Carlsen vs Caruana: Past, Present, Future – GM Jan Gustafsson and IM Lawrence Trent

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Carlsen vs Caruana, the rivalry many expect to define the next 5-10 years of elite chess, is examined in meticulous detail in this revealing course.

Could Fabiano Caruana, with his hard working approach and constant improvement, be the perfect opposite to the prodigiously talented but more laid back Magnus Carlsen, the current World Champion?

Over the course of 3 hours, GM Jan Gustafsson and IM Lawrence Trent (now Caruana’s manager, incidentally) look at the strengths and weaknesses of both of these fantastic players.

Analysis of their individual encounters shows the evolution of the Carlsen vs Caruana rivalry as well as being a very instructive glimpse into the highest level of chess play.


1. Carlsen vs Caruana: Introduction
2. Carlsen-Caruana, Wijk Aan Zee 2010
3. Carlsen-Caruana, Biel 2011
4. Carlsen-Caruana, Sao Paulo/Bilbao 2012
5. Carlsen-Caruana: Magnus’ one-movers
6. Carlsen-Caruana, Zurich 2014
7. Caruana-Carlsen, Shamkir 2014
8. Carlsen-Caruana, Shamkir 2014
9. Caruana-Carlsen, Tromso Olympiad 2014
10. Carlsen-Caruana, Sinquefield Cup 2014
11. Caruana-Carlsen, Sinquefield Cup 2014
12. Carlsen vs Caruana: Who has the upper hand?

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