How Boa Constrictor Chess Squeezes Wins – GM Melikset Khachiyan

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Master 1.e4 The Open Game: Sicilian, Spanish, And FrenchHow Boa Constrictor Chess Squeezes Wins

Squeeze play — that is, making positional moves that reduce your opponent’s mobility to the point that he feels like his pieces can’t move…like he is being positionally strangled

This was the true secret of guys like Petrosian and Karpov and why Iron Tigran got the nickname “Boa Constrictor”!

Inside this bundle you’ll find 27 hours of lectures giving you deep knowledge and a skill set strong enough to squeeze opponents in a way that’d make even Petrosian proud.

About the Author:

Melikset Khachiyan is an Armenian-American Grandmaster, originally from Azerbaijan. Khachiyan began playing chess at the age of eight. Two years later he won the Baku Junior Championship.

When he was twelve years old he became a Soviet Candidate Master. Among his early coaches was the 9th World Champion, Tigran Petrosian, as well as Aleksander S Nikitin and Alexander Shakarov, who are well known for their coaching and analytical work with the 13th World Champion, Garry Kasparov.

Melikset is the trainer who coached Levon Aronian and is credited for the Armenian hitting his sickeningly high rating of 2830 Elo! His student roster has also included some of the top junior players in the US, including 2010 World Youth Champion GM Steven Zierk, 2012 World Youth Champion GM Kayden Troff, 2017 World Youth Champion WIM Annie Wang, and multiple US national and state youth chess champions.

Is this course for me?

In this 27-hour bundle, GM Melikset Khachiyan makes use of historical games to illustrate positional chess concepts, such as the way Capablanca used the restriction to score a remarkable win over Winter, then we fast forward 66 years and see how Kasparov applies the same concept to defeat Karpov in 1985, his own career highlights as well as the games of players with a promising future, and if you haven’t noticed, is positional chess what makes the difference between an amateur and a master.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:


  • PetrosianDominate Squares like Petrosian! Petrosian placed the domination of squares far above considerations like material or attack. In his 9 part series Learning from the Best: Tigran Petrosian,  GM Khachiyan reveals how his famous compatriot approached positions, sacced exchanges, and squeezed opponents to death!
  • Shut Down his Bishop Pair and Dominate with Knights! The bishop pair is a deadly weapon..especially when the other guy has it! GM Khachiyan shares his  “Anti-Nimzowitsch” method to shut down the bishops with astonishing ease!
  • Use Kasparov-like Pawn Sacs and Push Opponents Off the Board! Kasparov was known for his creative and devastating pawn sacrifices that made his pieces menacingly active, whilst leaving opponents dazed and on the ropes! GM Khachiyan explains exactly how he did it and shares an amazing example where even Karpov was left unable to move after …d5!! (diagram)

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Content Outline

Chapter List:

  1. Two Games with GM Pavel Blatny; Black
  2. Two Games with GM Pavel Blatny; White
  3. Positional Sacrifice; GM Khachiyan v. Matikozian
  4. Positional Sacrifice; FM Banawa v. GM Khachiyan
  5. Positional Sacrifice; GM Khachiyan v. FM David Luc
  6. Dynamic Theory: GM Khachiyan v. IM Brooks
  7. Unexpected Turn
  8. Restriction; Winter v. Capablanca 1919
  9. Restriction 2; Karpov vs. Kasparov WCH 1985
  10. Beauty at a Young Age
  11. The Boy Meets the Master
  12. Last Round Play; vs. Super GM Loek Van Wely
  13. My Game vs. Tim Taylor
  14. My Game vs. Super-GM Michael Adams
  15. Spassky v. Petrosian; Game 19
  16. Lasker vs. Capablanca, 1914
  17. The Unexpected Move
  18. Comedy of Mistakes
  19. US Chess League – vs. GM Gurevich
  20. Imbalanced Play vs FM Liu
  21. US Chess League – vs. GM Shulman
  22. Defensive Tips: IM Amanov vs GM Khachiyan
  23. Fire on the Board: Game vs FM Adamson
  24. Fire on the Board: Video Author Duel vs GM Bojkov
  25. Learning from the Best: Tigran Petrosian Part 1
  26. David and Goliath: Samuel Sevian vs GM Flores
  27. Learning from the Best: Tigran Petrosian Part 2
  28. Learning from the Best: Tigran Petrosian Part 3
  29. Future Champions: Rebounding from a Tough Loss 1
  30. Fire on the Board: Chaos in the Schliemann
  31. Future Champions: Rebounding from a Tough Loss 2
  32. Learning from the Best: Tigran Petrosian Part 4
  33. Learning from the Best: Tigran Petrosian Part 5
  34. US Chess League: vs GM Nakamura
  35. Future Champions: Never Give Up! Kayden’s Fortress
  36. Learning from the Best: Tigran Petrosian Part 6
  37. Learning from the Best: Tigran Petrosian Part 7
  38. Learning from the Best: Tigran Petrosian Part 8
  39. Learning from the Best: Tigran Petrosian Part 9
  40. Making Consistent Plans: Game vs NM Manvelyan
  41. Practical Defense 9 – vs. IM Amanov
  42. Making Consistent Plans – Part 2: vs. NM Graves
  43. Making Consistent Plans – Part 3: vs. NM Yanayt
  44. My Memorable Games: Crushing Lputian!
  45. My Memorable Games: Spassky’s Draw Offer!
  46. My Memorable Games: Reckless Abandon!
  47. My Memorable Games: Playing for the Win!
  48. My Memorable Games: Sveshnikov!
  49. My Memorable Games: Following Steinitz!
  50. My Memorable Games: Young Shanky!
  51. My Memorable Games: The Final GM Norm
  52. My Memorable Games: Vegas Payday!
  53. My Trip to Reno: A Strategic Affair Part 1
  54. My Trip to Reno: A Strategic Affair Part 2
  55. My Trip to Reno: The Money Round!
  56. My Memorable Games: Hanging up the Gloves
  57. 2012 American Open: Believing In Your Plans
  58. 2012 American Open: Light Square Domination
  59. Keeping up with Melik: Victory vs GM Ramirez!
  60. Keeping Up with Melik: Victory vs. IM Kiewra!
  61. Keeping Up With Melik: Consistency!
  62. Melik Suggests: Listen to Petrosian!
  63. Melik Suggests: A Plan Against Killer Bs!
  64. Melik Suggests: A Wild Game at the OC!
  65. Melik Suggests: A Plan Against Killer Bs! – Part 2
  66. Melik Suggests: Roller Coaster Ride!
  67. Rising Stars: Andrew Hong
  68. Rising Stars: Rithik Polavaram
  69. Rising Stars: Maurya Palusa
  70. The Boa Constrictor
  71. The Boa Constrictor: Squeezing Harder