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philip h.

Absolutely brilliant

Simon Williams is is quite simply one of the best teachers of chess in the entire known universe. His knowledge is huge and in this case he expounds clear and simple methods to spring feisty gambits on unsuspecting opponents. his teaching style is always clear and his passion for chess and natural humour always shine through each of his lessons. I simply cannot not recommend this brilliant course highly enough.


Hours and hours of enjoyable o

Hours and hours of enjoyable opening instruction with both gambit lines, solid systems like a complete rep. in the french defense, an approach for the silician, and the aggressive dutch. It also offers a fresh and less theoretical approach for playing against less common systems like the scandinavian and pirc. It also offers fresh ways to play as black like the silician dragodorf, the understated english defense and more. As usual Simon is his witty and funny english personality not afraid to be scratch around the edges of pc or poke fun at himself. One of the best teachers in my opinion. Another enjoyable and extensive presentation of Simon Williams opening material. Worth the purchase!!


Bottom line up front: Outstand

Bottom line up front: Outstanding videos and well worth it! I purchased this for myself (USCF 1000-1200 and my son uscf 1700) and we have both been able to get something out of it. I had wanted an entertaining way to start learning the King's Gambit, and the myriad of other Gambit videos that GM Williams presents were interesting and entertaining, and gave my son some novel and off beat openings to try in blitz tournaments, and with beginning students in scholastic chess club simuls. The "GingerGM" as he is called, is a consummate teacher, entertainer and presents the gambits not as a set of "trap lines" to memorize, and then be stuck when someone else has seen your line before, but as a series of legitimate openings for class players with ideas/concepts/aims/optimal squares for development and attack. I realize nobody expects to see Carlsen and Caruana battle it out with the "monkey's bum" or the "Belgrade gambit" but I can imagine nothing more toxic to a chess club than everybody playing the Spanish vs the Berlin to a draw during Tuesday night casual play. These openings are worth assaying for the fact that they are unfamiliar, but can be used to stretch tactical and positional analysis muscles in the class player/beginner as they are developing. Plus they are fun as ****! I snagged a few blitz games off my son (a much better player) in the King's Gambit accepted until he started to catch on!


These are a collection of vide

These are a collection of videos that GM Simon Williams aka the Ginger GM did for These videos can be grouped into two sets. One is a complete repertoire for the white pieces with e4. All of these openings are gambit lines designed to take the player of the black pieces out of their opening plans. The other set of videos is a complete opening repertoire for the player of the black pieces. These are more a solid and not as risky as the white e4 lines. Ginger GM is a great chess teacher. He not only gives what he considers as the best line, but also the ideas for the player in the middle game. He tries to give lines that gives the player good chances, but not a lot of theory. He also has a lot of rules of thumb like black must meet white's e4 with e5. A couple words of warning. Simon only gives lines for the Sicilian Dragondorf where white plays the Yugoslav attack and white castles long. For other lines the player of the black pieces needs to refer to other resources. Also I followed Simon's recommendation for the Ne4 line in the Dutch Defense and ended up with a bad position. After the game I got Simon's killer Dutch DVD and found that he no longer believes in Ne4 line. Simon also avoids the anti Dutch systems by playing a move order that might transpose in the French defense . Other than these issues, I'm not sure a chess player will find something of value into these videos.


Openings And Gambits – Gingergm’s Spicy Collection

Isn’t it time you spiced up your openings? Playing the same stuff all the time isn’t much fun – and it makes you easy to prepare for.

Imagine sitting down against your most annoying rival…

They trot out their beloved Pirc – and you hit them with the “Monkey’s Bum”! As mad as the name suggests, this line involves playing a rapid Bc4 and Qf3 and laying siege to Black’s “safe” position.

And that’s just one of the killer lines taken from GingerGM Simon William’s personal repertoire of gambits and attacking systems.

Get each one fully explained in Simon’s 15 hour premium Spicy Gambits series!

That French player? He’s going to have to deal with an unexpected bishop sac. Playing against 1.e4? Unleash terror with Simon’s pet Accelerated Dragadorf!

This opening repertoire gives you easy development, early attacks and confused opponents who don’t know what just hit them.

You will learn:

Openings And Gambits – Gingergm’s Spicy Collection1. How to smash the Sicilian with an outlandish early …g5 sac followed by gunning down the g-file! Simon used this to defeat a 2585 GM, preparing the stunning …Bh6!! followed by …Rxg2+!!

2. The Scandinavian squeeze. Have trouble against 1.e4 d5? Simon presents a simple system that squeezes Black off the board with dynamic, aggressive moves. Get ready to push those kingside pawns!

3. The crazy Hillbilly attack against the Caro-Kann. Playing Qh5 on move 4 will make your rivals wonder if you know what you’re doing. Well, yeah, you do. You’ve got a GM-backed attack that can very easily lead to an early mate.

Put the fun back into your openings with Simon’s repertoire of gambits and wild attacks, all clearly explained by the man himself!


Spicy Gambits

  • Belgrade Gambit Sideline (19m)
  • Delayed Wing Gambit (23m)
  • French Wing Gambit (21m)
  • Hacking The Scandinavian (18m)
  • Opening For Lazy Players – Belgrade Gambit (28m)
  • The Danish Gambit (27m)
  • The Hillbilly Attack (22m)
  • The Monkey’s Bum (16m)
  • How to Crush Your Opponent With The King’s Gambit (5 part series; 1h 40)
  • The Budapest Gambit (3 part series, 45m)

The Openings

  • The Classical Dutch (5 part series, 1h 35)
  • Why Simon Loves The French (9 part series, 3h 05)
  • Hikaru Nakamura Teaches The KID (12m)
  • The Complete English Defense (5 part series, 1h 46m)
  • The Devastating Surprise Weapon (20m)
  • Why Simon Loves The Sicilian: The Dragodorf (7 part series, 2h 31)

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15 hours



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