Chess Improvement Secrets for the Busy Player (The GingerGM Method)




Master Method Series #12

Want to realize your chess potential but don’t have much time to study? “GingerGM” Simon Williams has you covered.

In this comprehensive 15 hour course, Simon reveals the training secrets and shortcuts that helped him become a GM with a fraction of the time and effort it takes most people.

You’ll learn how to get an opening repertoire that fits your style and become an expert in it, not by memorizing a ton of theory, but by absorbing the key patterns.

Learn when and how to launch an attack from the GM who models his game on Mikhail Tal’s! And piece it together with a positional understanding that allows you to get those great positions in the first place.

Add rarely discussed tips on rapid, accurate calculation, player psychology and killer endgame instinct and you’re ready to become one of the most feared competitors around – even if you only have 1 hour/week to study.


  1. Building a solid foundation
  2. Secrets of the opening as White
  3. Secrets of the opening as Black
  4. From the opening into the middlegame
  5. Finding the correct middlegame plan
  6. When and how to launch an attack
  7. When to trade pieces
  8. How to improve your positional play
  9. Maneuvering to win
  10. How to improve your tactical play
  11. Efficient calculation technique
  12. Know your enemy
  13. Defensive play – building a sense of danger
  14. Improving your endgame instinct
  15. Essential endgames
  16. Have fun!
  17. Next steps: improvement tips

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 7 x 2 in
Running Time

15 hours



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Production House

1 review for Chess Improvement Secrets for the Busy Player (The GingerGM Method)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    KOLBJORN ALBIN (verified owner)

    I purchased Ginger GMs Master Method, and i have to give this guy some amazing credits. He speaks in plain English, no messing around! We get the info in with teaspoons so its easy for us to understand. I feel I learned much more from his method than any book so far just because its more convenient and easy to just watch a video which also saves a lot of time. I do recommend this DVD. I will buy the next one as well! Thanks for making my life easier and also I Love the London!

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