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This is a 34+ hour bundle on some of the most famous and important chess legends in the history of the game. You get access to 17 chess courses with analysis of the key games played by players like Garry Kasparov, Mikhail Tal, Alireza Firouzja, Jose Raul Capablanca, Alexander Alekhine, Levon Aronian, and many more.

You can also find interesting courses like My Career So Far, by the 4-time Women’s World Chess Champion GM Hou Yifan, and Peter Svidler’s Best Games of 2017, by the 8-time Russian Chess Champion Svidler himself.

The rest of the chess courses included in this bundle are presented by IM Anna Rudolf, GM Jan Gustafsson, GM Peter Heine Nielsen, IM Sopiko Guramishvili, IM Lawrence Trent, and many more.

Courses Included

Attacking with Alireza – IM Lawrence Trent

GM Alireza Firouzja is the man of the hour, having just defeated Magnus Carlsen in the Banter Blitz Cup Final. The 16-year old phenom excels at attacking chess and IM Lawrence Trent shows us how he does it!

alireza 2

Learn how to attack! If you feel that ain’t gonna happen, at least get a glimpse of what makes Alireza Firouzja such a special talent.


In this video, Lawrence gives a brief overview of what the series is all about and, most importantly, why there is so much hype surrounding this young Iranian Grandmaster.

Alireza vs Nguyen

In this game, we see how effortless Alireza makes a piece sacrifice and attack look against a strong Vietnamese Grandmaster.

Caruana vs Firouzja

The greatest attacking players understand when the critical moment is in a game and rarely miss their chance to pounce. In this game, Alireza shows just how talented he is with an incredible sacrificial shot which he correctly assessed as giving him a long-term advantage, which he duly went on to convert.

Duda vs Firouzja

In this game, Alireza demonstrates another admirable trait of his when attacking – his fearlessness. He doesn’t shy away from positions that require precise calculation or look dangerous; he just plays the principled variation and believes in himself. This time it’s the Polish superstar Duda who is at the end of a crushing Alireza performance.

Nakamura vs Firouzja

In order to be a successful attacking player, one must learn how to be resourceful. In this game, Alireza demonstrates just how cunning a player he is versus one of the world’s best.

Firouzja vs Zarkovic

My favorite Alireza attacking game. There is something very Fischeresque about how he conducts the attack and annihilates his opponent in this encounter. Simply sit back and enjoy!

My Favourite Boris Spassky Games – IM Lawrence Trent

Boris Spassky gmBoris Spassky, the tenth World Champion, was regarded as one of the few truly universal players, equally comfortable attacking as he was defending, in both slow positional squeezes or wild tactical melees.

IM Lawrence Trent takes an instructive and appreciative look at some of his favorite games by Spassky, including tour-de-forces where Boris dominates some of the world’s elite.

Spassky’s games combine creativity with practicality and make for memorable moments, indeed some of the moves you will see are amongst the most famous of all time.

A great champion whose reign was only cut short by the unstoppable genius of Bobby Fischer, there is much to be learned from Spassky’s rich games and IM Trent conveys some of these key lessons in this enjoyable course.

Matthew Sadler’s Best Games – GM Matthew Sadler

matthew sadlers

English Grandmaster Matthew Sadler deconstructs some of the best games of his chess career in this fascinating insight into the mind of a GM.

Sadler’s trademark crystal clear commentary provides numerous points of instruction on both the technical and practical aspects of chess and the games provide great entertainment too.

Clashes against former FIDE World Champion Ponomariov and famed title challenger and chess legend Viktor Korchnoi are the setting for lessons you can carry into your own games with tips on attacking play and positional themes.

This 3-hour course is guaranteed to open your eyes to the deeper possibilities of chess.

My Favorite Garry Kasparov Games – IM Lawrence Trent

Lawrence Trent shares his favorite games by Garry Kasparov, perhaps the greatest player in the history of chess.

Kasparov’s dynamism and immense will to win can be felt in the moves of these games which are perfect examples of how to gain advantages and attack, overcoming even the tough resistance of greats like Karpov and Korchnoi.

Lawrence’s explanations make this course as instructive as it is entertaining, with many moments you will remember for a long time.

If you want to see what aggressive play looks like at the very highest level then check out this great collection of Kasparov’s games.

My Favorite Akiba Rubinstein Games – GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov

favourite Akiba Rubinstein

Rustam Kasimdzhanov shares his favorite games by Akiba Rubinstein, a player whose positional feel is still considered the gold standard.

Only twists of fate prevented Rubinstein from having a shot at the world title, an opportunity the majority considered well-deserved.

