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Empire Chess DVD Grandmaster MEGA BUNDLE

Empire Chess Mega Bundle Volumes 1-103
Empire Chess Mega Bundle Volumes 1-103

This is the largest collection of high-quality chess videos anywhere!

The iChess team started producing the Empire Chess DVD series in October 2012.

In little over a year, the Empire Chess video series became the most popular chess DVD series of the 21st century with 109 DVDs featuring the best players and coaches in the world!

Now our extended series of chess videos present an incredible collection of footage containing more than 250 hours of premium content from a variety of well-known players.

The series is intended for chess players of all levels, as the content is extremely diverse and covers a wide range of topics from specific chess openings to general topics like positional sacrifices and developing tactical awareness.

The Grandmasters were encouraged to provide instruction on topics where they were most knowledgeable and could display their highest level of expertise.

How is this bundle different from others?

When we created Empire Chess, our primary goal was to destroy the obstacles standing between chess improvers like yourself and your true chess potential.

We aim to give you a genuine chance at mastery with our unique content strategy comprising of:

  • Video Lessons –Pause and re-watch lessons; benefits visual and auditory learners; no need to set up
    a board.
  • GM/IM Coaches – Save years of hard effort by learning directly from proven masters and seasoned
  • All key topics covered – Become strong in the opening, endgame, tactically and strategically with
    hundreds of hours of master level coaching.
  • Challenging Puzzles – Test your newly acquired knowledge with puzzles relevant to each topic.

And to make things even easier for you, you can work your way through the Empire Chess library at your own pace, focusing “buffet style” only on the areas you most want to improve at any given time.

Although there are no shortcuts in chess, absorbing the details as our team of GMs reveal their unique winning methods is as close as you could ever get.

Is this Chess Video Course for me?

Empire Chess Mega Bundle Volumes 1-103Beginner players will find exceptional value in the 10 DVD, 30-hour course presented by Argentine Grandmaster Damian Lemos in Empire Chess Volumes 21-30.

Intermediate players will get huge value from “The Club Player’s Manifesto,” GM Lemos’ superb course which teaches you all the key concepts and practical tricks, tips, and strategies to accelerate your chess development and launch you into the 2000 Elo range.

The Manifesto comes in 3 parts, Empire Chess volumes 51-60, 71-80, and 91-100. These courses make sure there are no holes in your game.

And for more advanced players, we would highly recommend the chess videos produced by Grandmasters Sam Shankland, Leonid Kritz, and Victor Mikhalevski.

This 109 DVD chess course is guaranteed to improve your game via the highest-quality instruction and level of products available in today’s global market.

The Empire Chess Mega Bundle represents a complete chess education giving you everything you need to catapult from a humble club player to a 2300 master and beyond.

How is this going to help me?

Viewers will not only learn the ¨best¨ and ¨most accurate¨ move orders in the early opening, but viewers will also be instructed on the reasons behind the moves in the opening.

Our extensive team of Grandmaster and presenters have made a point to focus on a holistic approach to learning chess. Studying openings will increase your understanding of the game and improve your rating, but the material must be presented in a comprehensive manner with respect to other phases of the game.

In Volumes 1-10 of the Empire Chess DVD Series, viewers of all skill levels (Beginner, Club/Intermediate, and Advanced) can find DVDs that are relevant to their current rating.

The star-studded cast of presenters includes Grandmasters Gregory Kaidanov, Sam Shankland, Leonid Kritz, Eugene Perelshteyn, Damian Lemos, and Michal Krasenkow.

Enjoy this massive chess video collection!

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Running time

254 hours


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Standard H.264, .mp4, compatible with all Apple and PC devices.

20 reviews for Empire Chess MEGA BUNDLE

  1. eddy

    endless learning

  2. Daniela Mora

    This. Is. Awesome!!! Great work to you guys at OnlineChessLessons.NET – definitely appreciated! The quality of the courses keeps getting better, keep it up!

  3. Raul

    A very comprehensive package, great for the beginning player and even those with a more sophisticated understanding of the game who want to learn the strategies form the Grand Masters.

  4. Joseph G.

    My main goal for the rest of the year is watch all this DVD pack and learn everything as I can. Then, in January, I will participate in a local championship. Wish me luck, guys! 🙂

  5. Allan H.

    I don’t like read books, but I do like watch movies, So I thought.. why not? and now, I’m enjoying this mega pack in the comfort of my living room, with my chess table and my pet at my side. I’m just happy!

  6. Daniel Brailowsky

    Can’t say enough about GM Damian Lemos. He is a truly a gifted instructor… This is one of the best chess didactic materials available anywhere!!!

  7. Benjamin

    This is the most comprehensive collection of chess player in the market, a total of 70 DVD covering all fields necessary to learn how to dominate the game in all its facets, all made by reputed teachers and very educational, certainly heartily recommend.

  8. Mikel

    I love this comprehensive video series on chess, which we do not like reading books DVDs are very comfortable, well I think this course covers many topics, on the DVD are very good openings, explaining the concepts very well and try many openings, the introductory course and middle game is great and you learn a lot.

