Chess Endgames – Convert your Material Advantage!



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Chess Endgames - Convert Your Material Advantage!

Chess Endgames - Convert Your Material Advantage!

The Polgar Method #10

The endgame is perhaps the most critical stage of the game. All your hard work has gone into getting some kind of advantage – now you have to convert it to a win.

However, the endgame also has its own unique characteristics: the King becomes an active piece; pawns become game-winners, and perpetual check might save the game for someone.

In Chess Endgames, GM Susan Polgar reveals the tried and tested techniques to win the most common types of endings. Knowledge of these will serve you for a lifetime – they never change.

You’ll learn how to save Rook endgames a pawn down; how to win despite having opposite-colored Bishops and whether you can win with a Queen against a pawn on the 7th rank.

Armed with this understanding, you’ll have extra chances to win your games plus improve your strategic and technical play.

Included Courses

1-King vs. Bishop and Wrong Rook Pawn
2-Pieces vs. Advanced Pawns
3-Important Pawn Endings
4-Knight Endgames
5-Bishop Endgames
6-Important Rook Endgames
7-Queen Endgames
8-Practical Rook Endgames
9-Endgame Strategy and Traps

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Running Time

1 hour 9 minutes