Caro-Kann Reloaded – IM Alex Ostrovskiy

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streaming digital physical bannerLearn the Secrets of the Caro-Kann Defense

Caro-Kann Reloaded

A couple of years ago, IM Alex Ostrovskiy released his Caro-Kann Secrets… and it blew people’s minds, becoming one of the most popular courses.

Finally, there was a training that put this mysterious opening within the reach of the club player, revealing how to play for the win against every variation.

And now Alex is back with a complete overhaul, updating each line with the latest theory, new discoveries and attacking ideas…

Welcome to this new comprehensive Caro-Kann Defense course by IM Alex Ostrovskiy. The course contains 5 hours of video instruction as well as 134 pages of accompanying PGNs.

You will find multiple powerful lines against White’s variations that will help you choose/ease your workload. The Caro-Kann is one of the best chess openings for Black.

IM Ostrovskiy’s goal was to make the information as accessible as possible to players of all skill levels.

That’s why he created two special sections:

  • Quickstarter Repertoire, for a quick & easy repertoire that can be learned in one sitting.
  • Main Ideas, to condense some of the more theoretically demanding variations.

However, the course also contains deeper analysis for you to expand your armory; analysis that IM Ostrovskiy has used successfully against Master and Grandmaster opposition.

This course is an update and rework of IM Alex Ostrovskiy’s Caro-Kann course from 2017. All variations have been reviewed and updated thoroughly as of June 2020.

Alex spent over 75 hours researching these updates before recording.

He has been playing and teaching the Caro-Kann Defense for over a decade, and in this course, he reveals his knowledge to you.

About the Author:

IM Alex Ostrovskiy was born on January 23, 1996, in Moscow, Russia. Five years later, his family immigrated to Brooklyn, New York.

With the support of his family and coaches, he made headway into the chess world by attaining the title of National Master at the age of 13, the title of FIDE Master at the age of 14, and the title of International Master at the age of 17.

IM Alex Ostrovskiy has more than 9 years of experience playing the Caro-Kann Defense. Alex first started playing it when he was around 2000-2100 Elo and was desperately trying to become a National Master. At that time he got stuck at an expert level mark and couldn’t find a way to progress any further.

After switching his opening preparation to Caro-Kann his rating quickly went from 2100 to 2500 Elo! The Caro-Kann helped Alex beat players ranging from 1400 Elo all the way up to International Masters and even Grandmasters.

Is the Caro-Kann Defense Right for You?

The Caro-Kann is a very balanced chess opening for Black. It’s neither solely attacking nor positional. That’s why the Caro-Kann is a great match for the majority of chess players. You don’t need to be a positional genius or an attacking maestro to play the Caro-Kann.

  • panov rxc3
    Chapter 27: Panov 5…g6 6.Nf3?

    Refuting the Panov-Botvinnik. The whole point of White’s Panov-Botvinnik Attack (3.exd5 cxd5 4.c4) is to get fast development for an attack against our king… which makes it very satisfying when you repeatedly trade off pieces AND win material with tactics like …Rxc3!(diagram).

  • The overreaching Advance variation. 3.e5 is very popular among attacking players… but Ostrovskiy shows how to prey on that e-pawn, undermining it by moving our c-pawn for a second time in three moves! White protects d4 with c3… and that’s a BIG mistake! Find out why in chapter 6.

It is a universal weapon where many lines lead to tactical or positional themes depending on your repertoire decisions. The Caro-Kann has less information to digest but the returns are huge!

This course will provide you with the most effective and powerful opening repertoire that will help you win many games against players of any level.

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Content Outline

Part 1: Overview & Shortcuts

Ch1: Intro & Repertoire Overview
Ch2: Quickstarter Repertoire Overview
Ch3: Quickstarter Exchange
Ch4: Quickstarter Panov
Ch5: Quickstarter Classical
Ch6: Quickstarter Advance
Ch7: Quickstarter Others

Part 2: Classical Caro-Kann

Classical Caro Capablanca w/Nd7 Main Ideas (PGN Only)
Classical Caro Capablanca w/e6 Main Ideas (PGN Only)
Classical Caro Capablanca Sidelines Main Ideas (PGN Only)
Classical Caro Tartkower Main Ideas (PGN Only)

Ch8: Classical Capablanca 3..Bf5 w/nd7 (Option 1)
Ch9: Classical Capablanca 3..Bf5 w/e6 & h5 (Option 2)
Ch10: Classical Capablanca 3..Bf5 w/e6 & Ne5, Bb4+ (Option 2a)
Ch11: Classical Capablanca 3..Bf5 w/e6 & Ne5, Be7 (Option 2b)
Ch12: Classical Capablanca Sidelines
Ch13: Classical Tartakower 3..Nf6 Sidelines (Option 3)
Ch14: Classical Tartakower 3..Nf6 6. Bc4
Ch15: Classical Tartakower 3..Nf6 6. C3 w/0-0-0
Ch16: Classical Tartakower 3..Nf6 6. C3 w/0-0
Ch17: Classical Tartakower 3..Nf6 Move 9 Alts (Option(s) 3a)

Part 3: Advance Caro

Advance Caro Main Ideas (PGN Only)

Ch18: Advance dxc5 Nc6!? w/Nf3 & Bb5 (Option 1)
Ch19: Advance dxc5 Nc6!? w/f4!
Ch20: Advance dxc5 e6 (Option 2)
Ch21: Advance dxc5 w/a3
Ch22: Advance Sidelines

Part 4: Exchange Caro

Exchange Caro Main Ideas (PGN Only)

Ch23: Exchange Variation Qc7 (Option 1)
Ch24: Exchange Variation Nf6 (Option 2)
Ch25: Exchange Variation g6 (Option 3)
Ch26: “Pseudo-Exchange”

Part 5: Panov Botvinnik Attack

Panov Main Ideas (PGN Only)

Ch27: Panov w/g6 Nf3 (Option 1)
Ch28: Panov w/g6 cd
Ch29: Panov w/g6 Qb3 Main Line
Ch30: Panov w/Nc6 Nf3 (Option 2)
Ch31: Panov w/Nc6 Bg5
Ch32: Pseudo-Panov (2. c4)

Part 6: Two Knights Caro

Two Knights Main Ideas (PGN Only)

Ch33: Two Knights 3..dxe4 (Option 1)
Ch34: Two Knights 3..Nf6 (Option 2)
Ch35: Two Knights 3..Bg4 (Option 3)
Ch36: Two Knights 3..Bg4 w/Bh5 (Option 3a)
Ch37: Two Knights 3..a6 (Option 4)

Part 6: Fantasty Variation & Sidelines

Ch38: Fantasy Variation 3.. e6 (Option 1)
Ch39: Fantasy Variation 3.. e5 (Option 2)

Ch40: Odds & Ends