Black Shockers Vol. 1 & 2 – Win with Black!

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Andrew Martin
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IM Andrew Martin is at it again! Now presenting a highly entertaining chess DVD that covers a few of the most unknown tricks and sideline systems available to the black player.

Black Shockers Vol. 1 – Austrian QG – Odd Sicilian

Learn how to play with black against 1. d4 and 1. e4. IM Andrew Martin’s style of presentation is clear and conceptually based, preferring to focus on the main ideas of these sideline openings instead of trying to demonstrate 1,200 lines that the viewer must memorize to have any chance of success!

¨Black Shockers Vol. 1 – Austrian QG – Odd Sicilian¨ is a chess DVD that is guaranteed to provide you with the understanding you will need to employ these sideline systems with great success at the beginner and intermediate levels.

In this chess DVD, IM Andrew Martin focuses primarily on the Austrian Queen’s Gambit against 1. d4, involving 1. d4 d5 2. c4 c5!? and also on a ¨Odd Sicilian¨ set-up for black against 1. e4 that involves 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 h6!?

Now you might be thinking that IM Martin has finally lost his mind and gone too far, but you couldn’t be farther from the truth! This chess DVD will teach you how to successfully employ these two sideline systems that are surprisingly effective against opponents of any level!

Black Shockers Vol. 2 – French Fort Knox – Old Benoni

IM Andrew Martin has a special knack for presenting chess ideas in a clear and entertaining fashion, and this action-packed chess DVD is no exception. ¨Black Shockers Vol. 2 – French Fort Knox – Old Benoni¨ features sideline recommendations by IM Andrew Martin in battle-tested opening systems that have stood the test of time.

Although the ¨French Fort Knox¨ and ¨Old Benoni¨ variations are not very popular in today’s game, this is exactly what makes them attractive as surprise weapons! IM Andrew Martin explains the main concepts and ideas of these two powerful sidelines, essentially building an opening repertoire for black for his viewers in less than 3 hours.

The Fort Knox Variation of the French Defense is an exceptionally solid sideline that guarantees black at least equality from the opening. The Old Benoni is a very interesting way of playing the Benoni Defense that avoids many of the sharp complications and traps in the main lines of the Benoni, without sacrificing the quality of black’s position. If you want to learn two sideline opening systems to instantly improve your results with black, this chess DVD is exactly what you are looking for!

IM Andrew Martin introduces you to four black surprises:

Chapter Outline

  • The Fort Knox French
  • A Queen’s Gambit Double Declined
  • A Slippery Sicilian
  • An Old Benoni which defies and even improves on ECO!
  • A choice selection of games and explanations that will bring your opponents to their wobbly knees!

Stop and start these DVDs, visualize them 2-3 times, get the “playbook”, and have “them” stumbling right from the opening – cringing and sniveling!

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IM Andrew Martin

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5 hours


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