Chess Strategy Mastery Bundle for Tournament Players

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Chess Strategy Mastery Bundle For Tournament Players

Chess Strategy Mastery Bundle for Tournament Players

Chess Strategy Mastery Bundle For Tournament Players
Chess Strategy Mastery Bundle for Tournament Players

“The Chess Strategy Mastery Bundle for Tournament Players” contains 5 high-quality courses put together by 5 strong chess players and professional coaches: GM Davorin Kuljasevic, GM Marian Petrov, IM Valeri Lilov, IM Alex Battey, and IM Mat Kolosowski.

This incredible bundle is presented to you with an unbeatable discount compared to buying these courses individually.

The bundle is intended to help you improve your chess skills in the following areas:

  • Master the Middlegame.
  • Learn the Secrets of the Attack in Chess.
  • Master 1.e4 openings and be ready for any response from Black.
  • Improve your Prophylactic Thinking.
  • Master the Endgame Strategy.

About the Authors: 

GM Davorin Kuljasevic

A Croatian GM who graduated from Texas Tech University and played in USCL 2007 and 2008 for Dallas Destiny, becoming US champion both years.

GM Marian Petrov

An accomplished professional chess coach, theorist, and Bulgarian champion in 2002 and 2017, as well as the winner of many open tournaments around the world.

IM Valeri Lilov

A professional chess coach and lecturer renowned for his personalized approach to training students and professional players from all over the world.

IM Alex Battey

An International Master from the U.S. He has won multiple prestigious tournaments and taught over 100 private students in the past 10 years.

IM Mat Kołosowski

An International Master from Poland. He is a multiple Polish youth championship medalist. In 2010 he took 5th place in European U-18 Championship. Mat has won many international tournaments.

What will this Bundle do for your game?

Middlegame Mastery with GM Davorin Kuljasevic

Chess Strategy Mastery Bundle For Tournament PlayersFormation of Plans – middlegame planning revolves around the central pawn structures. Understanding those structures will simplify your ability to come up with a winning plan.

Saving Time and Energy – knowing the typical ideas and pitfalls in central pawn structures saves precious time during the game as some moves can be made on autopilot.

It also allows you to save some of your concentration and “brain power”.

Increased Ability to Find the Right Moves – not only you will improve your middlegame play, but it will also reflect in your openings and endgame conversion. And yes, you will win more games with this!

Attacking Chess Secrets with IM Alex Battey

Chess Strategy Mastery Bundle For Tournament PlayersYou will learn the thought processes and what’s happening behind the scenes during a successful attack.

Applying these attacking ideas in your games will put your opponent under immense pressure and transform you into an attacking machine, getting win after win in dominating fashion!

If you want to learn how to launch and execute an attack with maximum ease, this is something you can’t miss…

Opening Mastery – Dominate with1.e4 by GM Marian Petrov

Chess Strategy Mastery Bundle For Tournament PlayersThis is not a “theoretical course” but a purely practical guide on how to use chess opening preparation to win games.

It is developed with practical chess players in mind, who want to spend the minimum time studying opening ideas but who aim to get maximum RESULTS from applying it in their games.

You will learn how to play the highest quality moves against any under-2200 rated opponent in the least possible time.

Prophylaxis Masterclass with IM Valeri Lilov

Chess Strategy Mastery Bundle For Tournament PlayersProphylactic thinking is the habit of constantly asking yourself “what does my opponent want to do?” and the ability to find a good reply, preventing the opponent from carrying out their plans.

Right now, there are thousands of chess players out there who have no idea how much they are being held BACK by having poor prophylactic skills.

In this masterclass, IM Lilov has adopted the same principles that have been proven effective time and time again by classic players (think Aron Nimzowitsch)…

…and bridged the gap to the chess players’ needs of today!

The result is an incredibly valuable course for anyone who takes chess seriously!

Strategic Endgame Mastery with IM Mat Kolosowski

Chess Strategy Mastery Bundle For Tournament PlayersThis course has a very different perspective on improving your endgames. Instead of taking the usual route of memorizing theory, you’ll learn the key endgame themes, strategic plans, and ideas.

That’s a far more efficient way of studying endgames because chess endgames and chess strategy are always interconnected.

In this 10-hour “university level” course, IM Mat Kolosovski provides you with a full arsenal of tools to crack practical endings.

