuring the best players and coaches in the world!

Now our extended series of chess videos present an incredible collection of footage containing more than 320 hours of premium content from a variety of well-known players.

The series is intended for chess players of all levels, as the content is extremely diverse and covers a wide range of topics from specific chess openings to general topics like positional sacrifices and developing tactical awareness.

The Grandmasters were encouraged to provide instruction on topics where they were most knowledgeable and could display their highest level of expertise.

How is this bundle different from others?

When we created Empire Chess, our primary goal was to destroy the obstacles standing between chess improvers like yourself and your true chess potential.

chess courses empire chess mega bundle 2

We aim to give you a genuine chance at mastery with our unique content strategy comprising of:

  • GM/IM Coaches – Save years of hard effort by learning directly from proven masters and seasoned
  • All key topics covered – Become strong in the opening, endgame, tactically and strategically with
    hundreds of hours of master level coaching.
  • Challenging Puzzles – Test your newly acquired knowledge with puzzles relevant to each topic.

And to make things even easier for you, you can work your way through the Empire Chess library at your own pace, focusing “buffet style” only on the areas you most want to improve at any given time.

Although there are no shortcuts in chess, absorbing the details as our team of GMs reveal their unique winning methods is as close as you could ever get.

This is what satisfied customers are saying about the Empire Chess Mega Bundle:

Great supplement to paging through books
I found that it makes a great break from slaving away with a printed book or poring over database games. It is almost like having a teacher in the house keeping me on track and reminding me what good analysis is.

Joseph Q. (Verified Owner)

Is this Chess Video Course for me?

Empire Chess Mega Bundle Volumes 1-103Beginner players will find exceptional value in the 10 DVD, 30-hour course presented by Argentine Grandmaster Damian Lemos in Empire Chess Volumes 21-30.

Intermediate players will get huge value from “The Club Player’s Manifesto,” GM Lemos’ superb course which teaches you all the key concepts and practical tricks, tips, and strategies to accelerate your chess development and launch you into the 2000 Elo range.

The Manifesto comes in 3 parts, Empire Chess volumes 51-60, 71-80, and 91-100. These courses make sure there are no holes in your game.

And for more advanced players, we would highly recommend the chess videos produced by Grandmasters Sam Shankland, Leonid Kritz, and Victor Mikhalevski.

This 109 DVD chess course is guaranteed to improve your game via the highest-quality instruction and level of products available in today’s global market.

The Empire Chess Mega Bundle represents a complete chess education giving you everything you need to catapult from a humble club player to a 2300 master and beyond.

How is this going to help me?

Viewers will not only learn the ¨best¨ and ¨most accurate¨ move orders in the early opening, but viewers will also be instructed on the reasons behind the moves in the opening.

Our extensive team of Grandmaster and presenters have made a point to focus on a holistic approach to learning chess.

GM Ron W. Henley has produced several chess courses that are included in this Mega Bundle

Studying openings will increase your understanding of the game and improve your rating, but the material must be presented in a comprehensive manner with respect to other phases of the game.

In Volumes 1-10 of the Empire Chess DVD Series, viewers of all skill levels (Beginner, Club/Intermediate, and Advanced) can find DVDs that are relevant to their current rating.

The star-studded cast of presenters includes Grandmasters Gregory Kaidanov, Sam Shankland, Leonid Kritz, Eugene Perelshteyn, Damian Lemos, and Michal Krasenkow.

Some of the Courses You’ll Get

Alekhine’s Defense with GM Petrov!

GM Marian Petrov is back with another awesome opening course!

This time he turns his attention to the enigmatic Alekhine’s Defense – the hypermodern opening devised by the 4th World Champion.

alekhine defense ec dvd product image

Play for the win from move 1 with the Alekhine’s Defense (1.e4 Nf6!)

By avoiding symmetry, Black creates exciting, imbalanced positions full of creative potential. White usually chases the knight around but soon finds their position stretched and under serious pressure.

Openings expert GM Marian Petrov teaches you how to play the Alekhine’s Defense like a pro in this 8-hour training.

