Pawn Structures and How to Play Them – IM Danny Kopec

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Learn How to Play Chess Pawn Structures – IM Danny Kopec

Learn How to Play Chess Pawn Structures – IM Danny Kopec

International Master Dr. Danny Kopec (Professor of Computer Science, Brooklyn College)

The video, presented by the internationally respected chess teacher, IM Dr. Danny Kopec, provides the essential ingredients for every chess player who wishes to progress to the expert level and beyond.

In a down-to-earth style, the video interprets Dr. Hans Kmoch’s language for teaching pawn structure play, highlighted by the notion of levers.

Organized by strong pawn structures, weak pawn structures, and pawn structure methods, the video covers the complete realm of pawn structure play.

Every player who aspires to chess mastery will benefit from this video which transcends all phases of play.

About the Author:

Danny Kopec was an American chess International Master, author, and computer science professor at Brooklyn College.

Kopec was Greater NY High School Champion at the age of 14 and reached master at the age of 17. Kopec won the Scottish Chess Championship in 1980 while pursuing his doctorate.

He lived in Canada for two years during the 1980s and competed there with success, including second-equal in the 1984 Canadian Chess Championship. Kopec achieved the FIDE International Master title in 1985 and had several top-three finishes (including second place ties) in the US Open.

He wrote numerous books on the subject of chess, produced eight chess instructional DVDs, and ran chess camps starting in 1994. Kopec also worked to promote his chess opening, the Kopec System (1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.Bd3!?).

With Ivan Bratko, he was the creator of the Bratko–Kopec Test, which was one of the de facto standard testing systems for chess-playing computer programs in the 1980s.

How is this course going to help me?

This course will allow you to discover the greatest lessons of a chess coach whose life’s work influenced a whole generation of club players to serious improvement.

If you’re rated in the 1400-2000 range and are looking to get a lot stronger, there’s one man you should take advice from, IM Danny Kopec.

Very few strong players can communicate what they know in a way club players can benefit from – but IM Kopec was different.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn with the course:

Learn How to Play Chess Pawn Structures – IM Danny KopecHow to use Pawn Structures

In this course, IM Danny Kopec will show you his technique to use chess pawn structures and levers to dictate play in the opening – no more tedious memorization.

How to develop the necessary skills to win games. From how to analyze a position and visualize combinations to how to play in specific pawn structures and win the most common endgames.

Tricks to win in Pawn Endgames

Dr. Danny Kopec will show you some special tricks to use when playing King and Pawn endings which will allow you to calculate up to 20 moves ahead of your opponents and foresee wins (or avoid losses) well in advance!

Enjoy the course!

The physical version of “Opening Pawn Structures – Advanced Concepts (2 Volume Set)” is shipped directly from IM Dr. Danny Kopec. The artwork on the DVD may vary from the artwork displayed.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alfredo (verified owner)

    Danny displays an excellent teaching style in this course, as well as all the courses I have watched of his.
    This course was very instructional and well worth the watch!

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