An Endgame Expert – Grandmaster Igor Smirnov

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GM Igor Smirnov
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Chess Endgame Mastery: An Endgame Expert with GM Igor Smirnov

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Do You Want Chess Books to Publish Your Games As Examples Of Outstanding Endgame Play With a Crystal Clear Style of Playing??

Somewhere between Capablanca and Karpov will be OK 🙂With the course “AN ENDGAME EXPERT” this will definitely become your reality!

How to win in modern chess?

Today everyone has access to huge chess databases. Everyone can learn plenty of opening lines and numerous ‘typical’ middlegame positions.

Any chess player can prepare something against you using powerful computer programs. So the problem is – how can you win?

In a chess game, you should always attack your opponent’s weakest squares. Likewise in a preparation, you should “attack” your opponent’s weakest areas.

Hit in the WEAKEST point!

The majority of modern chess players do NOT have a real (deep) strategic understanding. They can attack and use tactics. However, even titled players are often weak in strategic positions.

Computer engines can show you the move, but they cannot EXPLAIN it. That’s why players know how to play, but don’t understand it!

So, how do we use our opponents’ low level of chess understanding to our advantage? You should take them into a chess endgame!

An Endgame Expert – Endgame Chess Course
Garry Kasparov is presenting the 1st prize to Igor Smirnov “Kasparov’s Cup-2009”.

About the Author:

Igor Smirnov is an International Grandmaster from Ukraine, currently rated 2507 Fide.

He is also a Chess Coach and holds a Master’s degree in Psychology.

GM Smirnov has developed numerous chess lessons, articles, webinars and training courses, including the famous courses that have helped many players of all levels improve their chess skills and break their barriers to climb up to higher new levels.

During his chess career as a player and as a coach Smirnov was looking for an effective way of learning all the time, that’s why He decided to develop a chess course for beginners, “The Grandmaster’s secrets”.

With pride, I can say that this course will give you only the concrete skills (no more pointless knowledge!).

The effectiveness of Smirnov’s teaching system was proven by his own practice and the results of many of his pupils.

Is this course for me?

The chess course “An Endgame Expert” is the all-in-one system of playing in a chess endgame.

In the opening and middlegame stage concrete (sudden) tactical variations often determine the situation. In a chess endgame, you should use only your strategic understanding.

That is why a majority of players do NOT know what to do in an endgame at all! Even modern Grandmasters have tremendous problems here.

Here are some of the things you’ll get with this chess endgame training program: 

  • It gives you ALL you need to know about any endgame.
  • It shows you how endgame Masters think and how they come to the right moves.
  • It gives you a step-by-step algorithm of thinking, which allows you to find the best move in any endgame position.
  • Thus, you will be able to imitate an endgame Expert’s thinking process and achieve the same great results!
  • My experience shows that serious students obtain 200-300 rating points after learning from my chess courses.

Endgame books do NOT help.

Endgame books mainly analyze theoretical positions. However, in 95% of situations, you will reach a practical endgame position with many pieces still on the board. An endgame theory can NOT help here (whereas a strategic understanding will!).

That is why learning thousands of theoretical positions will NOT help. I say:“Leave this titanic and pointless work to your opponents!”

Learning Chess Endgames Amplifies Your Positional Play Automatically.

An Endgame Expert – Endgame Chess Course
An Endgame Expert – Endgame Chess Course

This all has to do with a strategic understanding.

Remember the famous endgame masters: Capablanca, Flohr, Smyslov, Karpov, Kramnik… They all have a crystal-clear caliber of playing. They all almost never make mistakes. They all almost never lose games in the opening.

Their deep strategic understanding prevents them from making mistakes! They attained this understanding while perfecting the endgame skills!

That is why Capablanca recommended starting learning chess from the endgame phase! Endgame expertise bears a positive influence on all other parts of your game as well.

Chess endgame training course “An Endgame Expert” contains the practical part.

The course “An Endgame Expert” gives you an integrated system of thinking in a chess endgame. The practical part of the course helps you training and automating all the necessary skills.

Therefore, you will not only be able to find the correct moves, but you will also do it quickly and automatically! This allows you to apply the course’s ideas in your practical games right away!

The practical part of the course contains:

  • 186 Special Tasks and Games for your Training.

You will train all the aspects of an endgame expert’s style of playing. You will get into right thinking habits. Excellent endgame play will become part of your chess nature!

  • Detailed Instructions about What and How you should train.

