Blumenfeld Gambit with GM Misa Pap

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Blumenfeld Gambit with GM Misa Pap

Blumenfeld Gambit with GM Misa Pap1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 c5 4. d5 b5…

That’s one of around 30 ways to reach the Blumenfeld Gambit – a peculiar position where Black is ready to sacrifice a pawn and gain massive central control in return.

With bishop on the b7 square and a semi-open f-file…

Black is eyeing the king on the kingside. And that White’s pawn on b5 – that waits alone for his comrades to back him up – might meet an unfortunate ending soon.

In short, Black is playing for a win. Who cares about draws anymore, right?

With GM Misa Pap’s video training Blumenfeld Gambit, stretching over three hours, you can execute this fiery pseudo-gambit opening for Black in a flawless way, with a winning plan and killer sequences… while White fumbles around looking for the “best moves”.

What You Will Learn:

  • Landmines all around. Looking at this position reminds me of those military zones filled with landmines everywhere. Take the wrong step, and you will be blown to pieces. The two Black rooks will soon join hands on the second rank. The e2-pawn is about to gain a tempo or two for Black. The knight will gobble the helpless White bishop in a hurry.
  • Tactical shots. If you are playing the Blumenfeld Gambit, you need to have a solid tactical vision first. Dynamic positions will arise – and Black will get winning opportunities.
  • Who is safer? What’s remarkable about the Blumenfeld Gambit is that you can get creative without giving your opponent to strike back – especially if you know your moves better than he does.

About The Author:

GM Misa Pap (FIDE 2521) is a self-made Serbian Grandmaster. He is a winner of 16 international tournaments with 2600+ performances, former youth Champion of Yugoslavia, and 3-times Champion of Vojvodina. GM Pap is a regular participant of the European Chess League and has over 15 years of coaching experience. He is also a regular contributor to Chess Informant.

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Chapter 1. e4 line
Chapter 2. Bg5 line
Chapter 3. de6 fe6 eb5 d5 g3 line
Chapter 4. e3
Chapter 5. Bg5 line
Chapter 6. Nc3 line