Caro-Kann Secrets Revealed with IM Alex Ostrovskiy

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The Secrets of The Caro-Kann Defense – IM Alex Ostrovskiy

Caro-kann Secrets Revealed With Im Alex Ostrovskiy

This is a Comprehensive Course on The Caro-Kann Defense. This course provides you with a complete repertoire against 1.e4. When we say a “complete repertoire,” we really mean it.

After working through the video lessons and going over the extra files you will have a complete defense against 1.e4 that will serve you a lifetime!

After studying this course, the Caro-Kann will become your #1 opening choice аs Black and you will have a solid, well-prepared repertoire giving your opponents a lot of trouble. IM Alex Ostrovsky reveals all his opening preparation secrets, and shares surprise variations – absolutely nothing is held back.

The Caro-Kann is a “low-theory” opening, compared to other popular lines. The Caro-Kann will totally change your game and deliver extraordinary results. You don’t need to spend months on preparation as with the King’s Pawn Opening, French or Sicilian. You start the Caro-Kann rather quickly and get a solid game with ample winning chances against opponents of any level.

About the Author:

IM Alex Ostrovskiy was born on January 23, 1996, in Moscow, Russia. Five years later, his family immigrated to Brooklyn, New York.

With the support of his family and coaches, he made headway into the chess world by attaining the title of National Master at the age of 13, the title of FIDE Master at the age of 14, and the title of International Master at the age of 17.

IM Alex Ostrovskiy has more than 9 years of experience playing the Caro-Kann Defense. Alex first started playing it when he was around 2000-2100 Elo and was desperately trying to become a National Master. At that time he got stuck at an expert level mark and couldn’t find a way to progress any further.

After switching his opening preparation to Caro-Kann his rating quickly went from 2100 to 2500 Elo! The Caro-Kann helped Alex beat players ranging from 1400 Elo all the way up to International Masters and even Grandmasters.

What’s this course about?

Caro-kann Secrets Revealed With Im Alex OstrovskiyThe course consists of two separate repertoires based on the Caro-Kann Defense. One repertoire is quick-and-easy to learn, and it has proven to be extremely effective at club level.

Many variations exploit the gaps in knowledge that most club players have. This saves your time and increases your chances for success.

The second option is a “heavy duty repertoire” for those who wish to upset the titled players. These lines require a bit more preparation, but the return is tremendous. We’ve seen a 2100 Elo rated player beat a strong GM with this repertoire!

All recommended lines are proven and tested by IM Ostrovskiy himself, and many of his private students. This ensures that you receive the most accurate advice and boost your success rate even against titled players.

Is the Caro-Kann Right for You?

The Caro-Kann is a very balanced opening. It’s neither solely attacking nor positional. That’s why the Caro-Kann is a great match for the majority of chess players. You don’t need to be a positional genius or an attacking maestro to play the Caro-Kann.

It is a universal weapon where many lines lead to tactical or positional themes depending on your repertoire decisions. The Caro-Kann has less information to digest but the returns are huge!

This course will provide you with the most effective and powerful opening repertoire that will help you win many games against players of any level.

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+11 hours

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Chapter List

Course Outline:

CHAPTER 1 Series Introduction
CHAPTER 2 Repertoire Overview
CHAPTER 3 Exchange Variation Intro
CHAPTER 4 Exchange Caro Fianchetto
CHAPTER 5 Exchange Caro Qc7
CHAPTER 6 Panov Introduction
CHAPTER 7 Panov Nc6
CHAPTER 8 Panov g6 Part I
CHAPTER 9 Panov g6 Main Line
CHAPTER 10 Classical Caro Intro
CHAPTER 11 Classical Tartakower
CHAPTER 12 Capablanca Variation Intro
CHAPTER 13 Capablanca Variation
CHAPTER 14 Classical Bonus
CHAPTER 15 Capablanca Sidelines
CHAPTER 16 Advance Intro
CHAPTER 17 Advance c5 e6
CHAPTER 18 Advance Nc6
CHAPTER 19 Advance Deviations
CHAPTER 20 Sidelines Intro
CHAPTER 21 Other Lines