Nevertheless, his brilliance inspired many players, and his style of play has proved to be hugely instructive for subsequent generations.

In this series, GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov, a former FIDE World Champion, analyzes 5 of Rubinstein’s finest creations, breaking them down into valuable lessons for players of all standards.

From the tactical brilliance of his game against Rotlevi to the rook endgames that became his trademark, this course will add powerful new ideas to your chess play.

My Favorite Alexander Alekhine Games – IM Lawrence Trent

trick trompowskyLawrence Trent shares his appreciation for some of the games of the fourth World Champion.

Alexander Alekhine was a fearsome fighter, the man who took down the seemingly unbeatable Capablanca.

He was also largely self-taught. As a young man he was talented but unexceptional – his incredible determination, however, made him a world-beater.

IM Lawrence Trent looks at 6 of his favorite games from Alekhine showcasing both his legendary tactical genius and his lesser-known deep strategical understanding.

Becoming familiar with these games is more than just great entertainment. It will open your eyes to the magical possibilities of the chess board.

Great Games by Women – IM Anna Rudolf

22 Great games by women

IM Anna Rudolf presents an enlightening course analyzing the games of the greatest ever female players, namely Judit Polgar and Hou Yifan.

Both Judit and Hou have reached the elite levels of the game with the youngest Polgar sister breaking into the world top 10 at the height of her career.

You will witness the fascinating and ferocious attacking brilliance of Judit who happily sacrifices material just to get an attack going, knowing that she will be able to overpower her opponent’s defensive capabilities.

Judit’s games against Anand, Shirov and Pantsulaia are both entertaining and hugely instructive examples of the art of attack in chess.

Hou Yifan’s quiet personality hides a similarly steely approach, a determination required to reach the top. Anna Rudolf explores how the Chinese superstar pinpoints weaknesses in the enemy camp and piles on the pressure, producing impressive wins.

Learning from Capablanca – Grandmasters Rustam Kasimdzhanov, Jan Gustafsson, Paco Vallejo

GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov is joined by GMs Jan Gustafsson and Paco Vallejo as he reveals the chess secrets to be found in the games of Jose Raul Capablanca.

A supremely gifted player and child prodigy, Capablanca was known as “the machine” for his unerring play, able to beat contemporaries in blitz giving odds of 1 minute to 5. An incredible endgame player and strategist, Capablanca instinctively knew what to play.

In this series, Kasimdzhanov looks at the games we can learn the most from, both in terms of evaluating positions and finding a winning plan. You are sure to gain great insights into positional play by following the games of the great Cuban too as he seemingly never had a bad piece.

If you want to understand chess at a deeper level and see the big picture strategically, as well as enjoy some brilliant games, this is the course for you.

My Career So Far – GM Hou Yifan

29 My Career So Far

In this series, the reigning Women’s World Champion Hou Yifan looks back on the most important moments of her chess career so far.

From her early tournament wins as a child prodigy to becoming the youngest ever female Grandmaster aged 14, Hou Yifan talks us through her experiences, the challenges, and the victories. Along the way, Hou analyzes the most interesting and memorable of her games including wins over Judit Polgar and Anish Giri.

Then comes her greatest accomplishment to date, winning the Women’s World Championship at just 16. Hou Yifan reveals how she beat Ruan Lufei to win the title, which she defended the next year against Koneru Humpy.

This is a fascinating glimpse into the life and chess of a prodigy and World Champion, with many instructive games to be enjoyed too.

A Personal Look at Mikhail Tal’s Games – GM Peter Svidler

A Personal Look At Mikhail Tal's Games - Gm Peter Svidler

Mikhail Tal, nicknamed the “Magician from Riga,” was a gregarious and unworldly genius who overwhelmed his opponents with dazzling attacking chess.

His creative play, stunning sacrifices and mating attacks that seemed to come out of the blue made him one of the most loved and watched players.

He certainly made a big impression on a young Peter Svidler, who studied Tal’s games and techniques as he grew up. Over the course of 2h 40m, Svidler takes you through seven of Tal’s classic games, sharing his personal insights into one of the greatest attacking players of all time.

With such rich games, this series is as instructive as it is entertaining and Svidler’s lucid explanations reveal the secrets behind Tal’s genius.

Aronian: Fighting for the Initiative with Black – GM Artur Yusupov and GM Jan Gustafsson

GM Artur Yusupov and GM Jan GustafssonCan’t get enough of Artur Yusupov? We have more!

In this mini-series, Artur takes a look at three Levon Aronian games that will help us to understand one of the toughest things to do in chess: fight for the initiative with the black pieces. Enjoy!

