Chess Strategy Secrets by IM Danny Rensch

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Chess Strategy Secrets By Im Danny Rensch

Chess Strategy Secrets by IM Danny Rensch (Rensch Bundle #2)

Chess Strategy Secrets By Im Danny Rensch

Danny Rensch is BACK…this time with 28 more hours of training — this time on strategic play!

Danny focuses on strategic play and positional mastery…something we ALL need to improve…no matter what our rating In this series of his very best lectures of premium content, you’ll discover the master’s approach to isolated queen’s pawn theory, material imbalances, pawn structure mastery, the “secret sauce” of EVERY opening and much more…

About the Author:

Danny Rensch is an American International Master, event organizer, and commentator. He holds the Arizona State record for the youngest national master at the age of 14 years old. The National Master title is awarded by the US Chess Federation when a player’s rating surpasses 2200 on the USCF rating system.

Rensch obtained his final IM norm at Susan Polgar’s SPICE CUP tournament, by achieving a draw against then-Grandmaster candidate Ray Robson.

Rensch is best known for his coverage of the GM Blitz Battles. His live shows at include “Man vs Machine,” “Call of the Wild,” and “Bullet Brawls.”

How do I benefit from this course?

Chess Strategy Secrets by IM Danny Rensch” has been specially designed to help you improve your understanding of chess concepts and strategy. You’ll learn how to implement strategic thinking in your own games.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Pawn Structure 101: Every Opening Explained is an AMAZING lesson wherein IM Danny explains how to “hack” opening ever played. For 46 minutes you’ll learn just a handful of pawn structures you need to know…and how all of the openings in chess theory, despite their move orders, eventually reach one of these structures (How much theory do you need, if you can expertly handle ALL the resulting structures? Not much!)
  • Achieving Board Awareness: IM Danny takes you through his most powerful advice for developing deep board awareness and sharp overall board vision. In addition, he reveals his own private training exercises for doing so!
  • Chess Strategy Secrets By Im Danny RenschHow to Analyze Your Own Games: We all know that it’s ESSENTIAL to study your own games…especially losses. In these lessons, IM Danny gives you a PROCESS for doing so, and outlines the 3 Critical Moments present in every game you play (and how to identify them!)
  • Super-solid Caro-Slav Structure: Don’t be fooled…this structure doesn’t only occur in the Caro-Kann and Slav defenses. It is UNIVERSAL. IM Danny teaches you how to reach rock-solid positions by using this easy-to-reach pawn structure in your own games.
  • IQP Attacking Secrets: IM Danny delivers a whole SERIES on how you can completely master isolated queen’s pawn positions. You’ll discover how to fight against it as a positional weakness AND how to use it as a powerful attacking weapon for yourself — just look at the blistering kingside attacking black starts with 1…Bxh3!! (diagram)
  • Queen vs Pawns Winning Technique: This is an ESSENTIAL skill that even some masters lack… When both sides are racing to promote and you queen first…how do you prevent him from queening his pawn? IM Danny’s simple technique allows you to stall his pawn and convert your win smoothly every time.

And these Elo-exploding lessons are only a portion of the 28 hours of high-quality training material specifically designed to give you a deeper strategic understanding and provide top-class training methods. Absorb the knowledge provided by IM Rensch in this bundle and you’ll be able to rapidly improve your chess strength and start winning more and more tournament games, as well as gain hundreds of rating points.

Enjoy this awesome bundle! 

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