By learning those 5 endgame themes and applying Mat’s thinking models you’ll be able to maximize your over-the-board performance in no time!

Don’t miss the opportunity to get all these courses!

Chapter List

Chapter Outline:

Introduction to Middlegame Mastery

  1. Central Pawn Structures Overview
  2. Open Center I
  3. Open Center II
  4. Closed Center I
  5. Closed Center II
  6. Fixed Center I
  7. Fixed Center II
  8. Semi-fixed Center I
  9. Semi-fixed Center II
  10. Semi-fixed Center III
  11. Mobile Center I
  12. Mobile Center II
  13. Flexible Center

Attacking Chess Secrets with IM Alex Battey

  1. INTRO Introduction to the course
  2. CHAPTER 1 Straightforward Attacking Play and Fundamentals
  3. CHAPTER 2 Attacking the Uncastled King
  4. CHAPTER 3 Attacking with Opposite Sides Castling
  5. CHAPTER 4 Attacking in Queenless Middlegames
  6. CHAPTER 5 Attacking with Two Bishops
  7. CHAPTER 6 Clearance and Breakthrough Sacrifices
  8. CHAPTER 7 Focal Points
  9. CHAPTER 8 Mating Nets
  10. CHAPTER 9 Tempo-Gaining Queen Attacks and Attacking the King
  11. CHAPTER 10 Meeting a sacrifice with a sacrifice
  12. BLITZ Blitz Session with Attacking Concepts [Diamond Package Only]

Opening Mastery – Dominate with1.e4 by GM Marian Petrov

  1. INTRO Introduction to Opening Mastery
  2. CHAPTER 1 Gambits
  3. CHAPTER 2 Italian Game and Evans Gambit
  4. CHAPTER 3 Vienna, Scotch, Ponziani, Petroff and Philidor Defense
  5. CHAPTER 4 Ruy Lopez and Spanish Game
  6. CHAPTER 5 French Defence
  7. CHAPTER 6 Caro-Kann Defence
  8. CHAPTER 7 Closed Sicilian
  9. CHAPTER 8 Sicilian Defense Main Line
  10. CHAPTER 9 Pirc Defense
  11. CHAPTER 10 Scandinavian and Alekhine Defense
  12. BLITZ Practical Play [Diamond Package Only]

Prophylaxis Masterclass with IM Valeri Lilov

  1. CHAPTER 1: Evaluation and Pressure
  2. CHAPTER 2: Restriction and Control
  3. CHAPTER 3: Learn the Tactical Patterns
  4. CHAPTER 4: Move by Move – Solid Chess
  5. CHAPTER 5: Anticipate and Scheme
  6. CHAPTER 6: Analyse Your Mistakes
  7. CHAPTER 7: Defending
  8. CHAPTER 8: ABCs of Planning
  9. CHAPTER 9: Conclusion
  10. BONUS Practical session

Strategic Endgame Mastery with IM Mat Kolosowski

Part 1: Weaknesses

  • INTRO Introduction to the course
  • CHAPTER 1 What is a weakness
  • CHAPTER 2 Creating 2nd weakness I
  • CHAPTER 3 Creating 2nd weakness II
  • CHAPTER 4 How to find the 2nd weakness
  • CHAPTER 5 You have to give something to get something

Part 2: King’s activity

  • CHAPTER 6 Dominating with a king
  • CHAPTER 7 King the savior
  • CHAPTER 8 Killer King
  • CHAPTER 9 Smyslov – the endgame virtuoso

Part 3: Material & positional imbalancesCHAPTER 10 Material or positional pluses

  • CHAPTER 11 Bishops or activity
  • CHAPTER 12 Pay attention to details

Part 4: Converting the advantage

  • CHAPTER 13 Initiative serves conversion
  • CHAPTER 14 Simplification
  • CHAPTER 15 Mind the timing
  • CHAPTER 16 Prophylaxis in the attack

Part 5: Defense

  • CHAPTER 17 Hopeless rook endgames I
  • CHAPTER 18 Hopeless rook endgames II
  • CHAPTER 19 Creative defense
  • CHAPTER 20 Defending by counter-attacking
  • CHAPTER 21 The attack is the best defense

Part 6: Practical Section

Strategic endgames practical play