Every Russian Schoolboy Knows – The Best of Yermolinsky

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Since 2011, I have been holding the ERSBK show on the Internet Chess Club, offering game analysis “Russian style”, providing valuable insight into many aspects of the game, with several miniseries on openings, middle game play, and plenty of endings, which is at the heart of this series.

In this package, what you’ll find is a compilation of my best material. I hand-picked the most valuable and instructional videos produced over the years (2011 to 2015).

You’ll be able to watch me unravel the many endings that players must know: Rook endings (5 videos), Opposite color bishop endings (4 videos), Same color bishop ending (4 videos), Pawn endings (5 videos), Bishop vs. Knight endings, and a lot more.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Yermo Really Delivers”

To me, Yermo really delivers essential knowledge that is necessary to the growth of any aspiring chess player. I have a lot of chess DVDs/ videos but when I saw the 73 topics of the lessons that Yermo would be covering, I knew that I had to have it! Each video is almost 1/2 hour long, so all in all, this is a rather long course. As a player, I’m really trying to develop my basic knowledge of chess ideas and fundamentals and I find that Yermo is really able to relay his knowledge in a way that I am easily able to understand. This is really good stuff to help your chess overall- particularly with a lot of emphasis on very useful and practical endgame tips!” – John M. (verified buyer) 1 Feb 2019


Follow the series through the years, as I go over great material in the opening too, in particular my favorite King’s Indian Defense! There’s plenty of middle game material too, from positional queen sacrifices to how to play with the bishop pair.

I have decades of experience as a player, and I think you’ll agree that my animated and unique style of instruction will help you improve and find better moves at the board.

Relish on this series of his my best content since 2011 and emerge a much better player at the end of it!

Included Products:

  1. Positional Queen Sacrifice Part1
  2. Positional Queen Sacrifice Part2
  3. Positional Queen Sacrifice Part3
  4. Positional Queen Sacrifice Part4
  5. Bishop vs. Knight Part1
  6. Bishop vs. Knight Part2
  7. Bishop vs. Knight Part3
  8. Bishop vs. Knight Part4
  9. Isolated Pawn Part1
  10. Isolated Pawn Part2
  11. Isolated Pawn Part3
  12. Isolated Pawn Part4
  13. KID by method Part1
  14. KID by method Part2
  15. KID by method Part3
  16. KID by method Part4
  17. KID by method Part5
  18. Typical Patterns Of Play in the Kings Indian Defense Part1
  19. Typical Patterns Of Play in the Kings Indian Defense Part2
  20. Typical Patterns Of Play in the Kings Indian Defense Part3
  21. Typical Patterns Of Play in the Kings Indian Defense Part4
  22. Rook plus Opposite Color Bishop Part1
  23. Rook plus Opposite Color Bishop Part2
  24. Rook plus Opposite Color Bishop Part3
  25. Rook plus Opposite Color Bishop Part4
  26. Rook plus Opposite Color Bishop Part5
  27. Rook plus Opposite Color Bishop Part6
  28. Rook plus Opposite Color Bishop Part7
  29. Rook plus Opposite Color Bishop Part8
  30. Rook plus Opposite Color Bishop Part9
  31. Rook vs. Minor piecesPart1
  32. Rook vs. Minor piecesPart2
  33. Rook vs. Minor piecesPart3
  34. Rook vs. Minor piecesPart4
  35. Rook vs. Minor piecesPart5
  36. The Rook the best defender your money can buy Part1
  37. The Rook the best defender your money can buy Part2
  38. The Rook the best defender your money can buy Part3
  39. The Rook the best defender your money can buy Part4
  40. Pawn Endings have no Secrets Part1
  41. Pawn Endings have no Secrets Part2
  42. Pawn Endings have no Secrets Part3
  43. Pawn Endings have no Secrets Part4
  44. Pawn Endings have no Secrets Part5
  45. Opposite Color Bishop Endgame Part1
  46. Opposite Color Bishop Endgame Part2
  47. Opposite Color Bishop Endgame Part3
  48. Opposite Color Bishop Endgame Part4
  49. Same Color Bishop Endgame Part1
  50. Same Color Bishop Endgame Part2
  51. Same Color Bishop Endgame Part3
  52. Same Color Bishop Endgame Part4
  53. Endgame Bishop vs. Knight
  54. Endgame Rook plus 1 Pawn vs. Rook plus 2 Pawns
  55. The Caro Kann Besieged Part1
  56. The Caro Kann Besieged Part2
  57. The Caro Kann Besieged Part3
  58. Two Pawns Down but Alive and Kicking Part1
  59. Two Pawns Down but Alive and Kicking Part2
  60. Two Pawns Down but Alive and Kicking Part3
  61. Two Pawns Down but Alive and Kicking Part4
  62. Yermos My system On the KID Part1
  63. Yermos My system On the KID Part2
  64. Yermos My system On the KID Part3
  65. Yermos My system On the KID Part4
  66. Yermos My system On the KID Part5
  67. Endgames Tidbits
  68. Knight Endgames Part1
  69. Knight Endgames  Part2
  70. Rubinstein Endgames Part1
  71. Rubinstein Endgames Part2
  72. Rubinstein Endgames Part3
  73. Rubinstein Endgames Part4

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