It will help you to train yourself properly and to achieve an optimal outcome from the program.

  • The Grandmaster’s thinking process in a real-time mode.

So that you will be able to imitate an endgame Master’s thinking process and achieve similar practical results!

Your Chess Progress is Guaranteed!

While reading chess books, I often was wondering how the authors can offer us numerous quantities of abstract rules?? Obviously, there is no way to use such information practically. I think that it happens because the authors don’t feel RESPONSIBILITY for their work!

Smirnov gives you the PRACTICAL system, which can (and should!) be applied right after the course’s study.

I am sure that you will REALLY increase your chess power because this chess endgame training system was already tested by Smirnov and his pupils (and it proved its effectiveness!).

Chess course “An Endgame Expert” contains these materials:

  • The video lessons (196 minutes).
  • The text version of every video lesson (for printing).
  • 186 special tasks and games for your training.
  • The special “Mind Maps” (for printing).
  • Detailed instructions about what and how exactly you should train.
  • Concrete examples, with commentaries, about how exactly you should apply these recommendations.
  • All the programs necessary to use the course properly.

The chess course “An Endgame Expert” is more than just educational material. It is a special system of learning under the direction of an experienced GM and a chess coach.

How long will it take for you to learn the whole course? It depends on you, but with a SERIOUS study, it should take about 1-3 months.

Most SERIOUS students report a HUGE rating increase (up to 200-300 rating points).

The chess course “An Endgame Expert” contains ALL that you need concerning the endgame. Thus you don’t need to buy a lot of rather poor materials. You will purchase 1 great product instead! As, this information will be applicable life-long, more effective and cost saving!!

Important: This product works natively with Windows computers. If you would like to use it on a Mac you will either need to install Bootcamp with a copy of Windows or run the software using a Windows virtual box such as Parallels or VMWare.

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Course best for:

This is the best course by GM Igor Smirnov and the best for Middle to endgame strategy which can be found in our view. However, you need to be conversant with basic endgames to take advantage of this course. All the players in 1500 – 2400 FIDE rating range can find this particular course very useful. – NM William Stewart


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Chapter List

Chapter Outline:

Lesson-1: “Introduction”.

  1. How to get a huge advantage over most chess players.
  2. How can strong players win equal endgames?
  3. Practical recommendations for a successful endgame play.
  4. How to optimize your endgame study?
  5. One common delusion about an endgame.
  6. How to find the right moves quickly and easily in an endgame?

Lesson-2: “An Endgame Planning”.

Lesson-3: “The 2nd Endgame Plan”.

  1. The 2 main steps of planning.
  2. What are the correct plans in an endgame and why?
  3. What is the key factor in an endgame?
  4. The 2 main endgame plans.
  5. What and how you should attack in an endgame.
  6. One hidden secret of endgame Masters.
  7. What should you do when there is nothing to attack?
  8. How to maximize your winning chances in an endgame?
  9. How to easily make your endgame attack victorious?
  10. How you should realize plans in an endgame.
  11. Ready-made recommendations of what you should do in different types of endgames.
  12. How to avoid mistakes in an endgame?

Lesson-4: “How to Use Your Pieces in an Endgame?”

Lesson-5: “The Material Factor”.

  1. How to create a powerful attack with only a few pieces?
  2. What material is the most important in an endgame?
  3. 2 main ideas about the material in an endgame.
  4. The guideline idea, which will help you to play easily any positions with an unequal/unbalanced material.
  5. How to coordinate your pieces in harmony?
  6. 3 main rules about an exchange in an endgame.
  7. The most powerful defensive plan in an endgame!

Lesson-6:”An Endgame Master’s Style”.

  1. Why do you need to play in another style in an endgame?
  2. What is the best style of playing in an endgame?
  3. The greatest rule about an endgame.
  4. How can you develop your positional understanding?
  5. What is the main way to win in an endgame?
  6. How to ensure your win in an endgame.
  7. Endgame Experts’ practical secrets.
  8. How to realize your advantage in an endgame?
  9. When to transform a game into an endgame? And how to use this weapon to WIN a game?
  10. Which ideas/plans become the most valuable in an endgame?
  11. How to win a game without any risk?
  12. The GREATEST practical secret of endgame Masters, which helped them to win masses of equal endgame positions.
  13. And many other useful tips…

Lesson-7: “Mind Maps”.

Lesson-8: “Play Like an Endgame Expert”.