British Chess Championships



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Grandmaster Magazine #4

British Chess Championships edition of the Grandmaster Magazine features reports and analyses from two strong tournaments as well as a short quiz at the end.

First up is the Leeds Speed Chess Tournament with 14 GMs among the participants. A young Mickey Adams was one of the favorites but he faced tough competition in the form of the legendary David Bronstein and Lev Polugaevsky – the latter claiming that this was his first ever rapidplay!

Grandmaster Magazine editor GM David Norwood analyzes the very best games from this tournament, showcasing the positional talents of Adams and the creative tactical ability of GM Plaskett.

Next, Norwood is joined by GM Julian Hodgson who demonstrates the games that formed his remarkable win of the British Championships, revealing his thoughts during the game and giving tips on how to make things as difficult as possible for the opponent.

Hodgson’s unforgiving style makes for some great chess and his remarks are full of instructive wisdom for the improving player.