Attacking Chess Mega Bundle – GM Larry Christiansen



Attacking Chess Mega Bundle – Gm Larry Christiansen

Chess Tactics Mastery: GM Larry Christiansen’s Mega Bundle

Attacking Chess Mega Bundle – Gm Larry Christiansen

Attacking Chess Mega Bundle – GM Larry Christiansen

Ever felt like there’s something missing from whenever you start a chess attack?

You manage to get a nice position, you sense there’s a combination somewhere but you just can’t find it and have to work hard to squeeze out the win.

You check the position with your computer later and the engine immediately spits out the winning line.

You actually looked at the winning sac but weren’t 100% sure it worked.

Analyzing your games like this is a great way of learning new ideas but wouldn’t it be much better if you knew these tactics patterns in advance?

Here we have a dedicated improvement program for attacking chess players, the spectacular 180 hours Attacking Chess from GM Larry Christiansen.

About the Author:

Larry Christiansen is a chess Grandmaster who grew up in Riverside, California, United States. He was the U.S. champion in the years 1980, 1983, and 2002.

GM Christiansen is well known as an American master of attack. He even published several books on the subject of attacking chess, “Storming the Barricades” and “Rocking the Ramparts” just to mention two of them.

In chess, there is much debate as to which one is more important between talent and hard work. A strong GM needs both but sometimes a player could be more talented than hard working or vice-a-versa.

Larry Christiansen falls into the talented category. He improved his chess skills so quickly as a teenager that he even became a Grandmaster at the age of 21, skipping the usual stepping stone title, International Master.

GM Larry Christiansen is a US chess legend. His ‘all in’ approach to attacking chess has proven phenomenally successful, winning him the US Championship 3 times. In fact, his early progress was so fast that he became a GM without becoming an IM first!

Is this course for me?

If you’d like to improve your chess tactics, unleash incredible attacks against your opponents, and find moves like Tal’s incredible Queen sac against GM Hecht, giving up his most powerful piece just to trap the enemy King in the center, then this course is right for you.

Check out the following game:

Each lesson is organized into its own monthly folder, so you start with ‘Month 1, Day 1’ and keep going. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll have learned more attacking secrets than you knew existed – and reaped the rewards that come from the daily study.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to play Alekhine’s awesome Queen sac that forces checkmate even though Black has a seemingly safe flight square (Month 5, Day 3).
  • Bronstein’s phenomenal Knight sac that will terrify King’s Indian players! (Bronstein was a KID expert and knew this move was deadly for Black. Month 11, Day 12).
  • The stunning sacrifice you must know if you play against the Ruy Lopez as White. See how genius Morozevich used this to create a winning attack out of nowhere in Month 11, Day 23.
  • The never-to-be-forgotten ‘perfect checkmate’ unleashed by attacking pioneer Joseph Blackburne. Get a Knight and Queen near the enemy King and this is on! (Month 8, Day 3).

While it’s easy to be impressed by the huge quantity of material in Larry C’s Attacking Chess, it’s the quality of GM Christiansen’s explanations, his unique ability to convey how and why an attack succeeds, that makes this course so valuable.

Get ready for attacking chess!

What makes this course special compared to others? 

Attacking Chess Mega Bundle – Gm Larry Christiansen

GM Larry Christiansen

In this fabulous new series, we’ve amassed a fantastic compilation of game analysis into a super course on attacking chess.  The course is presented to you by a legend of US Chess, GM Larry Christiansen.

Larry is a three-times US Chess Champion, has played in several chess Olympiads representing the United States team, and is a highly respected chess trainer.

Over the years, Larry has been searching far and wide for the best games that embody his own renowned attacking style of play. In doing so, he’s amassed a collection of over 400 videos and 180 hours of footage of the world’s best attacking games.

And while many people are amazed at the unbelievable amount of material in this collection, we truly think Larry’s talent to showcase why and how an attack succeeds, is what makes this pack so unique.

In each video, you’ll enjoy GM Christiansen’s analysis of the world’s best players at their attacking peak, players like world champion Magnus Carlsen, USA’s Hikaru Nakamura and Fabiano Caruana, as well as Vishy Anand, Vladimir Kramnik, Wesley So, and many more…

That’s 365 videos for you to learn and enjoy! But as a bonus, we’re adding an additional 32 videos, of Larry’s brilliant analysis, one of the best players the USA has ever produced. An indispensable collection that will give you many hours of enjoyment and improvement.

Enjoy this Mega Bundle of attacking chess!

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