Prophylaxis Masterclass with IM Valeri Lilov

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Chess Prophylaxis Masterclass with IM Valeri Lilov

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When I was younger I could never get my head around how the masters played so precisely.

Prophylaxis Masterclass With Im Valeri Lilov

It seemed like they almost foresaw all my moves.

I worked on tactics, chess strategy, and positional chess but there was something MAJOR missing, preventing me from playing much better.

And that missing piece was… Chess PROPHYLAXIS.

Prophylactic thinking is the habit of constantly asking yourself “what does my opponent want to do?” and the ability to find a good reply that prevents the opponent from carrying out that plan.

Right now, there are thousands of chess players out there who have no idea how much they are being held BACK by having poor prophylactic skills.

It’s sad but true. Think about it this way:

Chess prophylaxis is the art and science of preventing your opponents’ threats.

It is a fundamental skill that is equally important regardless of the level you’re at. Prophylaxis is like dribbling in basketball. If you play the game, it is essential that you know how to dribble!

From stopping your opponent’s tactical ideas to cutting off his positional play, prophylaxis plays a HUGE role in every single move!

(And it improves your results. A lot.)

About the Author:

IM Valeri Lilov (aka Tiger Lilov), is a professional chess coach and lecturer renowned for his personalized approach to training students and professional players from all over the world.

Lilov was born in 1991 in Varna, Bulgaria. Valeri first learned to play chess at the age of three. Having been an active tournament player all his life, he has won many international open tournaments and championships including the European Individual School Chess Championship U10 (Moscow, 2000) and the Kulaga Memorial International Open (Minsk, 2007).

His achievements to date have earned him the International Master title.

Is this course for me?

Prophylaxis Masterclass With Im Valeri Lilov

In this masterclass, IM Lilov has adopted the same principles that have been proven effective time and time again by classic players (think Aron Nimzowitsch)…

…and bridged the gap to the chess players’ needs of today!

The result is an incredibly valuable course for ANYONE who takes chess seriously!


Complete set of PGNs

Downloadable, complete set of PGNs of everything covered so that you can analyze them at your own pace and convenience. A must-have treasure chest for any serious player.

Access to Practicum

Train the important strategical motifs with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. The practical part is an important element of the course.


  • Building a habit of prophylactic play.
  • How prophylactic thinking works, how the masters use it and how you can use it in your own games
  • A secret to applying prophylactic thinking in complex positions [a BIG shortcut]
  • A system for recognizing the RIGHT tactical patterns [the Najdorf Method]
  • Training your prophylactic thinking to interfere with your opponent’s plan and ideas [hint: it is NOT based on repetition]
  • The timeless secret of stopping your opponents’ play BEFORE it happens will save you tons of games and Elo points
  • Must know prophylactic plays and maneuvers demystified
  • And much more!

Prophylaxis – Practical Play [30-minutes]

Watch IM Lilov annotating his games while applying the principles covered in the course.

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9 hour


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Chapter List

Chapter Outline:

CHAPTER 1: Evaluation and Pressure

CHAPTER 2: Restriction and Control

CHAPTER 3: Learn the Tactical Patterns

CHAPTER 4: Move by Move – Solid Chess

CHAPTER 5: Anticipate and Scheme

CHAPTER 6: Analyse Your Mistakes

CHAPTER 7: Defending

CHAPTER 8: ABCs of Planning

CHAPTER 9: Conclusion

BONUS Practical session