Far more than just opening theory, this course also reveals the Alekhine’s strongest attacks and tactical combinations – showing you how to actually win games as Black, not just get a good position.

GM Petrov covers all of the main setups including the Four Pawns Attack and the early fianchetto variation (4…g6), with analysis of memorable, attacking games in each line too.

Discover how to win with the opening your opponents don’t want to see!

Terrify your Rivals with GM Petrov’s Killer King’s Gambit!

kings gambit ec product image

We don’t care what anyone says… NOBODY likes seeing 2.f4 played against them. Yes, the King’s Gambit is indeed a terrifying chess opening.

“What the devil possessed me to play 1…e5?? I completely forgot that Spassky likes to play the King’s Gambit.”

king gambit
The King’s Gambit initial moves

– David Bronstein, after being on the wrong side of another King’s Gambit brilliancy.


It’s easily the most fun opening in chess… you get insanely fast development, and a simply murderous open f-file to attack along.

Bronstein, Fischer, Anand… they’ve all lost high-profile (and spectacular) games against the King’s Gambit.

And at club level it’s 100x more dangerous again.

Ready to have some fun?

In response to major demand, we asked openings expert GM Marian Petrov to turn his attention to the King’s Gambit chess opening, and, once again, he’s delivered the goods.

The result: 4 hours of training that takes you from first moves to tournament-ready.

Modern GM Miniatures – GM Eugene Perelshteyn

modern gm miniatures gm eugene perelshteyn product imageLearn the secrets of modern elite chess in just 3 hours with GM Eugene Perelshteyn, who has put together his superb Modern GM Miniatures, a 7-chapter investigation into the most instructive games of recent times.

No basic blunders, no mismatched bloodbaths… these games feature the world’s best players beating each other with brilliancies.

All with GM Perelshteyn’s expert explanations.

After a quick look at some Tal and Morphy classics, GM Perelshteyn brings things right up to the modern day with analysis of lightning-fast wins by Carlsen, Anand, Giri, Mamedyarov and others.

The sheer number of game-winning ideas packed into this 3-hour course make it one of the best things you can do with your valuable study time.

chess course on the pirc and modernLibiszewski’s Pirc & Modern – GM Fabien Libiszewski (+8 hours)

Grandmaster and opening theoretician Fabien Libiszewski turns his attention to the Pirc Defense and Modern Defense for Black in this comprehensive 8 hour training.

The Pirc (1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 g6) is a hypermodern opening with a deceptively deadly attacking edge.

Black’s g7 bishop and queen on a5 shred White’s position, setting a ton of tactical and strategic problems that will overwhelm most players.

The Modern Defense is similar to the Pirc but we delay the development of the knight to f6, staying flexible and giving White more opportunity to make mistakes.

These closely-related openings contain multiple ways for Black to play for the win – all of which are revealed in GM Libiszewski’s complete training.

So why play the Pirc?

  • Flexible – By staying back from the center early on, you can play it against nearly any first moves by White.
  • Aggressive – We get our pieces into position then go on the offensive, undermining White’s center and taking their land.
  • Confusion – The “obvious” moves for White often turn out to be bad ones. Pawn advances become weak. Pieces find themselves on the wrong squares. Your opponent doesn’t know what’s going on.

Smashing 1.d4 Players with The Kings Indian Defense – GM Bryan Smith (+5 hours)

The King’s Indian Defense is a dynamic attacking response to 1.d4 and was favored by historical legends such as Bronstein, Fischer, Tal, and Kasparov.

In a counterintuitive approach, you’ll happily allow white to occupy the center with a massive pawn wall, only to target it later with your own pawn strikes that blow open the position to your benefit.

gm bryan smith chess courseThe best thing is that when playing this opening, you’ll attack with all the aggression you feel necessary, and score your black wins via devastating piece sacrifices, pawn storms and kingside invasions that lead to fast checkmates.

In a word: there is never a boring game!

In this course, Grandmaster Bryan Smith reveals how you can use this opening to storm the enemy king, fend off and swat away white’s positional squeeze play and win your games in brilliant style.