You are going to learn about the art of the initiative from one of the greatest players of our time. Or just enjoy some high-level games with commentary by one of the best coaches of our time. And by Jan…

Georgian Greats – IM Sopiko Guramishvili

im-sopiko-guramishvil on Nona Gaprindashvili

Explore four spectacular highlights from Georgian Women Champions Nona Gaprindashvili and Maya Chiburdanidze. Presented by IM Sopiko Guramishvili.


Learn from the fantastic tactical examples of these two legendary women.


  1. Introduction
  2. Nona Gaprindashvili
  3. Chiburdanidze vs. Short
  4. Chiburdanidze vs. Dvoirys
  5. Closing thought

Peter Svidler’s Best Games of 2017 – GM Peter Svidler


Peter Svidler had a good 2017. He won his 8th Russian Championship and re-entered the Top 10. In this series, the super grandmaster shows us his favorite games of the year 2017. Enjoy!


  1. Game 1: Bai Jinshi vs. Ding Liren
  2. Game 2: Alexander Donchenko vs. Anish Giri
  3. Game 3: Sergey Volkov vs. Peter Svidler
  4. Game 4: Levon Aronian vs. David Navara
  5. Game 5: AlphaZero vs. Stockfish 8

Veselin Topalov: The Initiative in Chess – GM Romain Edouard

Veselin Topalov: The Initiative In Chess - Gm Romain Edouard

French Grandmaster Romain Edouard presents us with his work on Former World Champion Veselin Topalov,  who has a flamboyant style and loves to play with the initiative. Discover some of his best games, analyzed by his former second.


1) Topalov vs. Kasparov 1996
Topalov scores an amazing win against World Champion Garry Kasparov’s Najdorf in the 10th Euwe Memorial in Amsterdam.

Veselin Topalov: The Initiative In Chess - Gm Romain Edouard2) Topalov vs. Anand 2005
A knight sac on move 14 is just the start of a great attacking win by Topalov against Vishy Anand in the 2005 MTel Masters in Sofia.

3) Topalov vs. Ponomariov 2005
Veselin sacs a rook, knight and finally bishop against former FIDE World Champion Ruslan Ponomariov in a spectacular king hunt from the 2005 MTel Masters.

4) Topalov vs. Kramnik 2008
Topalov unleashes the devastating novelty 12.Nxf7!? against Vladimir Kramnik, a player he faced in one of the most acrimonious World Championship matches of all time. This game took place in the Corus Group A in Wijk aan Zee.

5) Topalov vs. Kramnik 2014
Six years later Veselin again scores a dramatic victory over Vladimir Kramnik, this time in the World Championship Candidates Tournament in Khanty-Mansiysk.

Legends of Chess – GM Jan Gustafsson, GM Laurent Fressinet, GM Pascal Charbonneau & GM Pepe Cuenca

Legends Of Chess - Gm Jan Gustafsson, Gm Laurent Fressinet, Gm Pascal Charbonneau & Gm Pepe Cuenca

A series looking at the famous careers of the six legends in the 2020 chess24 Legends of Chess as well two more World Champions who will join the commentary – Judit Polgar and Anatoly Karpov.

To showcase some of the great chess players of the last few decades and provide background to the chess24 Legends of Chess tournament.

Hall of Fame | The 50 Greatest Chess Players of All Time – GM Gustafsson and Nielsen

Hall Of Fame | The 50 Greatest Chess Players Of All Time - Gm Gustafsson And Nielsen

Grandmasters and Carlsen-trainers Peter Heine Nielsen and Jan Gustafsson got together to compile their own list of the 50 best players ever. Neither is a big expert on chess history, so what could go wrong? 50 players, 50 videos!

What to expect from this course?

To learn about the best chess players ever. The presenters have made their very best to select the 50 best players of all time and to rank them.

Join and judge Peter and Jan for their rankings!

Learn From The Best – GM Ivan Salgado Lopez


In this series, Spanish Grandmaster Ivan Salgado Lopez examines various strategic and dynamic concepts through the games of world champion Magnus Carlsen.

Indeed, who better to teach you, through their own games, than the best of the best?

“Magnus Carlsen has been for many years the best chess player in the world. Many people think he is a genius. For me, a genius is a person who is ahead of his time, but what he does can be learned.

One of his best secrets is his aggressive pawn play. Many times, he plays pawn moves that are totally unexpected for his opponents. Thanks to his pawn moves, he changes the nature of the position, and many times, his opponents cannot adapt to the new situation. In this series, I will have a look at some interesting pawn moves in 1.d4 openings.”