Openings and Gambits – GingerGM’s Spicy Collection

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Openings And Gambits - Gingergm’s Spicy Collection

Openings And Gambits - Gingergm’s Spicy Collection

Isn’t it time you spiced up your openings? Playing the same stuff all the time isn’t much fun – and it makes you easy to prepare for.

Imagine sitting down against your most annoying rival…

They trot out their beloved Pirc – and you hit them with the “Monkey’s Bum”! As mad as the name suggests, this line involves playing a rapid Bc4 and Qf3 and laying siege to Black’s “safe” position.

And that’s just one of the killer lines taken from GingerGM Simon William’s personal repertoire of gambits and attacking systems.

Get each one fully explained in Simon’s 15 hour premium Spicy Gambits series!

That French player? He’s going to have to deal with an unexpected bishop sac. Playing against 1.e4? Unleash terror with Simon’s pet Accelerated Dragadorf!

This opening repertoire gives you easy development, early attacks and confused opponents who don’t know what just hit them.

You will learn:

Openings And Gambits - Gingergm’s Spicy Collection1. How to smash the Sicilian with an outlandish early …g5 sac followed by gunning down the g-file! Simon used this to defeat a 2585 GM, preparing the stunning …Bh6!! followed by …Rxg2+!!

2. The Scandinavian squeeze. Have trouble against 1.e4 d5? Simon presents a simple system that squeezes Black off the board with dynamic, aggressive moves. Get ready to push those kingside pawns!

3. The crazy Hillbilly attack against the Caro-Kann. Playing Qh5 on move 4 will make your rivals wonder if you know what you’re doing. Well, yeah, you do. You’ve got a GM-backed attack that can very easily lead to an early mate.

Put the fun back into your openings with Simon’s repertoire of gambits and wild attacks, all clearly explained by the man himself!


Spicy Gambits

  • Belgrade Gambit Sideline (19m)
  • Delayed Wing Gambit (23m)
  • French Wing Gambit (21m)
  • Hacking The Scandinavian (18m)
  • Opening For Lazy Players – Belgrade Gambit (28m)
  • The Danish Gambit (27m)
  • The Hillbilly Attack (22m)
  • The Monkey’s Bum (16m)
  • How to Crush Your Opponent With The King’s Gambit (5 part series; 1h 40)
  • The Budapest Gambit (3 part series, 45m)

The Openings

  • The Classical Dutch (5 part series, 1h 35)
  • Why Simon Loves The French (9 part series, 3h 05)
  • Hikaru Nakamura Teaches The KID (12m)
  • The Complete English Defense (5 part series, 1h 46m)
  • The Devastating Surprise Weapon (20m)
  • Why Simon Loves The Sicilian: The Dragodorf (7 part series, 2h 31)

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15 hours



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