Here’s what you’ll learn with this course:

The Basic Ideas Behind the King’s Indian Defense

Learn why black allows white to get a HUGE center pawn-formation as if they were neglecting the opening principle of the controlling the central squares!

After getting an idea of how this hypermodern opening relies on moves such as …d6, …c5 or …e5 you will already be on your way to King’s Indian Defense domination.

Black Neutralizes White’s Attempts to Gain the Initiative.

White has tried numerous ways to seize the initiative in the King’s Indian Defense, via many central pawn moves.

You will see that black’s strong position is more than enough to stop these futile attempts.

Closed Center? Time to Move Fast!

When playing on the flanks, we have to be careful our opponent doesn’t have dangerous counterplay in the center.

That’s why we will only attempt attacks on the flank after the center has been blocked or stabilized. GM Bryan Smith will show you when and how!

Don’t fall into the temptation of a premature attack that will leave you with passive and inferior positions.

chess courses empire chess mega bundleDominate 1.d4 with The Dzindzi Indian – GM Ron W. Henley (+8 hours)

The Dzindzi Indian derives its name from the Georgian Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili (jin-jee-khash-vee-lee) who emigrated via Israel to New York City in the late 1970’s and went on to win 3 US Championships.

The Dzindzi Indian is designed to give you an easy-to-learn yet powerful and incredibly effective weapon that you can employ with Black as early as move five (!) against “Queen’s Pawn” players.

At the 1998 US Amateur Team Championships in Somerset New Jersey, sat next to GM Ron Henley on board #1, was the Twelfth World Champion, Anatoly Karpov.

Imagine Ron’s and Anatoly’s surprise when a USCF Rated 1900 player whipped out the Dzindzi Indian against Karpov!

It was an absolutely great choice as it was one of the few openings Anatoly did not have much experience in.

Being a true Champion, Karpov went into a deep think and then proceeded to win a very tough double-edged game.

A few days later over breakfast, Grandmasters Dzindzichashvili and Henley were discussing the game.

Roman demonstrated how Black could have held the position and even achieved excellent counterplay.

The Dzindi Indian is an amazing opening for a number of reasons.

It is one of the very few openings in chess where tournament results actually favor Black!

This is not a skewed perception but is grounded in statistical fact.

How To Beat the King’s Indian Defense – IM Nazi Paikidze (+3 hours)

The King‘s Indian Defense is a popular and ambitious chess opening for Black against 1.d4. Many 1.d4 players don’t like facing this opening because of its complex and counterattacking character.

chess course by nazi paikidze

No worries – help is at hand. In this 3 hour course, 2018 U.S. Women’s Chess Champion, IM Nazi Paikidze (Peak Rating 2455), deals with the King’s Indian Defense from White’s point of view.

IM Paikidze analyzes the best ways to counter this dynamic opening, providing you with several easy-to-learn and effective setups to crush those King’s Indian players!

By diving deep into 5 different variations for White, ranging from the super-solid Fianchetto System to the wildly complicated Classical Variation, IM Paikidze helps you choose the ideal setup for your playing style, the tournament situation, and other personal preferences.

Studying these five variations will give you a complete understanding of battling the King’s Indian Defense and IM Paikidze trains you in all the typical recurring tactical and positional patterns for both sides.

Magnus Carlsen’s Miniatures – GM Ron W. Henley (+6 hours)

Everyone loves to win a miniature – a spectacular quick win as a result of opening preparation and cool tactics. It’s even better when you crush a strong opponent in such a fashion.

In Magnus’ Miniatures, American GM Ron W. Henley – the former second of Anatoly Karpov – analyzes 64 instructive miniatures from the reigning Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen.

In the last 15 years, the Norwegian chess sensation has defeated countless strong opponents in 25 moves or less. Big names like Anand, Caruana, Svidler, Shirov, Karjakin, Mamedyarov and Ding Liren are among his victims.

How did Carlsen outplay these Super GMs so quickly? And what can we learn about direct attacking play from these games?

