Busy Man’s Complete Opening Repertoire

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Chess Opening Repertoire for Busy Players – IM Andrew Martin

Now you can get a complete repertoire in less than eight hours. Three systems designed to blow your opponents away!

IM Andrew Martin introduces you to:

  • The Colle Koltanowski (3 hours)
  • A “wicked” variation of the Rubinstein French (and others, 2 hours)
  • The 1…b6 Defence (2.5 hours)
  • A choice selection of games and explanations that will bring your opponents to their wobbly knees!

1. ..b6 for Black: Busy Man’s Chess Openings

The Owens Opening with 1. e4 b6 is an unusual chess opening that creates high levels of tension very early in the game. Black’s main idea is to allow white to grab space in the center with his pawns – so that black may attack these pawns from the sides of the board, specifically on the light squares via a fianchettoed bishop on the queenside.

¨1. ..b6 for Black: Busy Man’s Chess Openings¨ is a chess DVD that features over 2.5 hours of high-quality instruction by the experienced presenter IM Andrew Martin.

IM Martin’s style is entertaining, concise, and remarkably clear – making this chess DVD a perfect addition to the training regimen of players of all skill levels.

After viewing this chess DVD, you will understand how to play the Owens Opening with 1. e4 b6 by applying powerful hypermodern principles.

In this chess DVD, IM Martin does not present numerous, extended variations that you will need to memorize. On the contrary, IM Andrew Martin focuses specifically on the practical main lines of the Owens Opening and how you can fight to win with black early in the opening.

¨1. ..b6 for Black: Busy Man’s Chess Openings¨ is a chess DVD that is guaranteed to provide you with an aggressive response for black against 1. e4

French Defense, Rubinstein Variation: Busy Man’s Chess Openings

The Rubinstein Variation is a surprisingly dangerous sideline of the French Defense that guarantees a dynamic imbalance early in the opening. In this 2-hour chess DVD, IM Andrew Martin explains the benefits of focusing your opening repertoire with a simplified line like the Rubinstein Variation because you will not need to spend much time on learning complex opening systems.

The Rubinstein Variation of the French Defense was traditionally thought to be very drawish and promising black little chances of an advantage from the opening, however, IM Andrew Martin is quick to point out that this sideline does carry a sizable amount of venom if black is familiar with a few critical main ideas.

Proof that the Rubinstein Variation remains a dangerous weapon for black against 1. e4 is that Super-GMs Hikaru Nakamura and Anish Giri regularly employ this defense at the highest levels of today’s game.

In the following chess DVD by IM Andrew Martin, the viewer will learn the main ideas of this opening system and how to play it with success at the beginner and intermediate levels.

Colle Opening: Busy Man’s Chess Openings

The Colle Opening is a fantastic resource for chess players who do not want to dedicate countless hours of precious chess study time to extensive opening preparation. While the Colle Opening is not the most ambitious chess opening ever played, it is extremely playable and guarantees white a solid position early in the game.

The Colle Opening also represents a very effective opening to take your opponent out of opening theory and direct play more towards a tense middlegame struggle.

The ¨Colle Opening: Busy Man’s Chess Opening¨ features over 3 hours of action-packed analysis by one of the most popular chess presenters of the 21st century – IM Andrew Martin.

This chess DVD will not just teach you the basics of this opening and recommend you to strictly memorize long variations – instead IM Martin explains to his viewers the big picture positional principles behind this subtle system: The Colle Opening.

IM Andrew Martin’s ¨The Colle Opening: Busy Man’s Chess Opening¨ is a chess DVD that is guaranteed to provide beginner and intermediate players a complete and reliable opening system with white.

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