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Chess Gamer: Tactics Awaken
Chess Gamer: Tactics Awaken Front Cover

The book introduces 10 common tactical topics in chess. It also allows the reader to learn a lot of new chess tactics and practice them throughout exercises in increasing strength.

The book is recommended for sub 1600 rating level. It is also good for coaches as teaching material for starting chess lovers.


Needless to some, Arkadij Naiditsch, besides a chess Grandmaster with a peak rating hovering 2750 FIDE, is a former gold medalist playing first board for Germany.

Besides many achievements, winning with Black against current World champion and #1 player in the world Magnus Carlsen after his match with Anand in 2013 is one of them.

Also known for being a former junior European champion, he now brings you his Super GM experience and chess knowledge to teach you the best of arts – tactics and calculation.

It is also worth mentioning that the Naiditsch Method, when released, was incredibly well-received within the chess community.


Let us reverse the question…

Have you heard of The Grivas Opening Laboratory Volume Series? What about the Mastering Minor Piece Endgames? Or even Mastering Rook vs Pieces Endgames?

Certainly, we assume, although you are in for a treat if you haven’t!

Frequently acknowledged for publishing top-tier level content, Chess Evolution consistently cements itself as a premium quality publisher with the best-rated books.


Complex middlegames and endgames that require precise tactical calculation occur far too often in a typical game. And no matter what a player’s game phase preference is, any player looking to score points against a master must equalize his practical tactical knowledge to that of the master.

Why? Because the master is far more likely to spot tactical shots that may cost you the game. But how do you learn them?
• The Woodpecker Method may take too long for some to go through the recommended cycles.
• The Encyclopaedia of Chess Tactics may reveal too dense for optimal retention for some.
• Other options may group tactical opportunities in specific chapters, which some believe not to be the best way to acquire tactical vision and calculation abilities.

Chess Gamer by GM Arjkadu Naiditsch brings you a Silman-like easy read with the practical tactical knowledge skills you need while mimicking the internal planning process occurring in a tournament game. This book is a gold mine for planning your tactics.

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