The Gormally Method – Secrets of The Middlegame

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Chess Strategy: Secrets of The Middlegame (The Gormally Method)

The Gormally Method – Secrets Of The Middlegame

The Gormally Method

Are you spending hours studying chess openings? That’s good. Maybe you’re also trying to solve a dozen endgame puzzles every day Even better.

But, let me tell you something crucial. If you have not conquered the chess middlegame yet, you’ll never succeed at the higher levels.

The chess middlegame is where you really show yourself as a chess player to the rest of the world. Here’s where you demonstrate your level of chess strategy mastery.

The chess middlegame is the most complex phase of a chess game, combining tactics and chess strategy, attack and defense, pawn and piece play. There is so much going on that it can easily become overwhelming.

Thankfully, British Grandmaster Danny Gormally is here to explain his unique philosophy on how to win extra points and greatly improve your chess with dominant middlegame play.

GM Daniel Gormally, in his trademark entertaining and informative style, explains how to master both the strategic and psychological problems players face in real games.

The chess middlegame is where you outclass your opponent – not by memorizing lines, but by the depth of your deep chess understanding and first-rate calculation skills.

About the Author:

The Gormally Method – Secrets Of The Middlegame

GM Daniel Gormally

Danny is an English chess Grandmaster and coach. His peak rating is 2573 Elo, achieved in the January 2006 rating list.

Gormally played for the English national team in the 2005 European Team Chess Championship and 2006 Chess Olympiad.

GM Daniel Gormally’s new Secrets of The Middlegame course reveals best-kept secrets on how to put in your own twist and weave magic in middlegames—in true grandmaster style.

This huge 15-hour Master Method course throws light upon the most vital yet often overlooked issues of middlegame faced by regular chess players.

Is this course for me?

If you want to win games, there’s no escaping to the middlegame. This course is going to help you conquer the chess middlegame and improve your chess strategy knowledge.

Here’s what you will learn in this course:

The Gormally Method – Secrets Of The Middlegame

King’s Men Forward March

King’s men forward march! Conduct computer-like analysis to judge your position and confidently push those g- and h-pawns ahead to derail your opponent, just like Fabiano Caruana did with 18…g5! against Zherebukh in US Chess Championship 2018.

Queen prowl in the middlegame. Unleash the full power of your queen without falling into sneaky opponent’s traps. Study this classic Janowski vs Rubinstein game (1907) for a smart queen activation technique utilized by the likes of Garry Kasparov, Magnus Carlsen, and Vishy Anand.

d3-bishop eliminated forever.  If Black castles kingside, one White piece needs to be eliminated: the d3-bishop. GM Gormally shows you a cool tactic starting with a simple b6 to get the job done and create permanent light-square weaknesses for White.

Other topics include:

  • How to make life easy for yourself by trading off your opponent’s most deadly pieces.
  • Moving pawns in front of your king – what are the pros and cons?
  • Knight in shining armor. More than just outposts, GM Gormally explains how mastering the dynamics of knight play in a fierce middlegame battle can be the key to success.
  • The psychological basis of mistakes – how to avoid them and provoke them from your rivals. Danny reveals why this is an underestimated topic in chess instruction.
  • These and 11 more key strategies are covered in this 15-hour course.

GM Daniel Gormally provides you with the high-level middlegame understanding required to succeed at the highest levels.

There’s a saying: “Before the chess endgame, the Gods have placed the chess middlegame.” And this is exactly where you secure your winning point going toward the endgame.

It’s like a dark tunnel out of which only player gets out ahead of the other.

Who will it be? You or your opponent?

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2 reviews for The Gormally Method – Secrets of The Middlegame

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Shaun (verified owner)

    I am calling this perfect because it’s perfect for me. There are what some might call imperfections but I don’t believe they detract at all from the course. In fact, I feel they enrich it. Anybody looking for a polished, blemish-free course where lines are analyzed with an engine had better look elsewhere. I have enough of these sterile courses in my collection thank you. There is a place for sterility. My ex-girlfriends being good examples of when I was grateful for a heavy dose of sterility but I digress.

    Speaking of digressing there are lots of wonderful digressions within this course. I think they add a human element to the course often lacking in chess instruction. Others can find this off-putting. GM Gormally is honest enough in his assessments to admit his uncertainty in evaluating some positions. There are also a few instances of him misspeaking but it’s easy to figure out what he intended if you’re paying attention. An example of this is Qd7 when the move is Qd1. I don’t mind these because they are very few and don’t detract from the wisdom shared.

    This is not your typical middlegame instruction. If you are seeking something more typical then the Anna Rudolf Method or Ginger GM Method might be a wiser investment. The Danny Gormally course is atypical and this is what makes it good. I found it enriched the knowledge I gained from Anna Rudolf and the Ginger GM.

    Interestingly enough, and quite fitting if you ask me, the introduction and conclusion videos were both covered by a greenwash. I’ve never encountered this before with the many courses I’ve downloaded from Jumping ahead or back allowed me to catch glimpses beneath the greenwash. This makes me think it’s a download error. There were no problems of any sort with any of the other parts. I’ll download the first and last parts again before my download links expire but I’m tempted to leave it as is. You will understand more as you spend time with GM Danny Gormally.

    Despite his self-deprecating tendencies, Danny Gormally is a titled chess player. I am fortunate to have received lessons in person by a local IM and cannot imagine what it takes to become a GM. I’m grateful to him for taking the time to put together this course and look forward to many more. I’m hoping some of the wisdom he shared will stick. Today in a blitz game I played an unclear sacrifice which helped me win a miniature. I went ahead with the sacrifice because of what I learned on this course. Best to make use of the wisdom while it’s still fresh in my mind.

    I think this course is worth every penny for the wisdom shared and the way it’s presented. especially the way it’s presented. I like the shorter videos because I find it easier to focus on lessons less than an hour. Most of the videos in this course are between twenty and thirty minutes long.

    Yesterday afternoon I watched the last segment and plan to start watching it a second time this afternoon. There is a lot to learn from this course. I think I missed some of the more subtle nuances. A second time around won’t hurt.

    There are many great titled players in the chess world today. If somebody offered to arrange for me to spend an hour with any of them I wouldn’t hesitate to choose GM Danny Gormally. I trust one day I will have both the means and the opportunity to buy him a thank you pint or two or three.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    brianpalaia (verified owner)

    Its extremely difficult to find advanced middle game instruction in video format, but I think this is it. This video series has material that I have never heard presented before by any known instructor. Gormally offers ideas for both white and black to navigate the middle game such as putting your pieces on unstable squares, eliminating the strongest piece, and when to move the pawns in front of your castled king to name a view. I attribute a couple things I picked up here to placing 3rd in an open tournament this past summer. The instructions at times would seem to violate chess principles but Gormally artfully explains the nuance behind the “violation” showing that it is not really a violation but a refinement of the theory in practice, showing how competing theories can work together to create a more solid middle game position or even an unavoidable attack with a move you might have otherwise considered.

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