Prophylaxis = Control – Aleksandr Lenderman

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Infiltrate the enemy mind, steal their secrets… and make victory certain!

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”

-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

INC Control

Chess is a battle of ideas.

And no matter how good your position is, your opponent still has ideas of their own… otherwise they would resign.

How many thousands of points have been lost because players were blind to their opponent’s resources?

Don’t make the same mistake.

Korchnoi INC

Former World Youth Champion and Team USA coach Alex Lenderman teaches you the art of prophylaxis in this outstanding 3-hour course.

Integrate Lenderman’s thought-process and you will eliminate blunders, eradicate your opponents’ counterplay, and execute your own plans flawlessly.

Take control of the game – and keep control until victory is assured.

About the Author:

The Lenderman Method – Gm Aleksandr Lenderman
Lenderman Rating Progress

Aleksandr Lenderman is an American chess grandmaster, who was originally born in Leningrad.

He won the 2005 World Under-16 Championship in Belfort with a score of 9/10 (+8 −0 =2), becoming the first American to win a gold medal at the World Youth Chess Championship since Tal Shaked won the World Junior Championship in 1997.

Lenderman played for USA team in the 2015 World Team Chess Championship in Tsaghkadzor and scored 5/7, winning the gold medal on the second board.

He won the 2015 World Open after beating Rauf Mamedov in an Armageddon playoff; the two had the best tiebreak among eight players who tied for first place with 7/9.

What You’ll Find Inside This Course…

  • Perfect Play Paradox

    The Perfect Play Paradox. Focusing on the moves that look good for you might lose you the game… finding your opponent’s best moves will lead you to victory. This position (diagram) looks so good for White… but nearly every move leads to a loss or a draw. Using Alex’s way of thinking, however, will help you find the bizarre winning move in no time!

  • Positional Domination. You see that great square for your opponent’s knight? What if you took it away? A piece without good squares to go to is worthless. GM Lenderman gives you high-level methods for denying ALL of your opponent’s pieces room to move.
  • Study like SolutionsIron Grip on the Opening. In many openings, it’s clear how your opponent wants to develop. It’s your job to make sure the moves they want to make are bad! GM Lenderman analyzes a Fischer masterclass to show you how to get an iron grip on the game early on.
  • Study-like Solutions. Take a look at this position (diagram, White to move). Could you draw as White? Could you find a win for Black? Applying Alex’s process will help you find ideas you’re currently missing.


Prophylaxis is More Than You Think…

Prophylaxis includes far more than you might think.

It’s not just giving your king a back-rank escape square before going on the attack.

It’s a way of thinking that will eliminate blunders, help you solve tactics, find winning strategies, and crash through in attack.

So yeah, it’s pretty important!

And GM Lenderman is THE man to teach this critical ability.

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3 hours

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Course Outline

Lesson 1 Prophylaxis During Tactics
Lesson 2 Prophylaxis in the Endgame
Lesson 3 Prophylaxis With a Space Advantage
Lesson 4 Thinking Prophylactically While Attacking
Lesson 5 Prophylaxis in Simple Positions
Lesson 6 Prophylaxis in Winning Positions
Lesson 7 Prophylaxis Does Not Mean Passive Play