Carlsen vs Caruana 2015-2018 – GM Jan Gustafsson & GM Pepe Cuenca

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Carlsen Vs Caruana 2015-2018 - Gm Jan Gustafsson & Gm Pepe Cuenca

Carlsen Vs Caruana 2015-2018 - Gm Jan Gustafsson & Gm Pepe Cuenca

In the run-up to the World Championship match, Grandmasters Pepe Cuenca and Jan Gustafsson go through all 17 classical games Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana played against each other from 2015 until 2018.

Also check out the series: Carlsen vs Caruana: 2010-2014

To warm-up for the match! We can also learn a lot from encounters between the two premier players of our time.


  1. Intro
    Pepe and Jan introduce themselves and their new video series on the Caruana-Carlsen rivalry.
  2. Tata Steel 2015: Carlsen wins with Black!
    The first post-Sinquefield Cup encounter between our two rivals occurs in Wijk aan Zee in 2015. A sharp fight.
  3. The Berlins of 2015
    The Year 2015 was the height of the Berlin Wall fashion, and our heroes clashed three times on that battleground.
  4. The Stonewall! (Shamkir 2015)
    In Shamkir, Magnus tried his hand at an opening not that popular at the top level: the Stonewall!
  5. Return to Saint Louis
    The 2014 Sinquefield Cup was Caruana’s greatest tournament victory. In 2015, things didn’t go as planned there…
  6. The Year 2016
    Caruana and Carlsen would meet only twice over the board in 2016. Here are the games.
  7. Petroff battles: 2017-2018
    Caruana adopted 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 as his new main weapon against 1.e4 and used it against Carlsen three times, including in their most recent encounter.
  8. 2017: Year of the Ruy Lopez
    Just as Caruana would do with the Petroff, Carlsen found a new main weapon against 1.e4 – in his case, the 3…a6 Ruy Lopez. He played it three times against Caruana in 2017.
  9. Two hard-fought 1.d4 draws
    Caruana would come under pressure in their encounters in London 2017 and Baden-Baden 2018, but in both cases he managed to stand his ground.
  10. Magnus draws last blood
    The last game we’re going to look at is the encounter from Stavanger 2018, when Carlsen decided to avoid the Petroff with 2.Bc4.
  11. Who has the upper hand?
    Jan and Pepe compare the combatants and give their match predictions.

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