The Will to Win: Mastering Chess Endgames

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GM Karpov and FM Stewart
GM Karpov and FM Stewart

Endgame training is incredibly important for beginner chess players, yet often ignored. Many beginners focus exclusively on openings and tactics, leaving out a crucial element for success – endgame technique.

After all, if you can play a great opening and middlegame and emerge with a strong advantage in the endgame – you still have to actually win the game!

In “Winning Chess Endgames for Beginners”, FIDE Master William Stewart introduces and explains fundamental endgame training examples on the following topics: Basic Checkmates, Basic King and Pawn Endgames, Typical Pawn Structures and Tricks, Knight Endings, and Bishop Endings.

“Winning Chess Endgames for Beginners” is a chess DVD targeted at beginner and intermediate players that features over 4 hours of all-star content. If you are looking to learn the basics of chess endgame play and want to improve your chess endgame technique, this is the chess DVD for you!

This DVD is 5 hours long and starts off with the most basic checkmates and continues on into more intermediate and advanced concepts. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, this DVD will help improve your endgame!

Bonus! 2 New Chapters Added!

I’ve added 2 more chapters giving a more detailed look at Rook Endings and those tricky Bishop vs Knight Endgames. The DVD now totals over 5 hours long making it one of the most comprehensive and newest endgame DVDs on the market.

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