Bojkov Boss Moves: Learning From Chess Legends

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GM Dejan Bojkov Boss Moves: Learning From Chess Legends

Bojkov Boss Moves: Learning From Chess Legends

Bojkov Boss Moves: Learning From Chess Legends

Any chess coach worth their salt will tell you that if you want to improve your chess skills, you should study the games of the great players of the past.

There is no quicker way to get the intuitive feel for good moves that you need if you’re to be successful in competitive play.

But where should you start?

There are so many fantastic players and each one of them has played hundreds of games. And what if you miss an important lesson when analyzing one of these games?

Never fear, GM Dejan Bojkov is here, and he’s got you covered with Bojkov Boss Moves: Learning from Chess Legends.

In this extraordinary 34-hour collection of his premium content, GM Dejan Bojkov analyzes the most instructive games of all time, focusing on the pre-computer era.

From the scientific principles of Steinitz to Capablanca’s positional genius, Larsen’s creativity to Kasparov’s killer attacks, Dejan covers everything you need to know.

The 94 lessons included in this bundle average 25 minutes each, making them convenient to fit into your busy schedule. And if you watch 1 a day, you have 3 months of daily lessons on the most important chess principles in existence.

About the Author:

Dejan Bojkov is a Bulgarian grandmaster, chess commentator, and chess author. He was able to accomplish his grandmaster title in 2008 and won the 48th Canadian Open Chess Championship in 2011.

Bojkov became the national chess champion of Bulgaria in 2009 and was a member of the Bulgarian team at the European championships in 2009.

In cooperation with Vladimir Georgiev, he wrote “A Course in Chess Tactics” which appeared as a Gambit publication in 2010.

Is this course for me?

Want to improve your overall chess understanding and reach levels you thought could never reach?

By having a GM explain some of the most instructive games in history, you will be able to remember these same ideas when you reach similar positions in your own games.

Here are some of the most important things that you will learn in this course:

Bojkov Boss Moves: Learning From Chess LegendsRubinstein’s endgames.

Akiba Rubinstein was a pioneer in endgame play. Discover how he paralyzed his opponents with weird-looking pawn formations that you can copy in your own games.

Capablanca’s clairvoyance.

Capablanca was able to outplay the rest of his generation with an incredibly deep understanding of the requirements of any chess position. GM Bojkov explains how you can do the same by paying attention to the things that “mere mortals” miss.

See how the Cuban World Champion used these ideas to find axb5! and win a stunning game.

King hunt techniques.

Does that tempting sacrifice work? Learn how to calculate forced lines quickly and accurately.

2800 Elo chess.

Once you have watched 90% of the videos, you will be ready for some of the advanced material at the end. See how today’s elite players approach strategy with a Mamedyarov masterclass.

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2 reviews for Bojkov Boss Moves: Learning From Chess Legends

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    nemabass (verified owner)

    I loved this course. This course is exactly what is advertised. GM Bojkov assembles an excellent game library from the greatest legends of chess and analyzes some of their best games. The analysis is very deep and informative. The games are diverse and draw key concepts in the topic of minor piece play in middle games, attacking chess, and end game play. What makes this course so excellent is that there are a lot of classical chess games instead of the dry games of modern day masters; these games are very informative and this collection of games does a great job analyzing them.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sven Rettieck (verified owner)

    Highly recommended – also like the second collection!

    I have fun watching these clashes between historical or modern chess greats. Dejan is a great trainer, he always finds the right words, entertaining or informative or both!

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