Chess Lessons Super Pack: From Chess Beginner to Expert in 1 Year

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Chess Lessons Super Pack: From Chess Beginner To Expert In 1 Year
Chess Lessons Super Pack: From Chess Beginner to Expert in 1 Year

If you’ve been struggling with your chess development, GM Mesgen Amanov brings to you an intensive training program that will accelerate your growth by improving all areas of your chess understanding.

This program will teach you exactly what to work on and how to apply it to your game in order to move from chess beginner to expert in 12 months.

GM Amanov’s program is already being used successfully by top school chess teams and hundreds of students worldwide.

GM Amanov starts the course with the most important concept in chess: The process of thinking.

Before you learn any opening, middlegame, or endgame you need to learn the most important chess concept – The Process of Thinking. In fact, in this full program, GM Amanov dedicates the entire first month of study to this concept.

After that, you will learn all the fundamentals of positional understanding.

Step-by-step you will see your middlegame, endgame and all-around game improve, leading to an inevitable significant increase to your overall chess skills and Elo rating.

About the Author:

Mesgen Amanov is a chess grandmaster from Turkmenistan. He is currently the highest rated player in his country and so far he has represented Turkmenistan in 4 Chess Olympiads.

Grandmaster Mesgen Amanov has been a professional chess player and coach for more than 12 years. Over that time, he has been able to help hundreds of students significantly improve their chess. Many of them have been able to move from chess beginners to experts and masters.

Through his own coaching experience and while working with other top Grandmasters, GM Amanov has developed a Super Pack of chess lessons that represents an optimal program to help you improve your chess skills.

How is this course going to help me?

Chess Lessons Super Pack: From Chess Beginner To Expert In 1 Year
GM Mesgen Amanov’s 1 Year Program

This complete 1-year training program contains 4 volumes, a total of 60 exclusive video chess lessons designed to help you find the right answers at the board and also to ask the right questions.

GM Mesgen Amanov will show you that most mistakes at the board occur because we are focusing on the wrong things. This course sets out to correct that by revealing what’s really going on in each position.

Each one of the 4 volumes in this program contains the following:

GM Mesgen Amanov’s uniquely structured training speeds up the process of absorbing new material, remembering it and being ready to apply it.

12 exclusive video lessons shot in the form of a one-on-one lesson with GM Amanov as he reveals what you need to know to play well in each type of position (these videos have a $600 value)

Volume 1 (15 lessons): 3 months of material which will enhance your thinking process, improve your feel for the true nature of the position and help you find hard-to-spot moves.

Volume 2 (15 lessons): Learn how to maximize your wins with accurate, dominant play in the middlegame and endgame. All based on must-know fundamentals.

Volume 3 (15 lessons): Take your positional play to the next level with 3 months of material on the intricacies of piece coordination and strategic exchanges. Made easy to remember with model games.

Volume 4 (15 lessons): More essential knowledge of strategy and advanced thinking methods. Learn how to make progress in any position plus how to recognize the critical moments in a game.

3 bonus video lessons ($75 value) adding depth to your understanding.

Tournament Guidance

Full Support: Contact GM Mesgen personally any time.

No matter what your current level is, you will be following a proven process to transform yourself into a much stronger player in 1 year.

Enjoy this awesome course!

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29 hours

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Chapter List

Content Outline:

Volume 1 (15 Lessons) (7.5 h)

  • Month 1: The Process of Thinking (2.5 h)
  • Month 2: Positional Understanding (2.5 h)
  • Month 3: Invisible Moves (2.5 h)

Volume 2 (15 Lessons) (8 h)

  • Month 4: Late Middlegame and Endgame (2.5 h)
  • Month 5: Must Know Fundamentals (3 h)
  • Month 6: Mix of Elements (2.5 h)

Volume 3 (15 Lessons) (7 h)

  • Month 7: Exchanging (2 h)
  • Month 8: Interrelation of Pieces (2.5 h)
  • Month 9: Modern Instructional Games (2.5 h)

Volume 4 (15 Lessons) (6 h)

  • Month 10: Thinking Methods (2 h)
  • Month 11: Evaluation and Planning (2 h)
  • Month 12: Recognizing Opportunities (2 h)