Complete Opening Repertoire – IM John Watson

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Complete Opening Repertoire – Im John WatsonComplete Chess Openings Repertoire – IM John Watson

Complete Opening Repertoire – Im John Watson

IM John Watson

If you are a chess player rated between 1200 and 2000 and are tired of getting nothing out of the opening then you’re going to get a huge benefit from IM John Watson’s complete chess openings repertoire.

IM John Watson is an award-winning chess writer, coach, and opening theoretician praised for his emphasis on explaining key strategic ideas instead.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed trying to memorize dozens of seemingly senseless moves then John’s course will come as a welcome relief!

Learning chess openings should be fun and teach you something new about chess too yet many players don’t know where to start.

You pick up some tips on the Sicilian but your next 5 opponents all play the French. What to do?

That’s why IM John Watson has put together a complete chess openings repertoire for you. You’ll learn complete systems to confidently take on both 1.d4 and 1.e4 players as Black, namely the Chigorin (1.d4 d5 2.c4 Nc6!) and French Defenses (1.e4 e6).

You can become an expert in both of these systems based on understanding the main strategic ideas such as the …e5 break and attacking White’s pawn center with …f6/…c5.

One of the advantages of the Chigorin is many 1.d4 players won’t be expecting it. Despite its rarity, it has been played by many top GMs including attacking genius Morozevich and former World Champion Vassily Smyslov.

Of course, you want to get a big advantage as White as well. John gives you his recommendations for all the responses to 1.e4, including the popular Sicilian, Caro-Kann and Pirc Defenses.

About the Author:

John Watson is a chess International Master and author, he was born in Milwaukee and grew up in Omaha, Nebraska.

Watson is best known as a chess theorist and author, He has written more than thirty books on many aspects of chess. His 1999 book Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy won the British Chess Federation’s Book of the year award as well as the United States Chess Federation Book of the Year.

The successor volume Chess Strategy in Action was the Chesscafe Book of the Year. These two books explore and theorize how radically chess has changed since the early 20th century, and how old and supposedly ‘time-tested’ rules for the conduct of play have been replaced by broader and revolutionary practice over-the-board.

Is this course for me?

With over 30 hours of master-level instruction, you will be well prepared to face anything across the board. Featuring the high-quality production we’ve come to expect from ICC, this complete opening repertoire will help you win games up to and beyond 2100 level.

Complete Opening Repertoire – Im John WatsonSome of the things you’ll learn:

  • The Bishop move that leaves Caro-Kann players clueless as early as move 4.
  • How to prevent Black from castling in the French Defense.
  • When to play the e4-e5 push to crush Pirc players.
  • What to do about the annoying Bg4 pin in the Scandinavian.
  • How to make Black’s position burst into life in the French.

What makes this course unique?

What makes this series stand out is John’s commitment to making the material easy-to-learn while including only the very best lines. Study these courses and you’ll get a great position even if your opponent plays something unexpected – your understanding of what you should be trying to do will make it easy to find a strong move.

Enjoy the benefits of this premium content for your opening preparation!

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2 reviews for Complete Opening Repertoire – IM John Watson

  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    Mike Ingram (verified owner)

    This presentation is very poorly put together. The long list of lectures in the menu conveys nothing at all! No description of contents and the 32 items are not even numbered! So locating a single lecture is nigh on impossible. And If you try playing them to identify – the intro to EVERY lecture is long and repetitive and tedious. It’s a great shame because JW is clearly charming, and boy does he know his chess! And – quite common also in much better presentations – you cannot turn the board round! 3 stars!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Mike F

    This product is well thought out and reaches a wide audience. The chess knowledge presented in this material is excellent and will improve all aspects of your chess. The level of detail and wide coverage of lines/variations is expansive. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their opening knowledge. This is an essential component to any chess players home study library. John Watson does an excellent job of conveying the information. The organization of the material could be improved as previously noted in the other review. The intro and labeling can be improved as well, the content itself is worthwhile.

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