Knockout Moves

Magnus Carlsen's Miniatures - Gm Ron W. Henley

If you want to win many games in 25 moves or less, you definitely need to have a killer instinct at the chessboard.

Your tactical brain needs to be in good shape and – once you have the initiative – you constantly need to look for knockout punches which finish the game immediately.

Studying Magnus’ miniatures, it becomes clear that once Magnus has his opponents on the ropes, he doesn’t let them off the hook.

In the position at hand, Magnus, playing Black, has a knockout punch at hand.

His opponent just played 23.e4, trying to free his piece and attacking Black’s knight on d5.

However, Magnus counters with the stunning 23…Ne3!, forking White’s queen and rook.

The point is that 24.Qxe6 loses to 24…Rxd1 mate. After 24.Rxd8+ Rxd8 25.Qe2 (securing the queen), Magnus continued with another brilliant move to finish his opponent off – 25…Qc4+!! (see the diagram below).

Aggressive Chess Domination – GM Damian Lemos (1 hour 20 minutes)

Aggressive chess wins games.

Players like Garry Kasparov and Mikhail Tal were renowned for winning with attacks so powerful that their opponents would be shell-shocked when they finally knocked over their King.

The aggression doesn’t begin with the attack on the King, however.

This style of chess is about playing moves that force your opponent on to the back foot right from the opening, demanding their utmost concentration not to get blown off the board.

aggressive chess domination damian lemosAs you keep pushing them back their pieces become passive, you begin an attack and they just about counter your threats until you pick up a piece and exchange it for a pawn in front of their King. Check.

And it slowly sinks in that your sacrifice forces a mate in 3.

Aggressive chess produces some of the most memorable games in history and you can play this way too, creating your own brilliancies on the board.

GM Damian Lemos presents “Aggressive Chess Domination”, a detailed analysis of awesome attacking GM games that will elevate your understanding of forcing moves and winning with the initiative to a whole new level.

You will learn how to keep moving forward even when attacked, how to deny your opponent any counterplay and how to hunt the King like the bloodthirstiest Grandmaster.

Destroy White with the Accelerated Dragon – GM Eugene Perelshteyn (+2 hours)

The Accelerated Dragon is an exceptional variation of the Sicilian Defense.

It is an effective system for Black against 1.e4 where Black develops rapidly and achieves strong activity early in the game via minor piece play in the center.

This system has been employed by countless top Grandmasters over the last 70 years, including legendary names like Viktor Korchnoi, Vladimir Kramnik, Alexander Morozevich, Vassily Ivanchuk, Alexander Khalifman, and many more.

The Accelerated Dragon is so frequently played at the highest level of chess tournaments because it is a very successful opening system for Black, permitting double-edged play and decisive results, while not being as risky as the classical Sicilian Dragon setup.

It is also very popular at the Grandmaster level because it is a very flexible opening scheme – you can transpose to the Accelerated Dragon from numerous lines in the Sicilian Defense.

Is this course for me?

Destroy White With The Accelerated Dragon – Gm Eugene Perelshteyn
The Accelerated Dragon – Mainline

Many chess DVDs will teach you the move orders and nothing else – however in ¨Destroy White with the Accelerated Dragon¨ GM Eugene Perelshteyn focuses on the ideas behind the moves.

After watching this chess DVD, if your opponent deviates from the main moves early in the game, you will have nothing to worry about because you will truly understand the most effective plans, instead of memorizing topical move orders!

This chess DVD presents over 2.5 hours of extremely high-quality grandmaster instruction, reviewing all of the main lines and sidelines in the Accelerated Dragon system.

GM Perelshteyn recommends a hypermodern approach with an immediate kingside fianchetto to avoid early deviations from the Accelerated Dragon (such as the Rossolimo Variation with 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5).

Beating 1.e4 with The Classical Sicilian – GM Bryan Smith (+4 hours)

The Classical Variation of the Sicilian Defense is a chess opening for Black against 1.e4. It is a semi-open opening and has a reputation for being sharp and double-edged. It occurs after the moves 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 Nc6.

