Atalik’s All-Around Guide for Club Players – The Atalik Method

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Chess Strategy for Club Players: The Atalik Master Method

Atalik’s All-around Guide For Club Players – The Atalik Method

IM Ekaterina Atalik

The game of chess is usually broken down into 3 distinct stages – the opening, middlegame, and endgame. To become a strong player, you need to master all 3. After all, getting an advantage out of the opening is no use if you can’t convert it in the endgame.

In this superb 15-hour chess strategy training program, IM Ekaterina Atalik, one of the world’s top 30 female players, reveals her method for improving play in each of these stages.

  • Follow the 3 key opening principles – but not dogmatically.
  • Know your terrain in the most essential pawn structures and find a plan in any middlegame position.
  • Acquire grandmaster-level knowledge of theoretical endgames.

IM Atalik leaves no stone unturned in improving your game. The insights and advice contained in the Ekaterina Atalik Method will save you from years of hit-and-miss learning and give you powerful ideas and training methods you can put into practice right away.

About the Author:

Atalik’s All-around Guide For Club Players – The Atalik Method

The Atalik Master Method – Course Preview

Ekaterina Atalik is a Russian-Turkish chess player, who holds the titles of International Master (IM) and Woman Grandmaster (WGM).

Atalik won the European Youth Chess Championship in the under-16 girls’ section in the year of 1997.

She also won the 7th European Women’s Chess Championship in Kuşadası, Turkey in April 2006. Atalik also won the Turkish women’s championship in 2008 and 2016.

In January 2016, she took clear first place in the 15th Prague Open with an outstanding score of 8/9, a full point ahead of the nearest followers.

Is this course for me?

If you’re at the level of club player and want to step up your game to a master level, you’ll need to improve your understanding of every area of the game.

In this Master Method edition, IM Atalik will guide you through this complete course of chess strategy for club players, in order to help you improve in every stage of the game.

Here are some of the most important things you’ll learn:

Chess Openings

One of the main goals of the opening is to develop the pieces to useful squares where they will be well-located for the upcoming fight in the middlegame.

A common beginner mistake is to try to immediately checkmate the opponent before having developed any pieces. Once the opponent parries the attack with good developmental moves, the attacker is left with a bad position.

Therefore, bringing your pieces into the game should be done before you try to checkmate the opponent.

There are some guidelines you should follow regarding the order in which you should develop your pieces. Due to the fact that you can’t bring all your pieces into the game at the same time, you need to prioritize the development of certain pieces over others.

Middlegame Chess Strategy

Atalik’s All-around Guide For Club Players – The Atalik Method

Both sides have successfully developed their pieces.

It’s difficult to define the middlegame. The transition between the opening and the middlegame and the middlegame and the endgame is fluent.

According to IM Atalik, there is a rule of thumb which helps to differentiate between the middlegame and other stages of the game. According to this rule of thumb, the middlegame starts when the pieces are developed and the basic pawn structure is defined.

The middlegame ends (and the endgame starts) when queens are exchanged. Of course, this rule does not apply to every position. A queen endgame, for example, is still an endgame, even with queens on the board.

Endgame Play

There are certain rules for the endgame with which you should be familiar with. The following principles are key during the endgame:

  • Centralization of the king (the changing role of the king)
  • Recognizing the importance of pawns
  • Making the right exchanges with reduced material
  • Do not hurry – patience is a virtue in the endgame
  • Schematic thinking – think in small components of a larger plan
  • The principle of two weaknesses
  • Tactics frequently occur in the endgame
  • Suppress counterplay

Study hard and, by the end of the 15 hours, you will be a razor-sharp, mentally tough competitor, ready to conquer any challenge that arises at the chessboard.

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