Catalan Opening Mega Bundle

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Chess Openings for White: The Catalan Opening (65 hours!)

Catalan Opening Bundle GDN

Kasparov, Kramnik, Anand… just a few of the giants who made the Catalan Opening their secret weapon in World Championship matches – and won.

It’s the perfect mash-up of the Queen’s Gambit and Reti, giving White a solid but powerful position and active control over that critical d5 square.

The Catalan gives White an edge that, with best play, Black finds it near impossible to eliminate.

But what exactly is “best play”?

We’ve put together a massive 65 hour mega bundle on the Catalan Opening to help you on your way to master this superb weapon for White.

Together, 10 Grandmasters and several IMs give you a complete training on all aspects of this opening, including pawn structure analysis, theoretical trends, Catalan endgames, and typical attacks.

Study this material and you will have the all-round expertise required to win games at the highest level.

Courses Included in the Catalan Opening Mega Bundle

the catalan 80 20 dvd cover product imageChess Tactics in the Catalan

You already know that the Catalan Opening is a super-smart way for White to play good chess.

Flexible, solid, central control, full of attacking potential…

But, like any opening, it helps to know the chess tactics… the combinations, sacrifices, and chess attacks that will win or lose you the game on the spot.

And IM Mat Kolosowski has prepared a 7h 40m briefing on all you need to know with his fantastic 80/20 Tactics Multiplier course on the Catalan Opening.

All the tricks, traps, and mating attacks – for BOTH colors!

Mat has split the course by theme, so you get sections on trapping pieces, attacking the king in the center, attacking the castled king, plus model games that show you how to build up pressure and keep the game sharp.

Catalan Opening Workshop – Pawn Structures, Tactical Ideas, and More!

catalan opening workshop modern chess
Catalan Opening Workshop

This course on the Catalan Opening (1.Nf3, 2.c4, 3.g3) includes 7 hours of video presented by 4 experienced chess Grandmasters, and a crazy PGN database that includes 60 files!

You will find the following lectures:

  • Typical Pawn Structures – GM Petar Arnaudov
  • Typical Attacking and Tactical Ideas – GM Mihail Marin
  • Modern Theoretical Trends – GM Boris Avrukh
  • Master the Catalan Endgames – GM Grigor Grigorov

What can you expect from each lesson?

Typical Pawn Structures – GM Petar Arnaudov

GM Petar Arnaudov presents the fundamental pawn structures every Catalan player should know.

The Catalan is very popular nowadays and the theory is changing every day.

There are two main concepts:

  • Try to reach a risk-free position, where your light-squared bishop will put pressure on Black’s queenside.
  • Sacrifice a pawn via b2-b3 to obtain long-term compensation.

GM Arnaudov presents different examples and different pawn structures.

petar arnaudov

Typical Attacking and Tactical Ideas – GM Mihail Marin

GM Mihail Marin is known to be a big expert in the Catalan Opening.

In this lecture, Marin deals with the attacking and tactical ideas in the Catalan Opening.

For the purposes of his conceptual explanation, Marin takes as an example one of the main theoretical positions, which arise after 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.g3 Be7 5.Bg2.

catalan opening workshop mihail marin

Modern Theoretical Trends – GM Boris Avrukh

In his lecture, GM Avrukh examines the latest theoretical developments in the Catalan Opening.

During his survey, besides following the recent practice, he suggests a number of possible novelties and improvements as well.

boris avrukh

Boris makes a theoretical overview of both White and Black. After studying this lecture, you will get better insights on which lines are playable and which are not.

Master the Catalan Endgames – GM Grigor Grigorov

When you study an opening, you should know how to play the arising endgame positions.

This is what this lecture of GM Grigorov is all about.

catalan opening workshop grigor grigorov

The understanding of the Catalan endgames can improve your general chess understanding. There are two reasons which make this type of endgame so fundamental.

  1. The Catalan g2-bishop. The g2-bishop is the most important asset for every Catalan player. Due to the pressure on the long diagonal, very often Black struggles to complete the development of his queenside. After learning how to play with such a bishop, you will feel more comfortable in all the openings which evolve into a fianchetto.
  2. The pawn structure. The other element which makes the Catalan a strategic cornerstone is the pawn structure. This symmetrical pawn structure, with “c” and “d” file open, arises out of many openings, especially after 1.d4. For example, we have this structure in Queen’s Gambit Declined, Queen’s Gambit Accepted, Nimzo-Indian Defence, Queen’s Indian Defence, Gruenfeld Defence, Reti Opening, and many other variations. By studying this pawn structure, you will improve your play in symmetrical positions and will get a better understanding of your entire opening repertoire.