The Classical Sicilian defense is an excellent opening choice for a Black player who wants to play uncompromising chess, leading to sharp as well as creative positions.

chess course beat 1 e4 bryan smithOne of the main advantages of playing the Classical Sicilian defense is that it is not as theoretically explored as the Sicilian Najdorf, nor as forcing as the Sicilian Dragon.

GM Smith analyzes the best options for Black to counter White’s multiple efforts against the Classical Sicilian, providing you with several easy-to-learn and effective setups for Black to crush White.

How is this course going to help me?

In this comprehensive 4-hour Empire Chess course, GM Bryan Smith builds up your knowledge of this powerful opening weapon, demonstrating how to combat each of the main White variations in turn.

Not only will you frustrate White players used to trying their pet lines against Black’s most common variations in the Sicilian Defense, but they’ll also face a line they didn’t expect at all.

The Classical Sicilian defense also gives you excellent winning chances due to its complexities.

It is a highly flexible, tricky, and double-edged opening with which Black can avoid premature simplifications and confidently go for the full point.

Fighting in the Endgame – FIDE Master Alisa Melekhina (1 hour)

Fighting in the endgame is a skill that can help players rack up those extra points.

alisa melekhinaFM Alisa Melekhina analyzes two of her own chess endgames, one in which she drew a pawn down, and another in which she pulled off a win in an equal rook ending.

You’ll be led through three major principles that can be applied in your own chess endgames:

  1. Mentally adapt to a change in the position.
  2. Resist by preventing your opponent from executing their only winning plan.
  3. Take advantage of complacency; force your opponent to make decisions.

About the Author:

FIDE Master Alisa Melekhina is one of the top female chess players in the United States.

Her peak rating is 2302 Elo and she is also a frequent contender in the U.S. Women’s Chess Championship.

Her instructional videos include topics on the c3 Sicilian, Advanced French, King’s Indian Defense, Fighting in the Endgame, Power of the Double Rooks, and Defeating Drawish Players.

Her most famous video is “How to Win in the c3 Sicilian in 21 Moves or Less,” featuring her win over GM Shabalov.

How to Attack like a Grandmaster – GM Damian Lemos (+2 hours)

The secret to winning chess games is very simple – YOU MUST ATTACK!

If you like to open passively and slowly build a strong defensive position, you are playing bad chess!

To win games in chess, you must be attacking. You can’t wait your opponent to make a mistake because that is not going to win you any games!

chess course attack like a grandmasterThe best players in the world try to create at least one threat with every single move; why can’t beginner chess players do the exact same thing?

This simple principle of consistently striving to attack your opponent is guaranteed to help you play better and improve your practical tournament results.

Constantly creating problems and forcing your opponent to solve them is the mark of a good chess player, regardless of your level.

Learning from the Games of the Masters

In this chess DVD, Grandmaster Damian Lemos examines legendary attacking games that demonstrate the full process of several world chess champions.

GM Lemos emphasizes the influence of attacking chess as one of the greatest driving forces in the game, repeatedly stressing that the attacker is ALWAYS favored!

If you are a beginner player that simply wants to achieve better results, this chess DVD will push you strongly in the right direction.

chess course sicilian najdorf rafael leitaoCrushing White with the Sicilian Najdorf – GM Rafael Leitao (+3 hours)

If you are looking for an opening for black against 1. e4 where you are guaranteed to be able to fight for a win in every variation, look no further!

The Sicilian Najdorf is the most aggressive weapon for black against 1. e4.

The Sicilian Defense has been consistently providing the most double-edged positions in chess over the last 70 years.

From the very first moves, the Sicilian Najdorf presents a level of danger for both sides that is unseen in any other chess opening – providing an exceptionally high percentage of decisive results.

The reasons for this are simple – the Sicilian Najdorf creates huge imbalances by the very nature of the structure. In most variations, black makes long-term positional concessions in the form of a backward d6 pawn and a permanent weakness on the d5 square.