  9. John Harding

    Some friends told me about these videos, I watched some of them on youtube channel, and after watching them, I decided to buy the megabundle. I’m sure I’ve made the best investment on chess that I could be done. The explanations of all top GMs are extremely accurate, and best of all is that I can learn chess sat down on my chair watching and listening to the grand masters of chess.

  10. Pedro

    Very good! I am improving my chess and rating with these awesome course!

  11. alexvillalon

    5 stars! very comprehensive package. It covers all aspects of the game from opening, middle game to end game. This is all I need to take my game to the next level. A lot of top GMs explaining a variety of topics from tactics and how to plan, and how to attack. I certainly need a lot of time to watch all these, but the best thing is I can watch it at my comfort and I can replay it if I need to watch it again. Definitely great to have! =) – Alex

  12. James Barclay (verified owner)

    Super value.

  13. zachowland (verified owner)

    This bundle has so much material it will likely take someone years to get through it all! My only complaint is that, when purchasing it, it was not clear that the MEGA bundle and a few other bundles pull from the same series (so, just be careful you are not purchasing the same videos repeatedly).

  14. nemabass (verified owner)

    This bundle is the ultimate chess bundle any player needs. It has topics ranging from the middlegame ideas to endgame ideas. Players can learn to play positionally or aggressively. This bundle is recommended by myself to anybody who wants to learn chess but does not know where to begin because it has literally everything. Another excellent feature about this bundle is that there are a diverse set of lectures discussing a diverse set of topics; if you ever get bored of a topic or even a presenter, there are hundreds of videos presents by many IM and GMs. A personal recommendation of mine is the play like Kasparov module, it contains many games that instruct a player who wishes to play aggressively how to build up an attack.

  15. cghori

    This series of lectures is the ultimate chess player’s guide to rapidly improving your game. Every aspect of the game is covered from openings, middlegame, tactics and endgames. Many of the instructors are world-renowed GMs/IMs and are all terrific at presenting their material in a manner which makes it easy to comprehend at just about any level. The MP4 format for the videos makes it possible to transfer the courses to your iPhone or iPad so you watch and learn while on the train, plane or car. With over 250 hours of content, you are paying less than $2/hour for semi-private lessons with your favorite lecturer! Improve your chess several hundred rating points with this excellent series!

  16. wilsonator12761 (verified owner)

    The content covers a huge amount of topics, but sometimes not at the same depth as other courses could. If you are looking for a place to start to learn chess from beginner onward without getting super deep into topics this bundle is good. It has a great variety of different dvds from fun to formal training. I’m sure the depth is there in certain parts of this bundle, but we are talking about hundreds and hundreds of hours of content. It’s 5 stars if you take these factors into consideration and understand you may not get to depth 9000 on certain topics.

  17. Dustin (verified owner)

    Great bundle of knowledge has helped me a ton already.

  18. David (verified owner)

    Not rating the course yet, but would like to mention the frustration of attempting to download a huge number (50, 60?) of videos that are all titled the same. Since the download link for each file shows one name but when downloaded shows another, I still can’t find where I’m at in the download process and where to begin again for a huge long list. I’ve resorted to counting 1, 2, 3, 4, etc but that fails me when the scroll suddenly moves and I lose my place. At the very least they could of numbered the files at the beginning of the file name. I may have contact customer service for help. Please fix for future buyers.

    • Fernando iChess

      Dear David, sad to hear you are experiencing troubles! As always please contact us at custservice@ichess.net, on the site Live Chat or by phone 1 (413) iChess-0, we’ll be really happy to help you out!

  19. nicholas.teoh02 (verified owner)

    I purchased it for 125usd for the whole Empire Chess Mega Bundle. Really good value for money considering there’s 250 hours of videos so jt’s less than a dollar per hour of video. My only complaint is the low video quality but I guess it’s common for Dvds produced by iChess. It will take me a year to go through all the DVDs but from what I have seen so far, it’s worth the money.

  20. versluis23 (verified owner)

    I have waited a while before writing a review here because there is so much material in this Bundle that it took me a while to study some of it. Let me tell you that this bundle is great and for the money you will get a lot of top quality content. Damian Lemos explains things very well and what I really like and think is very well done is the included summary of every lesson. This will show you exactly what you should learn while watching the video. It really helped me watch the videos more closely and picking up the concepts that are being thought. This video is one of my best purchases yet and I’m very happy with it.
    I recommend this bundle to every serious chess enthousiast.

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The OnlineChessLessons team began producing the Empire Chess DVD series in October of 2012. In little over 1 year, the Empire Chess series has become the most popular chess DVD series of the 21st century with 40 DVDs featuring nearly 2 dozen Grandmasters! This extended series of chess videos presents an incredible collection of footage containing more than 125 hours of premium content from a variety of well-known players. The series is intended for chess players of all levels, as the content is extremely diverse and covers a wide range of topics from specific chess openings to general topics like positional sacrifices and develop tactical awareness. The Grandmasters were encouraged to provide instruction on topics where they were most knowledgeable and could display their highest level of expertise…