Catalan Opening for Black – GM Robert Hungaski

catalan for black robert hungaskiGM Robert Hungaski teaches you an opening system to fight and win as Black against the Catalan Opening. The order of moves Hungaski recommends arise after the moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 d5 4.g3. The plan for Black from now on will be to neutralize White’s light-squared Bishop by creating the d5-c6-b7 pawn barrier.

The Catalan is becoming increasingly popular at all levels of play… but how do you deal with as Black?

Grandmaster (and FIDE Senior Trainer) Robert Hungaski insists that Black should neutralize White’s Bg2 by supporting d5 with …c6.

But after Nbd2 and e2-e4-e5, Black has to either give up the center or spend most of their time unraveling their pieces.

Not anymore.

GM Hungaski has devised a ton of exceedingly clever move-orders that give Black:

  • Equal stake in the center,
  • Powerful piece placement,
  • Multiple White weaknesses to target.

And he reveals the entire system in his new video series Secrets of the Catalan.

Catalan Opening for White with FM Neustroev and GM Bocharov

This 13.5-hour course arms you with the cutting-edge theory, tactical bombs, and strategic blueprints to play the Catalan Opening and take Black’s position by storm. By applying this chess opening in your tournament games, you can get a substantial edge against any sub-2300 opponent!

Are you a positional player? Steal Kramnik’s most deadly White opening!

Carlsen, Anand, Topalov, Aronian and tons of others… Kramnik crushed all of ‘em with this one weapon.

But then they started copying him…

Even Ding Liren picked it up and started crushing guys with White!

If you’re a positional player, or even if you wish you were… Thanks to Russian FM Viktor Neustroev and GM Dimitry Bocharov, this weapon is now within reach.

Demolish anyone under 2300.

The Catalan Opening is a flexible yet deadly system you can bend to your will.

Whether you’re as aggressive as Kasparov, or positional as Carlsen…the powerful fianchetto of your light-squared bishop allows you to dictate the play in your favor.

The best thing? Nobody under 2300 is prepared for it!

Get the Complete Catalan Opening for White
Course + Practicum + PGNs + Extra Tasks + Applying the Theory

Catalan – The System for black with IM Andrey Ostrovskiy

The System for black with IM Andrey OstrovskiyDo you know of a single opening that allows winning with black pieces, with a minimum risk and no need to reinvent the wheel? The truth is… there aren’t many openings like that.

Closed Catalan is an exceptional opening that fits the description.

It is one of the best opening systems for Black because it’s very solid, with limitless ways of achieving the key positions, and high chances for a win. Yet, it’s easy to learn and start playing right away. Catalan is especially effective against club level players because they don’t have a well-developed sense of danger and treat all closed positions as quiet, boring and positional.

Well, if so, they should be ready for a big surprise!

Closed Catalan System is a tricky opening in a way that it implements a passive approach at a first glance and then switches gears and becomes very dynamic.

Black’s passive pieces quickly gain momentum and start exerting enormous pressure on White’s position. Majority of players aren’t ready for that, either mentally or positionally, and that’s how black gets a huge edge!

IM Andrey Ostrovskiy has mastered Closed Catalan System, played and perfected it for many years. He applied the system with great success against all sorts of players from club level to International Masters and even Grandmasters. That’s why Andrei recommends you to play the Closed Catalan as black and he is certain that after studying this course you will repeat his success!

In this 7-hour course, you will learn everything a player needs to know to jump-start your understanding of Closed Catalan for Black including piece placement, pawn structures, key plans, maneuvers, setups, and ideas.

Complete Catalan for White (Vol 2) – FM Neustroev and GM Bocharov

complete catalan for white vol2In this 12-hour video series on the Catalan Opening for White (Vol 2), GM Viktor Neustroev provides cutting-edge weapons against some of the most common ideas Black will throw at you.

The Catalan Opening is for ambitious players… future masters… and future tournament winners.

If you are a super ambitious player, Catalan is by far the best choice.

In the Catalan Opening, White combines the Queen’s Gambit with a kingside fianchetto which effectively breathes fire down the long diagonal, while simultaneously keeping the king super safe.

The Catalan is a positionally sound opening with an astonishingly strong list of fans from Kasparov and Kramnik, to Carlsen, Nakamura, Anand and Caruana.

Simply stated: this is quite literally the opening of the elites.

With this course you get +12 hours of HD video training, complete PGNs, PDF reference guide and a bonus video where FM Neustroev demonstrates your new opening in action-packed online blitz.

In Complete Catalan for White (Vol 2) FM Viktor Neustroev trains you for 12 hours and simplifies everything in this powerful opening.