In exchange, black gets immediate and long-term tactical compensation and activity in the form of rapid minor piece development, strong counterplay on the half-open c-file, and constant opportunities to bust the game open via thematic pawn breaks such as ..d6-d5 and ..b7-b5.

Gm-eugene-perelshteyn2Winning with the Grand Prix Attack Bb5 System – GM Eugene Perelshteyn (+2 hours)

The Grand Prix Attack Bb5 System is both an aggressive and positional chess opening.

White prepares an attack on the kingside with an early f4 while maintaining the threat of doubling black’s pawns with Bxc6 – applying similar positional concepts as found in the Nimzo-Indian Defense.

If you are a 1. e4 player who has trouble against the main lines of the Sicilian Defense, and you don’t want to dedicate dozens of hours of valuable chess studying time to memorizing all of the variations so you can achieve an ending at .43 – why not try a different system to get better results with less effort?

This setup is perfect for the beginner and intermediate chess player because it is driven by an understanding of positional concepts and thematic attacking plans – NOT memorization of move orders!

In this 2-hour chess DVD, Grandmaster Eugene Perelshteyn presents his deep knowledge and experience of how to crush the Sicilian Defense with the Grand Prix Attack Bb5 System.

GM Perelshteyn and his former chess coach-GM Roman Dzindzichasvili have used the Grand Prix Attack Bb5 System with great success over their distinguished careers, scoring a number of impressive victories with the dangerous sideline system for white against the Sicilian Defense.

Grandmaster Perelshteyn is a renown chess trainer with over a decade of teaching experience, and his profound understanding of how to clearly present advanced chess concepts really shines through in this DVD.

The talented GM reviews all of the main lines and sidelines in the Grand Prix Attack Bb5 System, guaranteeing his viewers a high level of success with this incredibly effective opening weapon against the Sicilian Defense.

Dominate With the Slav Defense, Chameleon Variation – GM Leonid Kritz (+2 hours)

This chess DVD introduces the viewer to a very solid chess opening – the Slav Defense with 4… a6, also called the Chebanenko Variation or Chameleon Variation.

The chess DVD is structured with the first four clips devoted to sideline variations which are not especially dangerous but are played frequently, and as a Slav Defense player, you should be familiar with the most effective ideas on how to play against these sidelines.

gm leonid kritzThe second part of this DVD is more complicated and analytical as I will introduce the two main lines with 5. c5 and 5. e3 that are the most challenging for black to face.

These variations are quite complicated and require some memorization as employing precise move orders is critical for success.

I advise many of the viewers to watch this section more than once to make sure you understand all of the main ideas and subtle concepts.

The Slav Defense, Chameleon Variation has two general advantages.

Firstly to compare it with many other modern chess openings, the amount of variations you need to be familiar with is really quite small.

For example if you want to play the Gruenfeld Defense you will have to memorize at least 5 times more lines as compared to playing the Chameleon Variation of the Slav Defense.

In fact the Chameleon Variation of the Slav Defense is more like a classical chess opening in that it relies heavily on understanding of general concepts and ideas over strictly memorizing the forcing moves that lead to an endgame (as is often the case in today´s chess theory, unfortunately!)

The second advantage of the Slav Defense with 4. …a6 is that in every variation black is guaranteed to obtain active counterplay.

With accurate play, there are no lines where black will have to stay under pressure for the entire game to try to hold a draw with no chance of winning.

Of course white can simplify the position, for example as in the 5. cxd5 Exchange Variation – but then we will simply have a game with equal opportunities and black will still retain excellent chances to fight for an advantage from the opening.

There is no doubt that the Chameleon Variation of the Slav Defense with 4. …a6 is a highly interesting and attractive choice for any chess player’s opening repertoire.

This chess DVD will teach you about the main ideas and subtle sideline concepts of the Chameleon Variaton of the Slav Defense – and is guaranteed to take your opening play to the next level.

If you are looking to improve your results with black against 1. d4 with a sharp yet reliable defense, look no further!

And many many more chess courses!

Enjoy this massive chess video collection!