The Chess World Mega Bundle




Grandmaster Chess Strategy Guide: The Chess World Mega Bundle

Grandmaster Chess Strategy Guide: The Chess World Mega Bundle

The Chess World Mega Bundle

The Chess World‘s chess courses have gained an outstanding reputation in a very short time. Featuring top coaches like former World Junior Champion GM Alex Ipatov and IM Valeri Lilov, they cover a lot of topics rarely spoken about.

Each chess course strengthens your play and gives you a secret weapon to surprise and destroy your opponents with.

Topics include How to Dominate in Open Positions: GM Mikhalevski (peak 2611 Elo) teaches you the skills you need to control space, increase activity, push your opponent back and overload them with attack after attack.

Whereas many chess courses just show you what to do in a specific position, these rules will help you in any open position!

Then you have GM Misa Pap explaining Grandmaster Chess Strategy, how GMs evaluate positions. Subtle principles that tell masters how to get long-term edges that snowball into an overwhelming advantage. This course contains the secret to the powerful play of GMs.

How about GM Tiberiu Georgescu’s Grandmaster Level Psychology? Knowing how to stay strong mentally and get a psychological edge over your opponent is hugely important in chess.

Just look at how Kasparov used to dominate his world-class rivals. It was his supreme awareness of the kind of psychological tricks revealed here.

And that’s just a few of the rating boosting lessons you’ll learn from The Chess World Mega Bundle, available together for the first time in a great value pack.

How can this product help me?

Karpov was once asked what the difference between the World Champion and the other elite players was. He replied that they were very close in strength, but the World Champion was usually 1% better than his rivals in most areas of the game.

The sum of all these small edges became decisive.

Now, this exclusive chess training program by our friends at The Chess World will help you improve on the 5 most important skills to develop a Grandmaster Chess Strategy: openings, prophylaxis, middlegame mastery, attacking play and endgame strategy.

Here’s part of what you’ll get:

Opening Mastery – Dominate with 1.e4:

GM Petrov gives you a complete repertoire for beating the most popular Black responses to 1.e4, the move described as “best by test” by Bobby Fischer. 10 hours training on easy-to-remember but powerful e4 openings.

Grandmaster Chess Strategy Guide: The Chess World Mega BundleMiddlegame Mastery:

Know how to play in certain pawn structures and the rest of your game will just GM Kuljasevic teaches you the winning plans for nearly 30 typical structures in this invaluable 9 hour course!

Prophylaxis Masterclass:

IM Valeri Lilov reveals the most effective high-level methods for shutting down your opponent’s plans while still making progress with your own in this 9-hour masterclass.

Grandmaster Chess Strategy Guide: The Chess World Mega Bundle

Attacking Chess Secrets:

In his seriously impressive 10 hour course, IM Alex Battey explains why most club player attacks end in near misses before showing you how to fix that with his 10 principles, including focal points, breakthroughs, and mating nets. Do a demolition job on your rivals’ defenses with moves like Bxb6!!

Strategic Endgame Mastery:

Grandmaster Chess Strategy Guide: The Chess World Mega Bundle

So your opponent has survived this far? Make sure you get the point you deserve with IM Kolosovski’s 10 hour training on converting the most common endgames.

Nearly 50 hours of GM/IM coaching on the skills that win games, all at a huge discount until Sunday night.

Besides all of the above,  you also get a ton of bonus material too, including annotated PGNs, live blitz videos and access to the online practical section.

Enjoy this awesome package!

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