From cutting-edge theory to his easy to remember piece paths, and winning endgame structures…you’ll find this opening easy to master and easy to win with.

VECO – Vol#4 The Open Catalan

Open Catalan With 5...bd7, 9...0-0-0 - Im Robert Ris (ichess Club)The Open Catalan begins with the moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 d5 4.g3 dxc4 5.Bg2. (See the diagram).

The Catalan Opening is one of those openings you really should have in your locker.

The Catalan takes the best bits of the Queen’s Gambit and Reti Opening to give you easy development, a sound position, and rich, creative play. It was used extensively by Vladimir Kramnik during his World Chess Championship matches.

Now IM Robert Ris has put together a new 3½ hour course that teaches you how to get great positions with the Open Catalan.

A repertoire against 1.d4. Part 1: Dealing with the Catalan – GM Jan Gustafsson

In an earlier video series, Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson looked at how to build a 1.d4 repertoire as White. Now he switches sides to show how Black should respond to 1.d4.

A repertoire against 1.d4. Part 1: Dealing with the Catalan – GM Jan Gustafsson

His new series will build into a complete repertoire for Black and starts with how to meet one of White’s most trusted weapons: the Catalan.

The Catalan is perhaps the most popular opening at Grandmaster level today, being played by most of the top 10 including Vladimir Kramnik and Magnus Carlsen. It is important, therefore, to know how to deal with the Catalan Opening as Black, regardless of the plan White goes with.

In this 3h 22m course, GM Jan Gustafsson gives you his recommendations for getting a good game against the Catalan, explaining the main plans for both sides and alerting you to all the tricks, traps and cunning move orders you need to know.

Opening Trends 3: The Catalan – IM David Vigorito

Opening Trends is an exciting series where IM David Vigorito examines how tournament chess is changing, nuances in the game are coming into play and exciting trends are being set. The Catalan where White adopts a combination of the Queen’s Gambit and Reti Opening White plays d4 and c4 and fianchettoes the white bishop on g2.

Opening Trends 3: The Catalan – IM David Vigorito

A common opening sequence is 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3, The Catalan derives its name from Catalonia—a nation inside of Spain. Used by Kramnik three times in the World Chess Championship in 2006, the Catalan has recently gained a good deal of attention by high-level GMs.

The Catalan was also played four times by Anand in the World Chess Championship in 2010 in both instances the opponent was Topalov, See that game and others explained.

Dominate Black with the Catalan Opening – IM Axel Delorme

Dominate Black with the Catalan Opening – IM Axel DelormeThe Catalan Opening (1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.g3 Nf6 4.Bg2) has experienced a resurgence in popularity with both Kramnik and Carlsen taking up the opening and achieving excellent positions and results.

With play on both sides being influenced more by strategic considerations than concrete variations, an understanding of the key themes will reward you with points over the board and an advancement of your chess knowledge.

IM Axel Delorme, a Catalan devotee, reveals the mysteries behind the opening with detailed analysis of games from the highest level including those of seven classical World Champions.

Even if you’re completely new to the Catalan Opening, this 3 hour course from French IM Axel Delorme will enable you to play the opening with great confidence and give you many ways of playing for the win.

The Dynamic Catalan: An Ambitious Opening Repertoire for White – GM Roman Dzindzichashvili & GM Eugene Perelshteyn

The Catalan is a very sharp sophisticated positional opening that gives white a Reverse Grunfeld Position with an extra tempo. White plays d4 and c4 and fianchettos the white bishop on g2.On this DVD G.M. Roman, G.M. Eugene Perslystein, and Computer Chess Champion Rybka bring you to improve lines and Novelties in this opening repertoire for White.

The Catalan is played on the highest level because of the initiative white gets out of the opening. If you like playing an opening that gives active play and great winning chances The Catalan is for you.1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3 d5 4.Bg2

The Catalan opening can be considered to be White adopting a combination of the Queen’s Gambit and R_ti Opening: White plays d4 and c4 and fianchettos the white bishop on g2. A common opening sequence is 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3 d5 4.Bg2, though the opening can arise from a large number of move orders.

A Repertoire Against 1.Nf3, 1.c4 and 1.g3 – GM Jan Gustafsson

This is a repertoire for Black against 1.Nf3, 1.c4 and 1.g3, building on Jan’s four-part repertoire against 1.d4. It will fill in all the gaps to give the viewer a complete plan for what to do against all the closed games.

A Repertoire Against 1.Nf3, 1.c4 and 1.g3 – GM Jan Gustafsson


To be able to navigate the Nf3/c4/g3 jungle with confidence, while knowing how to tame dangerous animals such as the King’s Indian Attack, the Neo-Catalan and 1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 e6 3.e4.