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The lessons are suitable for:

  • 1200 – 2000+ Fide Official Rating
  • 1100 – 2200+ Online Rating (LiChess or


  1. Scandinavian Defense: Learn All The Key Variations and Ideas
    • 23 Theoretical Video Lessons | 295 Minutes
    • 90 Games Analyzed
  2. Easy Steps To Master The Grand Prix Attack
    • 11 Theoretical Video Lessons | 201 Minutes
    • 49 Analyzed Games
  3. Benko Gambit: The Ultimate Chess Opening Guide
    • 12 Theoretical Video Lessons | 198 Minutes
    • 57 Analyzed Games

In Total:

  • 46 Theoretical Video Lessons | 694 Minutes (11 hours)
  • 196 Games Analyzed
Angelo Kesaris
Angelo Kesaris

About the Author

Angelo Kesaris is a professional chess coach for the last 20 years and FIDE National Instructor. He is an active chess player with an International FIDE rating of 1900 ELO.

He started teaching chess in primary schools, organizing lessons in chess clubs, private classes, online teaching, and chess course creator. Angelo quickly made a name for himself by publishing insanely practical strategies that newbies can use to grow their chess rating to the top.


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